America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 6 Recap

So here’s my recap for episode 6. A lot of surprises. But the main question is, how Lenox gonna pulled the shoot with only 5 frames?? Well, let’s just jump right to it. Here we go!!Will was so excited that he got best photo. Me too! He chose Raelia to come into the Tyra Suite. But in the other hand, Lenox wasn’t so excited. She got into a lot of trouble last panel. She got called by Tyra, almost eliminated, and only has 5 frames for the next photoshoot. Damn, i felt so bad for her.

So a lot of romance going on, Kari-Keith, Mirjana-Denzel. So because Romeo went home, all 4 of them moved downstairs to the “Lover Suite”. That’s what they call it. The next day, they went to their photoshoot location. They’ll be shooting hair slowmotion clips. The guys were a little nervous since they didn’t use to have long hair. The girls definetly had an advantage here. Adam kept roaring like usual, but he listened to direction. He’s growing a little bit. Ben was really nervous, and it showed in his shoot. Shei, Raelia, Will and Kari impressed Yu Tsai. In the other hand, Lenox was really nervous since she only had 5 frames. The first 3 takes, she forgot to model. Then she broke down into tears. She walked off set and cried. She talked to Yu Tsai, saying that she wanted to be tough and strong and not cry so much. She’s such a sweetheart. After her little meltdown, she came back strong. The last 2 frames, she killed it. Mirjana had the biggest wig, but she slayed the shoot. Keith kept pulling the same face over and over again, he struggled.

In the model house, Mirjana and Denzel kept playing around, making noises. Everyone were kinda irritated. Ben and Adam wrote a song that they’ll sung at panel. The next day, there was a party at the house. Nina Burns from cycle 2.0 is back, she brought a very special guest with her, Nick Cannon. The models were starstrucked. The models were divided in 3 groups. Lenox, Adam and Ben were the team leaders. They’ll shoot a campaign for Nick Cannon’s new headphone. Lenox-Matthew-Kari, Adam-Denzel-Mirjana-Raelia, Ben-Shei-Keith-Will. They’ll have an hour to choose makeup, wardrobe, and shoot the campaign. Lenox was really nervous being a team campaign, but in the end, they did very well. Ben was all over the place, and Team Adam did well. And the winning team is… Team Lenox

Download americas next top model s21e06 hdtv x264 bajskorv mp4.mp4_snapshot_24.57_[2014.09.27_20.48.57]

Panel time, but there’s a twist. Ben and Adam performed a song they wrote. The song was sooo good..

First is Adam

Tyra : Bitch Betta Work!

Kelly : This is the first shot i can actually consider thinking of you as a model

Miss J : I love the angles.

Me : The first time i saw this shot, i thought this was really bad. But after seeing this shot in motion, i actually kinda liked it. He’s improving a little bit.


Next is Ben

Tyra : Incomplete whip. The hair is wearing you, you’re not wearing the hair.

Kelly : It’s painful. You looked like a drag queen.

Miss J : No comment

Me : Not a fan. His face is pretty, but that’s all. The hair at the front is a hot mess.


Miss Kari is up next

Tyra : The product need to get the best treatment.

Kelly : You just don’t look like a model to me

Miss J : Find that light

Me : I thought she looked incredible. I love the hair movement, her face is stunning as always. In motion, she looked gorgeous. One of the best in my opinion.


Next is Matthew

Tyra : The whip needs to be good. Not fashionable

Kelly : You have a beautiful face

Miss J : No comment

Me : I like this shot. But he lost his neck, and i saw this face from him already. He needs to be more versatile. But in motion he looked really good.


Next is Keith

Tyra : I like the control

Kelly : It doesn’t look like an editorial fashion shoot. One trick pony

Miss J : No comment

Me : He looked so uncomfortable with the wig, since he doesn’t have hair. The body is stiff, and he kept pulling the same face.


Next is Mirjana

Tyra : Look at that control!

Kelly : It’s totally fierce

Miss J : Smize shampoo!!

Me :  Stunning face!! She worked the huge wig, one of her best shots.


Next is Denzel

Tyra : You’re wearing the hair.

Kelly : It looks like a rockband audition

Miss J : No comment

Me : He looked so bad with the hair. It’s a hot mess.


Next is Shei


Tyra : Such a warrior!

Kelly : Finally i liked a shot of you!! I really loves it.

Miss J : Gorgeous! Strong, powerful.

Me : Her face looks amazing. Nice intensity, i love the hair and the outfit. Werk queen!


Next is Raelia


Tyra : Hair commercial!!

Kelly : You looked absolutely gorgeous!!

Miss J : You spoke way too fast!

Me : Her shot is really bad. Dead eyes, dead body, but her shot in motion was incredibely gorgeous. I love the hair.


Next is Will


Tyra : You’re hunching a little too much. One of the best flips.

Miss J : No comment.

Kelly : I love everything!

Me : His face is incredible! The bonestructure, his eyes are so gorgeous, amazing intensity! He did the best out of all the guys.


Last but not least, Leno


Tyra : Look at the eye intensity. You’ve come so far from last week.

Kelly : I love the eyes. The hair is super fierce!

Miss J : I’m gonna give you a 1.

Me : Considering she ONLY had 5 frames, she did an aamzing job. Probably the best out of everyone. Her eyes are so strong, the hair is amazing, she’s wearing the hair. FIERCE QUEEN!!


After the calculation, here’s the result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Lenox 10 8 9 10 7.7 44.7
2 Mirjana 9 9 9 9 7.2 43.2
3 Raelia 9 9 8 9 5.7 40.7
4 Shei 8 8 8 8 7 39
5 Will 7 9 8 8 6.8 38.8
6 Adam 8 8 8 9 5.5 38.5
7 Matthew 6 8 8 10 6.3 38.3
8 Denzel 9 7 8 9 5.2 38.2
9 Kari 9 6 7 10 5.5 37.5
10 Keith 9 7 7 8 5.9 36.9
11 Ben 6 5 6 8 5.3 30.3

I was sad that Ben is gone, but his shot was elimination worthy. Here’s my call out :

1. Lenox

2. Mirjana

3. Shei

4. Kari

5. Raelia

6. Will

7. Matthew

8. Adam

9. Keith

10. Denzel

11. Ben

So thank you so much for reading my recap 🙂 Love ya!! xoxo


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 6 Recap

  1. Whooppss.. I saw some mistakes.. haha.. btw.. I love the recap.. this time I can’t see the video in YouTube. . I don’t know why.. ahh gosh.. but nvm I got ur recap.. it’s amazing!!♡♡
    Here’s my call out:-
    I was kinda sad bcoz Ben went home early.. but it’s a competition. .;(
    Can’t wait to read ur next episode recap..

  2. Uhh… 😦 It’s too early for Ben to be eliminated but it was a bit deserved.
    1] Lenox
    2] Mirjana
    3] Will
    4] Shei
    5] Denzel
    6] Raelia
    7] Matthew
    8] Adam
    9] Kari
    10] Keith
    11] Ben

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