My Top 10 Least Favorite Photos of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

So after i posted my Top 10 Favorite Photos , a lot of you had requested for my 10 Least Favorite Photos, so here it is. This is my list, if you have your own, feel free to comment down below. Here we go!

10. Katarina – 1st Photoshoot – Opening

Why Katarina landed on the 10th spot? Because this shot is just not good. It was her first photoshoot, i know that. Her neck looked really thick. Her face looked just confused, i don’t think the dress helped, because i can’t see the curves in her body. Hands awkward. yeah not my favorite.


9. Janice – 3rd Photoshoot – Glacier Lingerie

She looked really big. She didn’t know how to position her legs, and her legs looked really short. Her body looked really stiff, and her face just looked awkward. She just didn’t know her angles yet. Well but at least the lingerie looked good.


8. Natalie – 6th Photoshoot – Subaru Couture

She looked constipated, and she looked like she’s having a stomachache. the pose is incredibely awkward. Her face looked like she’s holding some pain. The dress is insanely gorgeous, and she’s not showing that. It’s really confusing for me when the photographer didn’t choose this shot for her.



7. Josephine – 10th Photoshoot – Castaway

This shot is just tragic, because it could be amazing. Her pose looked like the scene from Titanic, her face is just too much. She had a beautiful dress to wear, and she’s not really doing anything with it. If she wanted to potray happiness, she could do something else. Not my favorite shot of JoJo.


6. Sneha – 7th Photoshoot – TRESemme

The Indian Princess ( Janice said it ) landed in the bottom 6 for this shot. The pose was just wayy to relax, no tension whatsoever, i love the eye, but i would be better if she had her 2 eyes showing. Hair is beautiful, but yeah this whole picture is kinda a mess.


5. Janice – 4th Photoshoot – 60’s Chic Salon

Her face looked really round, like no bone structure whatsoever. Her face looked surprised and like “WHAT?” Props for her for doing something different, but it just didn’t work out. Her right hand looked awkward and hidden. Meh not good.


4. Poojaa – 5th Photoshoot – Futuristic Sport

The gorgeous Singaporean landed on my bottom 4. Her face looked terrified and sad. The pose is more fashion poses, she lost her neck. If they would gave her another prop, she could stay. Not my favorite shot from her.


And my bottom 3


3. Tia – 6th Photoshoot – Subaru Couture

Her dress is amazing, but not so much with her face. She doesn’t even look like her. She kinda looked drunk, and like she’s saying ” Hey gurl wanna grab a drink? ” . Also she looked plus size. And she’s a slim girl. Very confusing. Yeah this is not good at all.


2. Elektra – Promo Shoot

I mean, what in the world is wrong with her expression?? She just looked pissed off and angry. And she can’t really pull off different expression than this. She looked like she’s gonna beat up the photographer. Her neck looked really tense, and her body is not really doing much. Yeah, bad.


1. Nicole – 8th Photoshoot – Pangkor Laut

Okay, i can’t even believe i will put Nicole’s shot as my least favorite photo of the cycle. But this is really bad. I mean, the pose is wierd, the legs looked really awkward, her face looked surprised, like a bird just landed on her head, no neck. Also her body didn’t look so good. The face just really killed this shot. Sorry Nicole, but this is just …


So those are my list, what’s yours? Comment below 🙂


9 thoughts on “My Top 10 Least Favorite Photos of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

  1. Hello, Rian. I’m your silent reader lol. I love your reviews.

    My Worst Photos
    1. Elektra – 1st Photoshoot
    2. Janice – 3rd Photoshoot
    3. Josephine – 10th Photoshoot
    4. Sneha – 7th Photoshoot
    5. Sneha – 2nd Photoshoot
    6. Tia – 6th Photoshoot
    7. Janice – 5th Photoshoot
    8. Janice – 4th Photoshoot
    9. Jodilly – 8th Photoshoot
    10. Nicole – 9th Photoshoot

  2. great reviews! as always 🙂 I agreed with your comment about Nicole’s photo on Episode 8, eveything looked wrong. she should’ve gone to bottom 2, not Joddily or even Tia. pfft~

    anyway, here’s my top 12 terrible (I don’t want to call it worst though) photos of this cycle:

    12. Tia and Janice (Eps. 6 SUBARU COUTURE) – okay, Tia is my favorite, but she didn’t do anything in the picture! just hands on her hips, snobby facial, no connection with the male models or the factory. she should’ve gone out of herbsafe zone and do something crazy!
    as for Janice, I think this is her best body movement ever, but the face is just wrong, wrong, and wrong. and the hand that keeps pulling her hair is pretty disturbing. I see no interaction at all.

    11. Jih Ye (Eps. 3 GLACIER LINGERIE) – I don’t want to call it a terrible photo, but I’m so pissed off to see Jih Ye delivered this way-too-posey look. she didn’t know what to do, she should’ve given a lot of variation in her body movements because she’s the tallest, she has so much potential. I’m just really dissappointed to see her coming up with this photo.

    10. Sheena (Eps. 8 PANGKOR LAUT) – she looks like she just woke up from taking a nap! look at her face. even though I like her legs and the way she pointed her toe, but this photo looks like she’s a village girl who loves to climb a tree at the back of her house. seriously?

    9. Thao (Eps. 3 GLACIER LINGERIE) – I really don’t understand why she got the full outfit considering the photoshoot theme is lingerie thingy. the hands that covered her head looks terrible, and she looks short. no single thing is sexy in this picture well except for her gorgeous face. downgrade from the previous episode.

    8. Nicole (Eps. 8 PANGKOR LAUT) – no neck, weird pose, she looks like a living skeleton. even one of the judges said that she couldn’t sell the resort with this photo, as the main purpose of the whole photoshoot is to sell the resort and its surroundings. and yet she’s safe, not even touch the bottom 3. favoritism much?

    7. Janice (Eps. 4 60’s CHIC SALON) – I see a progression compared to the previous episode. her legs is nice, but the face is just wrong. she looks chubby, the eyes are dead, and the left hand seems awkward.

    6. Katarina (Eps. 1 OPENING STILLS) – nothing works here. no shape of her body, the eyes didn’t work with the mouth, and the one thing that irritates me is the hands. I can’t even calll it a pose.

    5. Pooja (Eps. 5 FUTURISTIC SPORT) – she clearly didn’t know what to do, she didn’t know how to portray her character on this photoshoot. no neck, her body shape is flat. this is just a dissappointment after she did well on the previous episode.

    4. Sneha (Eps. 7 TRESemme) – I know it’s a hair theme photoshoot, but the hair covering half of her looks like a mess. not to mention her posture, it just did not work out.

    3. Elektra (Eps. 1 OPENING STILLS) – I really don’t get why they picked Elektra as the representative of Hong Kong. she always looks angry in her photos and that’s pretty disturbing. in all of sides, she’s not interesting at all.

    2. Josephine (Eps. 10 CASTAWAY) – this just doesn’t look like a high fashion shoot for me, the movement looks like a scene of Titanic, her facial expression is not natural, the smile seems forced. worst photo of her.

    1. Janice (Eps. 3 GLACIER LINGERIE) – she looks plus-sized. everthing looks so wide in the picture: her face, her hips, her legs. she should’ve worked her body shapes more and play with the coat. the only thing that saved her from this episode is becase the show needs a drama queen for the ratings. that’s why they had to chose her over Jih Ye on the judging panel.

    overall, I love most of the girls from this cycle actually. they’re unique, their style is different than the girls from the previous season. each of them has something powerful to bring out. even though not all the girls were able to show it, but I can feel it.
    I’m really looking forward to AsNTM Cycle 3. I’m Indonesian, and I hope the representative of my country will be the one with stronger and better quality. Cheers! 🙂 🙂

      • I know right! even though Janice made it to the top ten this cycle, but I believe she went that far because the show needed her for the ratings only. since she’s the drama queen. I want to see a girl from our country to at least get into the top 5 😉

  3. Here’s mine
    10. Natalie subaru photo(she look like she had stomatchache)

    9.janice tressme photo( the pose is ok, but the exspression ruined it)

    8. Jojo castaway photo( agree with you lol)

    7. Bona Batu cave photo(nvm…)

    6. Tia subaru photo(even my selfie look better than that,tbh)

    5. Janice after makeover shoot( flat photo!)

    4. Nicole pangkor laut photo(she look like she’s gonna fall into water)

    3. Elektra opening photo( she look plus sized)

    2. Pooja sport photo(i have to say this…but she look like a frog in that pic)

    1. Janice lingerie photo(when i saw that photo and jihye was eliminated i was like “WTF?!”)

  4. here’s my top ten list for the WORST PHOTOS:

    1.Josephine’s castaway photoshoot

    2.Tia’s subaru factory photoshoot

    3.pooja’s futuristic sport photoshoot

    4.elektra’s opening photoshoot

    5.janice’s glacier lingerie photoshoot

    6.marie’s glacier lingerie photoshoot

    7.natalie’s opening photoshoot

    8.nicole’s pangkor laut photoshoot

    9.katarina’s opening photoshoot

    10.jihye’s batucave photoshoot

  5. In my opinion, top 10 worst photos are
    1. Elektra’s 1st photo – Super mean, scary, no doubt that this pict will get eliminated first
    2. Pooja’s 5th photo – Bland face, no neck, pose not suitbale with the sports theme
    3. Marie’s 3rd photo – the body posture seems forced and really wrong
    4. Janice’s 3rd photo – looks so big, wrong face, wrong body, the outfit is the only good part
    5. Natalie’s 6th photo – Like a woman who got constipated, and when they chose this photo over Janice’s, I was like, seriously???
    6. Jospehine’s 10th photo – well same opinion like most of you all. awkward
    7. Katarina’s 1st photo – just like Adam said in the 4th episode, “This is not the asia’s next top pretty face.”
    8.Sneha’s 7th photo – scary, almost no face at all, eye looks good though, but the body posture big no no
    9. Sheena’s 10th photo – Just like what Nadya said, the body is perfect but the face uhhhh…..
    10. Nicole’s 9th photo – looks lazy, weak and beaten down, no warrior at all.

    The worst is from number one

  6. Friggin Katarina hater, you put her last so many times on your callouts, yet she’s only 10th here, I though you said Kat’s futuristic sport is worse than Poojaa’s, you just wanna make her feel bad if she reads your blog.

  7. My worst photos

    10. Natalie- Opening Stills
    9. Poojaa- Futuristic Sports
    8. Bona- Batu Cave
    7. Nicole- Malaysia Airlines
    6. Janice- Salon
    5. Sneha- TreSsemme
    4. Janice- Opening Stills
    3. Tia- Subaru
    2. Janice- Glacier Lingerie
    1. Janice- Batu Cave

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