America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 1 Recap

FINALLY!! After endless months of waiting!! The premiere is finally here! I was so excited because this is going to be an amazing cycle. So let’s jump right to it!! Here we go!

So this was the first part of the two part casting episode. So the beginning of the show is hilarious. TyTy was having a dream, and there was a mini Tyra and mini Miss J. That’s right, i said Miss J. He/She is back!!

So the 31 contestants got brought to this club, the guys came in first, then the girls came in. They were seperated with a curtain, so they can’t see each other. And Cycle 20’s Cory was there. He came back to host the runway show. He told the guys and girls that they’ll be doing an EDM themed runway show. They gonna choose their own hashtag to describe themself, and they have to take a selfie at the end of the runway. At the makeup room, some personalities were revealed. Shei was a gogo dancer, Kieth was an ex-NFL player, and Danny from last cycle is back.

So obviously the guys wanted to see the girls. So Cory pulled down a double sided mirror, and the guys had no idea. The guys practiced walking. After that, the guys got to see the girls. Everyone, i mean EVERYONE, LOVED Kari. I don’t blame her, i love her too! Lol.

The EDM runway finally started. As i said Cory was the host, but he’s not alone. All the sudden, TyTy came down from the ceiling and looking fab as ever. And that’s not all. Miss J slayed and destroyed that runway. He surprised and shocked everyone. I love him so much, can’t wait to see him for the rest of the season. So back to the runway, as i said they had to take selfies. Kari was paired with Keith, Lenox with Ben, and others. Danny took wayy too many selfies, and Mirjana just left him on the runway lol. After the runway, they got to edit their selfies. Using the app LINE, they could add stickers and effects.

PANEL!! First is Adam. Not a fan at all. He said that he’s a professional partier. Say what?? And his ideal day was entirely filled with sex and drinking. The one thing i really don’t like from him, was when he said “i’m that lovable guy”. Blah!

Chantelle had a tough childhood, she was bullied because of her Vitiligo. She had white marks on her skin. She’s totally elegant and sweet.

Ben said that he was a model, actor, dancer and singer. When TyTy asked Ben to sing, he sang “Big Booty, Big Booty”. Lol that’s so hilarious. He said that he served Tyra one time. He checked him out. BAMBAMBAM *dramatic music* Kelly CutThroat Cutrone just was so mad with what he said. Not professional, or whatever. Lol

The competition hasn’t even started, and there had been some argument happening. Romeo thought that Danny was being arrogant and cocky. Well i have to admit that Danny wasn’t as lovable and sweet as last cycle.

Lenox is such a sweetheart and wierd. She’s a dork. But she had a tough and sad background. Just two weeks before she stepped at the panel, her dad died. But she felt like she was dissapointing her dad. She’s so sweet.

Danny is back, and he’s more comfortable now. But TyTy thought that his energy is not fully out.

Kari the bombshell and the popular one. I love her personality and her attitude. The judges really liked her selfie.

Keith had the same birthday and height as Tyson Beckford. He’s really the long lost brother of Tyson.

Will is a dancing giant. He’s 6″6′ and he came into the judging room with 6 inch heels on. He came out to his family 2 years a go, and he teached over 100 girls dancing. He’s so sweet.

Shei attended more than 5 elementary school because they moved a lot. Her family was poor and they slept on someone elses car.

Matthew was really charming. He’s so lovable and sweet.

The guys and girls were just hanging out, and then suddenly Jamie Rae came in with her pink bag. We didn’t see her at the runway. And why? She missed her flight for like a minute. The guys were straight up flirting with her. She had a lot of makeup on. So Tyra asked her to washed her face and remove all the makeup she wore. In the bathroom, she flet really emotional. She cried because she didn’t want Tyra to see her without any makeup on. I think that’s a little bit unprofessional, because the fashion industry is tough, and she broke down because of the smallest thing. But i still love her. She’s a nanny. Lol

Same thing happen to Raelia, but she didn’t cry. She wore tons of eyemakeup, when she washed up her face, Tyra was so impressed. She’s stunning with no makeup on. She’s a twerkgin, twerking virgin. Lol

Mirjana, originally from Serbia. She’s a tough girl. She got kicked out from her house, she got abused by her boyfriend on 13, and she didn’t have a good realtionship with her dad. She thought that Chantelle might be her biggest competition. Good choice.

After the panel ended, they went to Lucky Strike to bowl. But it’s not a game. They had to bowl, and after that stickers gonna came out from the screen. Happy sticker means that the contestant is going through. And sad sticker, you’re going home. Adam wanted Jamie Rae to go through because he said that “she looks like a gorgeous pornstar.” WHAT A DOUCHE!!

And the highlight of the episode. Lenox said “Adam is a joke”. LMAO.

But the competition is not over yet. They had to fight for one more time. So they can entered the house, becoming the top 14 finalist.

So that’s my recap of the first episode. Overall, this episode is really good and really entertaining. Thank you for reading, and i love you all!! 🙂 xoxo .New recap of #ANTM21 everyweek. 🙂



5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 1 Recap

  1. Cannot stand adam he is a total d bag, Keith is easy on the eyes but he is stuck in the last century he doesn’t like will because will acts very fem and wear heels ugh so over him

  2. I love Kari, glad the guys do to, hope she goes farther than the spoilers say (the rocker with long hair week), can’t wait to watch the rest of this tonight on ETC. 🙂 (I watched like, the first 10 minutes, on YouTube, just search NextTopModel’sChannel, he has a playlist called ANTM 21, the video is called 21 – 01. 🙂

  3. Ugh Adam, i can’t. can i ignore him? coz i see him as a total douche. i just wonder how could he makes it in.

    i love ivy, she is so underrated, even she got really short airtime in this episode. that screams like she is just a filler girl and early boot 😦

    Lenox is a sweetheart. i’m sorry for her dad tho. and her face reminds me of Britanny from c16, am i the only one?

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