America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 5 Recap

Hola guys, so here’s my recap for the fifth episode. Some very very interesting stuff happening. Jealousy, fight, and surprise elimination?? I think you know who that is already. So, let’s just jump right into it. Here we go!!Ben was so stoked that he won best photo last week. He picked Adam to sleep with him at the Tyra Suite. But not everyone is happy. Will and Lenox was sad and shocked at the same time that Chantelle went home so early, because she’s one of the biggest competition. So, the models were bored out, so they played Truth or Dare. Matthew dared Kari to kiss Mirjana, and she did it. They kissed. But Romeo was still in his quite zone. He just didn’t get along with everyone.

The Mirjana-Denzel love story kept going on. They’re really sweet. At night, they went to LA Fashion District. They met Tyra. Tyra was about to teach them the art of being sexy. Lenox was so uncomfortable and nervous, she’s not into the idea of being sexy, and she’s a virgin. There were 3 steps of being sexy, Werk the smirk, Fierce fantasy headroll, Peeping tooch.. Adam did bad, and Lenox just gave up.

The next morning, they got visited by Yu Tsai, yelling at them to wake up. He paired the models up to shoot a parfume commercial, Spyder Byte. Another crazy name. Denzel-Kari, Keith-Mirjana, Romeo-Lenox, Adam-Shei, Ben-Raelia, and Matthew-Will. Denzel was so jealous because Keith got Mirjana. The shoot was about the girls pulling the guys into the web, so the girls had red contacts and all black dress. The director is Franco Lacosta. Raelia slayed the shoot, overshadowing Ben. Denzel was so distracted that Keith was with Mirjana, and not paying attention to Kari. Adam was terrible. Lenox was soooo uncomfortable, poor her, she’s such a dork.

After the shoot, Romeo had his birthday party. He drank so much, and he talked and laughed with the others, he didn’t usually do that. But because he drank too much, he went out of control. At one point, he went into the Tyra Suite, grabbing Adam, and telling him he’s not a model. And he headbutted Adam. That was shocking. But Adam didn’t do anything. I was actually kinda impressed, because with his frat-boy attitude, he could just easily hit Romeo. The next morning, Romeo just kept attacking Adam for no reason.

They went to this building for their next runway challenge. But, Miss J and Yu Tsai had an announcement. They eliminated Romeo, for physical violence. Well, he deserved it. Hitting someone is not okay. Bye Bye Romeo.. So, back to the challenge, they’ll be walking on stilts. Now that’s a real challenge. Mirjana was so nervous because she’s afraid of heights, and she fell at practice. Ben was so confident because he walked on stilts as a kid. Raelia fell on the ground. Yikes. And Ben did extremely well. So, Ben won the challenge.



Judging time, first is Mirjana and Keith

Tyra : That smirk was fantastic!

Kelly : I really love the way you made eye contact to the camera.

Miss J ; No comment

Me : I hated her shot, but in the commercial, she did really well. She werked the smirk.


Tyra : You are really strong and muscular, but you’re getting weaker as the commercial went on.

Kelly : No comment

Miss J : No comment

Me : I love his stare. His face looks really strong in this.


Next is Shei and Adam

Tyra : You owned it. You’re serving the hair

Kelly : You have two tone hair. If anyone would own this commercial, it would be you.

Miss J : The headroll could be better

Me : The photo is okay, but she killed it on the commercial. I agree with Tyra that she uses her hair as an advantage.


Tyra : You have some of the greatest faces out of all the guys.

Kelly : You looked like an adonis modeling diaper.

Miss J : No comment.

Me : The photo is fine, but his commercial was a hot mess. He just looks dead, not in a good way.


Next is Denzel and Kari

Tyra : You looked like a modeling dominatrix. You were working the eyebrow and the hair.

Kelly : You looked like crazy dominatrix in a S&M club.

Miss J : No comment.

Me : This shot is frickin’ amazing! For me. Her eyes are so strong, piercing through the lens. She’s giving us death stare, because she’s a black widow. For once the hair actually works. Love it.


Tyra : Your foot is so glaring.

Kelly : No comment

Miss J : No comment

Me : The beard, please take it off. I like his eyes, he does looked sexy in the commercial, but the beard…


Next is Raelia and Ben

Tyra : It’s fricking amazing

Kelly : You owned every second

Miss J : I want so much more from you

Me : The face. THE FACE. Absolutely stunning, she looked like Tyra. She killed the commercial. She owned everything. One of the best.


Tyra : You booched your booty so hard.

Kelly : When you’re at a set with a person with their A game, you need to beat them

Miss J : No comment.

Me : Not a fan of the photo. Not a fan of his commercial. He just looked lost and confused.


Next is Will and Matthew

Tyra : You’re doing the eyebrow smirk, and it gave me chills.

Kelly : You guys made a really wicked duo.

Miss J : Genius!!

Me : He looked so beautiful in this, but also scary. He’s thristy for blood. I feel like he just slayed everyone. The video was amazing, i love his smirk. Werk!!


Tyra : You turned into a no neck monster sometimes.

Kelly : You guys looked really hot together

Miss J : No comment

Me : The photo is bland, but he worked so well with Will. I really commend him for being able to work with other men in a sexual way, because not all guys will do that.


Last but not least. Lenox

Tyra : I don’t think you try. And at the teach, you just gave up.

Kelly : It’s not sexy and it’s not seductive

Miss J : You’re not 100% there.

Me : The photo is actually really good, but the commercial was a hot mess. She just looked so uncomfortable and scared. I felt like Tyra was too hard on her.


After the calculation, here’s the final result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Will 9 8 9 8 6.9 40.9
2 Raelia 10 10 7 6 7.3 40.3
3 Keith 9 8 8 7 7.3 39.3
4 Mirjana 9 8 8 8 6 39
5 Matthew 6 9 9 8 5.9 37.9
6 Shei 10 6 7 8 6.3 37.3
7 Denzel 8 8 7 7 5.6 35.6
8 Kari 8 7 7 8 5.2 35.2
9 Ben 5 8 7 9 5.6 34.6
10 Adam 8 6 7 6 6 33
11 Lenox 1 7 7 8 7.3 30.3

I was like, speechless. Giving Lenox a 1 was so stupid. Tyra was too hard on her. But because Romeo was disqualified, she got to sta. But, she’ll only have 5 frames in the next photoshoot. I’m not worried, because her shot looked the best out of everyone’s.

Here’s my callout :

1. Will

2. Raelia

3. Kari

4. Matthew

5. Mirjana

6. Shei

7. Keith

8. Denzel

9. Ben

10. Lenox

11. Adam

So that’s my recap for this episode, i hope you liked it. Love you 🙂


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 5 Recap

  1. Maybe Tyra was a little harsh but honestly i think Lenox deserved that 1. She gave up during the challenge, didnt practice being sexy and struggle in the photoshoot. So Lenox didnt really bring anything to the table. At least Adam tried but Lenox just gave up. But im so glad they gave her another chance. Because it’ll be Alexandra from last cycle again.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was too harsh to give Lenox a 1 despite her past efforts for the last photoshoots. Maybe Tyra had already planned the non-elimination since Romeo got disqualified for hitting Adam [and yeah, his personality kinda got a make-over too when they got him a buzz cut, douchy Adam BE GONE!!! :)]. So, maybe Tyra thought she should just punish her for not taking things seriously and just giving up. The result is good though since she came back to the Lenox who killed the next 3 photoshoots…

    • My callout goes like this:
      1] Will
      2] Raelia
      3] Denzel- despite my hate for this guy, he really did good at the commercial.
      4] Mirjana
      5] Kari
      6] Keith
      7] Shei
      8] Matthew
      9] Adam
      10] Ben
      11] Lenox
      Ahhh!!! 2 of my favorites in the bottom 2, but i need to be fair. Also, thank you, Romeo for saving Lenox

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