My Top 10 Least Favorite Photos of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls

Hola guys, so this is my list of my top 10 least favorite photos of ANTM 21, i only do 10 because, i don’t know. Throughout the entire cycle, some shots just doesn’t impress me. Some are boring, horibble, memorable for all the wrong reasons, and just BAD in general. So here’s my list, if you have your own, feel free to comment below and i’ll really appreciate it πŸ™‚

Here we go!!10. Raelia – Frozebitten

This stunner took the 10th spot. Why? Her whole pose doesn’t match the set nor the theme. Like, the theme was frozen and cold and icy, and she posed like she’s about to dance for Michael Jackson or something. Dead eyes, no ncek, and she just looked bad.


9. Mirjana – Natural vs Vampire Beauty Shoot

First of all, her makeover was DREADFUL. She had 2 great shots in a row, and just dropped hard. She looked drunk and sleepy. And the hair is working for her at all. Really dissapointed with this shot of her.


8. Romeo – Wet & Wild

This shot is a hot mess, because : 1. Wierd expression, doesn’t match the theme ; 2. The pose is so off, this supposed to be a beachy kinda feel shoot, instead he posed like he is in some couture photoshoot ; 3. His body doesn’t look good. For me, this is the worst shot of the week.


7. Kari – Hair Product Beauty Shoot

Her bleached brows looks way worse in this. Her face, her stunning face, looks melted in this. She’s such a stunner, but this shot is just dissapointing. Terrible terrible expression. The only thing i like in this shot are the hair and the booty tooch.


6. Adam – Rocker with Long Hair

Long Hair + Adam = MESS. His neck looks so thick. He lost his thumb, i’m not feeling his expression. He looks sleepy and tired. He was like “Oh God take this wig out of my head please!” . He looks so uncomfortable. He looks like the reject from Game Of Thrones. Lol.


5. Adam – Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe Impersonation

Again, he looks sleepy and tired. I can’t even see his eyes. Short neck, and he just looks short in general. The whole shot could be very believable, but he wrecked it. If he’s still in the competition, with this photo, i would be incredibly surprised.


4. Denzel – MCM Bags at Seoul City Hall

Let Me Take A Selfie!! The beard, the beard, THE BEARD!!! It just ruined his look. This photo just looked so candid, and it doesn’t look anything like a fashion shot. I don’t think he’s even happy to be there. MESS


And my top 3

3. Ivy – Twofold Atmosphere

Our 4 feet little pixie. She just looks incredibely short. No neck. And the whole pose is just awkward.The whole outfit and theme were so funky and playful, and she could do so many things. the face is just too intense. Meh.


2. Romeo – Twofold Atmosphere

This shot, looks like the bat photoshoot from last cycle. His face looks really wierd, i don’t understand it at all. The feet also looks awkward. No neck. And i don’t know what he’s doing with his hands. Awful shot of him!


1. Ben – Photoshoot with Tyra

He’s like “Please get me out of here!!” This is hysterical, but absolutely awful XD . There’s no modeling at all in this ( Ben’s part ).



7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Least Favorite Photos of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls

  1. Do you know there’s even a rumor that Ben will be the winner? If that’s the case, I’ll be laughing my pants off lol

  2. Actually, the spoilers said that Keith is the winner, Shei is runner-up, Adam is third. The rest of the elimination order is like this:

    Wet & Wild- Chantelle ELIMINATED
    Twofold Atmosphere- Ivy ELIMINATED
    Vampire VS Natural- Romeo ELIMINATED
    Rocker with Long Hair- Kari ELIMINATED
    Frostbitten- Ben ELIMINATED
    Robocop Cory- Matthew ELIMINATED
    Hair Beauty Shoot- Denzel ELIMINATED
    Crows- Mirjana ELIMINATED
    Chantelle COMEBACK
    Seoul City Hall- Raelia ELIMINATED
    Sightseers- Chantelle ELIMINATED AGAIN
    Elvis & Marilyn- Lenox & Will ELIMINATED

  3. Hi there. I just want to say that I really don’t think Ben’s photo was awful or even that bad, because for him, it would really be hard to work with someone holding your head. Well, of course, the only thing you could work with is the face. And it hink Ben’s expression just matched Tyra’s and it’s like they are in a cool theme, with their poses πŸ™‚
    Also, I think that Ben did good overall in the competition, with the exception of the long hair photoshoot and the bags and sight seeing

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