America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Episode 3 Recap

The real competition is on. The top 14 models have to fight to reach the top. Who’s gonna be on top? Here’s my recap of the third episode. Here we go!!So after the top 14 had been announced, they went straight to their first challenge. A runway challenge. But they won’t be wearing much, the’ll be just wearing party strings. So basically they’ll be walking on the runway half naked. Some were excited, and some were not. Like Lenox, her grandmother is gonna kill her. So the witch Romeo confessed that he put a spell on Danny so he could went home. Now, he’s trageting Ivy. That’s kinda unfair, he used spells.

The love story between Mirjana and Matthew kept going and going. But SHOCKER, Mirjana has a boyfriend. Matthew won’t be happy when he found out. The Next Model Agency Director Alexis Borges will be watching all of them walk, so he could really see some potential. No pressure. Before the runway started, of course they had so practise with the one and only Miss J. Will felt really nervous, because he rarely take his shirt off in public, and the other guys had muscles and abs. He was a little insecure. Don’t worry Will, be who you are.

The first model who walked on the catwalk is Keith, the second he walked down the stairs, he wowed everyone. He’s owning the runway. But he got a little thrown back when the crowd started spraying him with the strings. He did a great job. Chantelle also stood out. She owned her walk, full of confidence, and great poses. Some struggled, The fratboy Adam, just kept roaring and screaming on the runway. Like what dude? You’re not taking it seriously. It pisses me that he’s there and he’s not being serious about it. Ivy also struggled with her confidence. She looked too 80’s.

And the winner of the first challenge is… Keith. Not a surprise, he owned it. For his reward, he got the key to the Tyra Suite. And he got to pick one person. And of course, no doubt he chose Kari. No surprise at all because everyone loves her. After the challenge, they finally arrived at their new house. The house is unbelieveable. Here’s some screencrap of the model house :[2014.09.04_19.37.20][2014.09.04_19.37.34][2014.09.04_19.37.35][2014.09.04_19.37.38][2014.09.04_19.37.53]

And their challenge score :[2014.09.04_19.39.13]

Just as expected, Adam and Ivy landed at the bottom. Ivy was sad. Adam, he’s not even worried. He’s to busy partying with the guys. Of course. A lot of romance was going in the house. Keith and Kari in the Tyra Suite, and Matthew and Mirjana slept together. They’re cute. The next morning, Mirjana called her bestfriend, and she said that Mirjana‘s boyfriend was promoting her on all social media. Automatically she felt bad, and decided to end things with Matthew. Matthew was not happy. So sad.

Photoshoot day, they met Tyra and Yu Tsai. They’ll be also shooting the opening video for the cycle. And Tyra came up with another ridiculous words. Boom Boom Boom (Guy’s Abs) and Boom Boom Wow (Girls) .They had to showcase that. First, Tyra shooted the opening video, with buckets of water on her face. Raelia struggled because she almost drowned before. Adam keep roaring. Whatever. Will also struggled, and Yu Tsai kept yelling at him. Mirjana need to keep her mouth closed because she looked too sexy. Ivy also struggled.

So after the shoot, Adam kept drinking, at Mirjana called him out for that. I loved it. She’s loud. But she’s right, Adam can’t drink all the time. Dude, if you keep drinking like that, then your “15 10s on your SAT” will be worthless. Matthew defended Adam, then Mirjana also called him out. Matthew was not happy. In fact, he’s pissed. Wow can’t believe i just saw Matthew like that. So, no more Matthew x Mirjana.

Panel time. First is Adam

Tyra : You rocked the boom boom boom.

Kelly : This picture scares me. It’s like when i have a vacation in Hawaii and you’re trying to have group sex with us.

Miss J : You’re crazy when you walk.

Me : His body looks great. Not loving the face. Short neck. Well at least this is better than any of his “screaming” shots.


Next is Denzel

Tyra : I think this picture is amazing. This is an underwear ad.

Kelly : Your arms are too buffed to be a fashion model

Miss J : With your arms, you can’t fit suits.

Me : Not a fan of this. The face looks really uncomfortable, the arms are awkward. He has nice body, but doesn’t know what to do with it.


Next is Raelia

Tyra : You were really struggling with the water.

Kelly : No comment.

Miss J : I’m not crazy about it.

Me : Her face looks really weak, she looks scared. She has a slammin’ body, but i didn’t see it here.


Next is Ben

Tyra : Your Boom Boom Boom is Boom Boom No

Kelly : I really don’t like this picture

Miss J : No comment

Me :  I really like the pose. But i have to agree, his body doesn’t look good. No neck, but beautiful face.


Next is Mirjana

Tyra : You kept that mouth open. It’s a little porn

Kelly : The face just brought me down

Miss J : No comment

Me : LOVE!! She looks HOT! The face is stunning, so fierce! Her body looks really good. She’s the one to watch.


Next is Matthew


Tyra : You got a good Boom

Kelly : I really like your body in this

Miss J : Nice shot

Me : Love this shot of him. His face looks great. I really like his bone structure. Great body, could’ve been better, but his type of body is perfect for fashion.




Tyra : You’re a sexpot, but in a wrong way

Kelly : Your shot is super buster. There’s no model in this.

Miss J : She needs to think high fashion

Me : This shot is a hot mess. The water on her face is not working. Her eyes looks really wierd. Not a fan.


Next is Romeo


Tyra : It’s a very feminime move, but still very hard

Kelly : No comment

Miss J : It’s a great shot

Me : I’m not loving this. The face looks great, great bone structure. But his pose, it doesn’t belong for this kind of photoshoot.


Quirky Ivy is up next

Tyra : You’re having a hard time with the water

Kelly : You need to work on confidence. It’s such a shame you didn’t turn into the camera

Miss J : You looked like you’re cold

Me : I like this shot. I like how her body looks, she’s booty tooching. The face could be better, she looks like she’s gasping for air.


Next is Chantelle

Tyra : I love this picture, the energy and the movement.

Kelly : I’m really dissapointed with this shot. It looks like water torture

Miss J : No comment

Me : Super dramatic shot. I love the movement. Her face could’ve been better, and her skin is so beautiful.


Next is Kari

Tyra : You’re doing a zigzag. Your head is over there, your shirt is over here

Kelly : With you, it’s all over the eyes, And i can’t see that here.

Miss J : No comment

Me : Love! I love that she closed her eyes, she doing something different. I love what she’s doing with the shirt, and her body looks great. Gorgeous.


Next is Lenox

Tyra : Your look is very innocent, so when you opened your mouth, it doesn’t look like sex

Kelly : My favorie shot of the week

Miss J : No comment

Me : Lenox killed this. Her eyes are piercing. Her face is gorgeous. She has a nice body, but she needs to work on it just a bit.


Challenge Winner Keith

Tyra : This is stunning.

Kelly : No comment

Miss J : No comment

Me : I like the intensity in his face, but the body is flat, he’s not doing anything.


Last is Will


Tyra : You were a hot mess on set. Ilove your eye closed

Kelly : Doesn’t look like a model

Miss J : No comment

Me :  I love the quirkyness, i love that he took this shoot out of the box.


After the calculation, here’s the result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Keith 10 7 9 10 5.8 41.8
2 Lenox 8 9 8 7 7.6 39.6
3 Mirjana 9 7 7 8 6.9 37.9
4 Matthew 8 8 8 7 6.3 37.3
5 Denzel 8 7 8 8 6.1 37.1
6 Chantelle 8 6 8 9 6.1 37.1
7 Ben 7 7 8 8 6.9 36.9
8 Romeo 9 7 8 8 4.7 36.7
9 Kari 8 6 8 8 5.4 35.4
10 Adam 9 7 6 6 6.7 34.7
11 Raelia 7 6 7 8 5.9 33.9
12 Shei 7 6 8 7 5.6 33.6
13 Will 9 5 7 7 5.1 33.1
14 Ivy 7 7 7 6 5.8 32.8


Here’s my call out :

1. Mirjana

2. Lenox

3. Matthew

4. Kari

5. Chantelle

6. Ben

7. Will

8. Keith

9. Adam

10. Ivy

11. Denzel

12. Raelia

13. Shei

14. Romeo

I was sad that Ivy went home, but she’s not living up to her potential. So next week is makeover, so exciting.

So that’s my recap of this episode, hope y’all liked it, thank you 🙂


5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Episode 3 Recap

  1. Although I watch the video but I still read ur recap. . IT’S AMAZING.. I luv ur recap!!
    Here’s my callout.

  2. My callout is
    1. Mirjana
    2. Chantelle
    3. Matthew
    4. Ivy
    5. Adam
    6. Lenox
    7. Kari
    8. Ben
    9. Raelia
    10. Denzel
    11. Will
    12. Shei
    13. Romeo
    14. Keith

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