America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 2 Recap

The second part of the casting is finally here!! And i’m so excited to recap this. A lot of love in the air, personality clashes, you’ll love it. So let’s just jump right to it, shall we? Here we go!!So after TyTy handpicked the 22 semifinalist, all of them went to their suite. All of them were so happy and dancing all over the place. Ben had a great friendship with Adam, even Ben said they had a little bromance. Will danced with 6 inch heels on. After a day of full happines, challenge day is waiting for them. They arrived at Hollywood/Vine Station. They all met Franco Lacosta, a photographer. So their challenge is, they have to put together an outfit according to the 4 seasons, Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter. Each stop, the models have to put together the outfit. But they didn’t have much time. They had to finish dressing before the door closes. If the door closed, they’ll be left behind.

So the first stop is at the Spring Station. All of them were rushing to take clothes from the table, from the floor, it was chaos. Everyone made in time, this time.ย  Once they’re in the subway, they’ll be shotted by Franco. It’s hard, because the subway kept moving, and they only had like 10 frames to impresse Franco. Next stop is Summer, it’s chaotic as usual, andddd Lenox got left behind. She was so sad, and i felt sorry for her. Chantelle impressed Franco with her strong poses, while Matthew admitted he had a crush on Mirjana. But poor Mirjana, she got disqualified from the challenge because she only had 2 items on. Next stop is Fall, a lot of them got left out. Franco told Matthew that he looked a little boring. Final stop is Winter, and only 2 guys in the subway, Danny and Matthew. Both of them impressed Franco.

After the challenge is over, Franco gathered everyone and told who’s the winner. And the challenge winner is… MATTHEW!! He was so happy, because he had a good chance to made it into the final 14. Then they went home. And Romeo, out of nowhere just talking about everyone. Danny talked about him behind their back, and Romeo and Mirjana were mad. And the tough Mirjana took the battle with Danny. God she’s fierce!

The next day they went to the beach, they had s’mores and stuff. Another Mirjana and Matthew situation, Mirjana was cold and Matthew, as the gentleman gave her his jacket. So sweet. But Tyra didn’t bring them ti the beach to have fun. Kelly came to the beach, bringin the new creative director, Yu Tsai. He’ll be with the models in every single photoshoot. Everyone were really nervous, because he’s a big deal, and he’s tough. They were wearing black swimwears.

Chantelle slayed the shoot with confidence, Ben felt a little awkward, Matthew kinda annoyed Yu Tsai because when he called Matthew, he said “Matt..”, and Matthew answered “i prefer Matthew.” .Jamie bored Yu Tsai, such a shame because she’s stunning. Adam, the screaming fratboy, keep screaming during the shoot. After their solo shoot, they’ll be doing a group shot, of 22 models. That’s enourmous. Everyone did well. And the result was amazing.

TyTy, Kelly, Yu Tsai and Miss J evaluated the models one by one. Kelly and Yu Tsai were bored out with Jamie Rae. Everyone loved Chantelle and Lenox. Kelly loved Will because he’s everything. Everyone were obsessed, i mean OBSESSED with Kari, guess what? ME TOO! I mean, look at that FACE!Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E02.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_30.56_[2014.08.28_20.35.20]



Final announcement of the final 14. SO Tyra will call two models at a time. One will go through, and the other will go back to the group, and they still have 1 more chance. Some great choices, some amazing choices, and some terrible terrible choices ( in my opinion. ) I wish Danny, Jamie Rae, Olay or Zaquan could make it as well. AND the final 14 was made. The competition just getting started now. Just like last cycle, they’ll start up the competition with a runway challenge. And this runway is SEXY. They’ll be wearing nothing other than a party strings ( is it what it really called? )


The next episode looked so exciting. We saw Lenox walking, Keith possibly naked, fliring with Kari in the bathroom, and Mirjana got into a fight with Adam, and with Matthew a little bit.

So that’s it for this week recap, i hope y’all enjoyed the episode. Share, like, comment. Love y’all ๐Ÿ™‚



13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 2 Recap

  1. Great recap as always! tbh i havent watch the episode yet, so i’m waiting your recap all day long lol

    according to your recap, i see there will be a romance between Mirj and Matt, but there also a rumour said that Mirj and Denzel had a romance. emm triangle love? quite interesting xD

    and the challenge sounds really cool, i hope they keep bringing challenges that related to fashion, such as runway, commercial, or maybe acting in the next next episodes.

    ah dis cycle sounds promising!

  2. I hate how Mirjana only talked about the jacket thing in the confessional, I wanted to see it for real. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyways, I don’t think the Denzel & Mirjana thing is true cause Raelia likes Denzel, but a love triangle would be interesting.

  3. For guys I vote for Matthew, Ben n Will.. For girls.. I hope Shei or Lenox to win. I luv ur recap n ur new header!! LUV IT!!โ™กโ™ก

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