America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Full Body Promo Shots

Sooo sorry for dissapearing for so long guys. Being a senior in highschool is hard. I mean, i literally stayed at school for 10 hours everyday. But enough about me, and i know this post is incredibely late, but i’m doing it anyway. So here’e the full body shots from the promo and my reviews on them. Here we go!1. Adam

The face is okay, his legs looks really strange. And those hair legs, i mean he’ll be in so much pain during the makeover. Overall okay shot. 6


2. Ben

I loveee his shot. His shot looks really nice, his body looks real good. I love the pose. He slayed! 9


3. Chantelle

Her face is stunningly powerful. I love the pose. Her body looks really good, and the white spots are really interesting. It adds so much uniqueness to her. Thank god she got a weave for her makeover, because i’m not liking those braids. 9


4. Denzel

Like i said on my other pose, i actually liked this shot of him. He’s doing something different, he kinda looked like he’s in motion. He’s really handsome and his makeover ruined him. But this is pretty goof for me. 8


5. Ivy

Her facial expression kinda reminded me of Allison Harvard a bit. But she looked surprised. Like she saw a giant bird at the beach. I like the pose, but the body is just not working. 6


6. Kari

QUEEN!! Stunning as always, i love the hair flowing. I do prefer her with dark hair, Her skin is flawless, the pose is great too. She HOT!! Definetly one of the best! 10 out of 10


7. Keith

At first, in the full promo picture, i really liked his shot because he looked really strong. But after looking the full body shot, he looks really awkward, the hand on the crotch, and his right leg. It’s wierd because i love the half left side of his body, but i hate the half right side. 7


8. Lenox

There’s no denying that she looked incredibely short in here. Her face is divine, but her body just looked really short. And her right arm looks so little. I love her hair. Not my favorite shot of her TBH. 6


9. Matthew

I’m in love with Matthew. His body is perfect for modeling, not too thin, not too big. And he worked it here. I love the face and his bone structure, i love the little curve he made. Front runner for the guys. 9


10. Mirjana

Or should i say “QueenJana” ? Lol i love calling her that. SLAYYY!!! Her face.. i’m melting. I love her body. Her hair is flawless, and i wish TyTy never cut her hair. I mean, what can i say? Werk Serbian Queen!! 10


11. Raelia

Slammin’ body!! I mean, girll look at that body. She has the best body out of all the girls for sure. Her skin is flawless. Her face is okay, could be a lot better. 9


12. Romeo

I actually really like his facial expression. But his body is a hot mess. Twisted leg, wierd arm positioning. Meh. 5


13. Shei

FIERCE!! I love that she went straight eye contact to the camera. She has a really nice body. I love the pose. She lost her neck abit, but that’s because of the necklace thingy. 9


14. Will

Not a fan of this. I mean, he’s trying way too hard. The arms, the leg. No neck, and his ribs popping out. Nah. 6


So that’s my review, and here’s my callout :

1. Queen Mirjana

2. Kari

3. Chantelle

4. Matthew

5. Shei

6. Ben

7. Raelia

8. Denzel

9. Keith

10. Lenox

11. Ivy

12. Will

13. Adam

14. Romeo

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day 🙂



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