America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 – Guys and Girls : Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4. Makeovers happening, some complete meltdown. Romance and jealousy. And DRAMA. Who’s going home? It might shock you. Here we go!After they went home, all the models saw Keith‘s picture on the screen. Denzel was kinda jealous. So for winning best photo, Keith got the Tyra Suite key, again. And of course he chose Kari again. And he found a mail. It said that Keith and Kari will get a “Tyra Treat” at their next photoshoot. Interesting…

After the Matthew-Mirjana panel drama, Matthew was mad, but Mirjana, she flirted with Denzel. Wow she moved on fast. Denzel made her laugh. They had a chemistry obviously. But the thing is, she has a boyfriend. To relieve the stress, everyone jumped into the pool. Everyone was partying and having fun. But not with Romeo. He just kept silence, reading his witchcraft book. He casted some spells, light up some candles for words of motivation. Oh. Please don’t cast a spell on a model to make someone go home.

Photoshoot day. Not challenge. They went to Pershing Square, they met Yu Tsai and An Le. They’re shooting optical illusion. This shoot is really creative, but really hard to do. Lenox did amazing, she’s the one to watch. Ben also did great. Chantelle was confident, but it didn’t translate in her shots. As i said, Kari and Keith got their Tyra Treats. Champagne and dipped strawberry. Shei really impressed Yu Tsai. Mirjana and Denzel kept flirting with each other on set. It kinda thrown Matthew. Denzel wasn’t taking instruction well, he was mad, so he throwed the bike and walk out. Romeo can’t keep his foot on the pole, so the photoshoot team put tapes on his shoes. Cheating.

After the shoot, Will found a gift box. It’s a makeover gift!! Tyra hid a box with shears inside. Whoever found it, they got to know their makeover before anyone else. Everyone searched everywhere, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. Denzel found the shears, and he will be getting a Beardweave. Meh. Chantelle was very nervous that Tyra will shave her head. Like, no one will ever shave her hair.

They’re back at Cristhope Salon. Cory was also there. The makeovers were really interesting. Ben and Adam = Buzzed Cut, Will= edgier cut, Kari and Romeo = Platinum Blonde + Grey Contacts for Romeo, Keith = absolutely nothing, Mirjana = Karlie Kloss Bob, Shei = Half Black Half Blonde, Chantelle = Ombre Weave, and the others.

But Tyra had something special. Everyone has a mix that they don’t know. They’re having a DNA test. Okay.

Adam looked sooooo much better with the buzzed cut. Not with Ben though, i love his hair already, it’s such a shame they just chopped everything off. After their makeover, they had some minutes to call their family through LINE. Everyone were crying their eyes out, it was so sweet. I’m not a fan of Mirjana’s makeover, she looked so gorgeous with long hair, well i hope she’ll work it out. Shei’s makeover was so funky. Will and Matthew, something happened between them. They were like besties.

Kari… oh Kari. So tragic. Blonde?? Platinum blonde? I mean, natural blonde is fine but platinum?? And bleached brows? This is so messed up. It didn’t match her at all. And she broke down. Like broke down hard. She cried her eyes out. I felt so sorry for her. Denzel’s makeover was a hot mess. I can’t even believe he loved it. Chantelle’s makeover was absolutely stunning. Even Miss J said “this is the best weave in Top Model history!!” She looked gorgeous. But Romeo wasn’t happy for her. Chantelle was feeling happy, so she was so cheerful and smiling, but Romeo told her that she’s being arrogant. Like WHAT?? He’s so annoying. Cast a spell on her?? Whatever. Lenox looked the same, just darker. Raelia also looked gorgeous with her curly weave.

After the makeover, everyone were partying, drinking alcohol and stuff. And the next day, everyone woke up like a mess. And surprise, Matthew sorta kissed Will. Well, it’s kinda shocking, but he didn’t mean it in a sexual way. He meant it in a friendly way. And everyone were taking it too seriously, like come on. Everyone thought he was gay. God.

Panel time, first is Matthew

Tyra : I would like to see you a little taller.

Kelly : You kinda looked like a man that stole a little kid scooter

Miss J : I like the circus feel.

Me : I am in love with this shot. I love the movement. I love his arms and his legs. His face is beautiful. He lost his neck and looked a bit short. But this is a great shot.


Next is Shei

Tyra : It’s so amateur with your hand on your chin

Kelly : No comment

Miss J : Too posy

Me :  I don’t know what the hell the judges were saying. This shot is absolutely gorgeous. The pose was so effortless. Her face, that cheekbone, slay me. Her outfit really fits her personality, and her eyes are fierce. And the fans loved it.


Next is Will

Tyra : This photo is to die for.

Kelly : It has a great personality and shows who you are

Miss J : Love it!

Me : I love the illusion behind this. It looked like he got blowned away by the wind. I would like to see more neck and more life in his eyes, but this is a great shot.


Next is Denzel

Tyra : You need to lean down to the photographer

Kelly : You need some kind of attitude

Miss J : You need to be a little bit longer.

Me : Not a fan of this. This looks really plain. No personality, it’s just bland. But holding the bike while laying down, 10 for effort.


Next is Mirjana

Tyra : You looked fiercely tired.

Kelly : I love your body angles

Miss J : No comment

Me : I love the posture, i love the pose.She’s showing the clothes well. One thing i would like her to do, it to smize a bit more.


Next is Ben

Tyra : This is gorgeous

Kelly : It really feels like you were running on set

Miss J : Run Ben Run!!

Me : I absolutely love it. I love the movement. I love how he’s showing the clothes, the face is beautiful. I love it, one of the best shots.


Next is Chantelle

Tyra : You are so beautiful, but you got to give me more than that

Kelly : You need to give me your A game

Miss J : You need to be more relax

Me : This photo is extremely dissapointing. She looked really stiff. The shoulders were to straight. She should loosen up more. Not my favorite shot of her.


Next is Raelia

Tyra : You’re doing the side tooch. Lenght and strong

Kelly :You have been gived a great propotion by God.

Miss J : No comment

Me : Slammin’ body as always. I love the booty tooch


Next is Adam

Tyra : It’s a hot picture, it’s sexy (REALLY??)

Kelly : You looked like a worked at his break eating his lunchbox

Miss J : No comment



Next is Lenox

Tyra : It looks like there was a windstorm happening and you were holding on for your life

Kelly : I think it’s a great photo

Miss J : No comment.

Me :  This is very Barbie-ish. But edgy Barbie. I love the energy in her face, i love the falling shoes. One thing is she looked extremely short. She need to work on that, but this is gorgeous.


Next is Keith

Tyra : I like the intensity in your face

Kelly : You’re not modeling

Miss J : I think your body could be a little bit more streched.

Me : I like the posture, nice face. It’s an okay photo for me.


Next is Romeo

Tyra : I would like a little bit more energy

Kelly : I’m a happy camper

Miss J : No comment.



Last but not least, Kari

Tyra : You looked like an alien after your makeover

Kelly : You looked confused. I really don’t like this picture

Miss J : No comment

Me : I actually really like this picture. I love her face, her eyes are piercing, i love the posture, the clothes looked goof. But she needs more neck


After the calculation, here’s the result

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Fan Vote Total
1 Ben 9 8 9 7.7 33.7
2 Lenox 10 8 8 7.6 33.6
3 Will 9 7 9 6.8 31.8
4 Raelia 9 9 7 5.9 30.9
5 Keith 9 7 8 6.8 30.8
6 Matthew 8 7 8 7.3 30.3
7 Mirjana 8 8 7 6.4 29.4
8 Romeo 8 8 7 5.8 28.8
9 Denzel 8 7 7 6.2 28.2
10 Shei 6 7 7 7.3 27.3
11 Adam 8 6 7 5.8 26.8
12 Kari 7 7 6 6.4 26.4
13 Chantelle 7 6 7 6.3 26.3


I can’t even believe that Chantelle went home so early. She’s a front runner!!! WHY!!! I was so mad at the bottom 2. It should’ve been Romeo and Adam. Anyway, here’s my callout :

1. Shei

2. Ben

3. Lenox

4. Will

5. Matthew

6. Mirjana

7. Raelia

8. Kari

9. Keith

10. Chantelle

11. Denzel

12. Adam

13. Romeo

So that’s about it, thank you for reading. Stay tune for more recaps every week. Love y’all 🙂


13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 – Guys and Girls : Episode 4 Recap

  1. I was so disappointed to see Chantelle go home this early. For me,Adam’s photo is the worst,just don’t know why Tyra gave him 8.
    Still hoping that Lenox,Shei or Matthew will win!

  2. I like call out.. I think that Shei shot was the best.. I dont know what happen but Shei shot was a lot better at least she deserve top 3.. I was kinda shock that Shei got 10 n don’t worry Chantelle will be coming back. . 😉 I hate Romeo!! He simply cast a spell bcoz he scare he will be eliminated.. Such a scaredy cat!!

  3. I didn’t think that Chantelle’s photo was the worst but it was near the bottom. Despite that I wish she had stayed as she had more potential then some of the other models. I personally think Romeo and Adam had the worst photos and probably should have gone home.
    I for once agree with the best picture. Ben’s picture was actually pretty good and I loved the motion, I also agreed with you on Shei’s picture and it looked like it could be in any fashion magazine.
    Anyways here is my call-out order:
    1. Ben
    2. Shei
    3. Lenox
    4. Raelia
    5. Will
    6. Matthew
    7. Mirjana
    9. Kari
    10. Denzel
    12. Romeo
    13. Adam
    Also I think that Matthew and Will are really cute. I am definitely shipping them.

  4. I definitely think that Ben deserved the first call-out. Don’t get me wrong I’m Asian too and Shei is actually one of my favorites because she gives good vibes to the show, but I think the judges are saying that this doesn’t look like an optical illusion though it appeared to me that it was a fantastic shot. The judges just underrated her.My callout:
    1. Ben
    2. Lenox
    3. Shei
    4. Will
    5. Matthew
    6. Keith
    7. Raelia
    8. Denzel
    9. Adam
    10. Mirjana
    11. Chantelle
    12. Kari – I don’t know she looks mad more than smizing in my opinion…
    13. Romeo

    I hope this gets posted.. 🙂

  5. its really dissappointing to see chantelle went home. I realize that every person that Romeo hates/dislike or as a great competitor is out. Danny, Ivy, and now Chantelle. Maybe Romeo is doing a spell? who knows 😉 adam and romeo should be in the bottom 2

  6. I always think that Social Media score is useless. They should focus more on their final best photos. I believe that Asia’s Next Top Model is better than America’s Next Top Model. At least they really paid attention to how the contestant works on the set and the progress they made throughout the photoshoot. Even they did send home those who had slightly bad attitude (Helena and Tia). This week Denzel’s attitude on set was not acceptable and he was being unprofessional and yet the judges did not even bring that out on the judging panel. It’s a non sense show for me now -.-

  7. Ugh, Tyra is SOOOOOOOO biased, when Matthew just corrected Yu Tsai, they talked about it at panel like it was a very serious issue, yet when Denzel calls Yu Tsai a bastard, drops the bike, and storms of the set, they don’t even talk about it a bit?

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