America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 7 Recap

Hola guys. Is it cold right now? No, but it’s cold for the models. The models had a photoshoot on ice and snow. How did they do?

Here we go!Lenox was soo excited for winning best photo. The Mirjana-Denzel love story kept going on. The next day, they went to The CW Network, they met Lori Openden, Executive Vice President of CW. They went there for their next challenge. So the models will be paired up, and they had to act based on the script. The prize of the challenge is, the winner will get a walk on role in a series. The pairs are Denzel-Shei, Keith-Mirjana, Adam-Lenox, Will-Kari, and Matthew-Raelia. Mirjana was really jealous that Denzel picked Shei.

During practice, there was a kissing scene. So Denzel and Shei practiced kissing, and Mirjana kept looking at them jealously. It’s just acting girl. Mirjana was really distracted with Denzel during the challenge. While Denzel and Shei killed it. And in the end, Denzel won!


Mirjana was pissed at her challenge score, and also at Denzel for kissing Shei. She’s mad. They had a fight. Maybe their relationship will end soon. I don’t know. After the argument, Denzel talked to Keith about Will. He said that he don’t want Will to win because he wore high heels, and if Will wins, Denzel’s friends would think that he’s gay. He want a real man to win. Like, really? If you are a man, you would talk in Will’s face. Will actually heard the conversation, and he broke down. He’s so upset. Denzel was such a douche!

I felt so sorry for Will. He didn’t deserve any of this. And Adam told a story, that he kicked a gay man out of a party because he dressed like a wizard. It went viral. I’ve heard about that, and that’s the reason why i dislike him from the first place. But seeing him telling that story, and being good friends with Will, i had a brand new respect for him. He’s actually not that bad.

Photoshoot day, they went to an ice skating rink. They met Yu Tsai and their photographer, Franco Lacosta. They’ll be posing as  ice queen and kings. This photoshoot is extremely hard, because they need to lay down on ice and snow. And it’s freezing! Keith was really nervous because he was in the bottom 2 last week. Lenox stood out and slayed the shoot. Denzel and Kari struggled. And Mirjana kept commenting on Raelia’s performance. And Raelia wasn’t happy. She ultimately confronted Mirjana for what she said, and they fought hard. Mirjana even threw the middle finger. Wow!

Panel time, first is Will

Before they commented on Will’s photo, Will explained to the judges what happened, why he wore heels, and his fight with Denzel. The judges weren’t happy at all, in fact, Tyra was MAD!


Tyra : You finally has a neck.

Kelly : Not my favorite photo. It looks like a sneaker commercial

Miss J : Length, body, angles, love it.

Me : I love it. His face is gorgeous, dead fiercely. I love the intensity.


Next is Shei


Tyra : You looked puffy. Are you just a pretty girl?

Kelly : No comment.

Miss J : You’re sitting on ice, you should’ve given us a chill fierce face.

Me : Not my favorite picture of her. Her body just looks awkward, but her face is great.


Next is Matthew


Tyra : You reminded me of Johnny Depp.

Kelly : It looks like a drug dealer selling Molly.

Miss J : I love it.

Me : Just like Shei’s shot, his body looks so plain and awkward. Looked really stiff. But his face is gorgeous.


Next is Denzel


Tyra : Your eyes are gorgeous.

Kelly : You looked like a personality, not a model.

Miss J : I don’t know why are you crawling.

Me : I like the intensity, but no neck, i agree with Miss J, i just don’t get the pose.


Next is Ice Princess Kari


Tyra : You have the most beautiful face here. You just don’t know what to do with it.

Kelly : If anyone would kill this shoot, it would’ve be you.

Miss J : You may do too much

Me : I love love her face! But her legs looks so attached. Also she looks really short.


Next is Mirjana


Tyra : Your body and your fit aren’t so strong.

Kelly : Your body just looked so small.

Miss J : The hand stucked on her face is wierd

Me : I love this shot so much! Her face is freezing beautiful. I love the pose, nice legs. And she’s working the ice on her face.


Next is Keith


Tyra : You parted your mouth open in this.

Kelly : It’s so stiff, and i kinda like it.

Miss J : You’re dead in this photo.

Me : He looks.. DEAD.


Next is Lenox


Tyra : Best shot all cycle!!

Kelly : Great shot. I love your feet, your arms, everything.

Miss J : She should’ve been Narnia.

Me : She showed the outfit so well. The shoes are everything. She looks like Brittani Kline C16, and she looked damn beautiful. I love the body language, very very graceful. Queen Lenox is here!


Next is Raelia


Tyra : It doesn’t has that gorgeousness we seen from you.

Kelly : You looked like a drunk person on the Titanic that got left at the iceberg. Your worst shot so far.

Miss J : I like how you look.

Me :  She looked like a backup dancer for Michael Jackson. I don’t understand her pose in this. And her face looks bland and uncomfortable.


Last but not least, Adam


Tyra : Your face looks really good. But you hunched too hard.

Kelly : It’s really dynamic.

Miss J : No comment.

Me : After seeing this shot over and over again, i liked it. I love the face. Really intense. He looked like a frozen DJ.


After calculating the scores, here’s the result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Lenox 10 10 9 8 8.2 45.2
2 Adam 7 9 8 8 5.4 37.4
3 Will 9 6 9 6 6.4 36.4
4 Denzel 7 6 8 9 6.3 36.3
5 Matthew 7 7 8 7 6.1 35.1
6 Mirjana 8 6 7 5 7.2 33.2
7 Keith 8 7 7 5 5.6 32.6
8 Shei 6 6 8 6 6.5 32.5
9 Raelia 4 7 9 6 5.4 31.4
10 Kari 6 7 6 6 5.8 30.8


I was so dissapointed that Kari went home so early, because she has the best face here. But she didn’t perform her best. Here’s my callout:

1. Queen Lenox

2. Will

3. Mirjana

4. Adam

5. Matthew

6. Kari

7. Shei

8. Denzel

9. Raelia

10. Keith


Thank you for reading, and have a good day!! 🙂



10 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 7 Recap

  1. I love ur recap but this is the first time I leave a cmt:
    Shei’s acting performance is good, but I don’t know why she just gets a 6 ;(
    Kari is one of my fav in this cycle so i feel sad when she’s gone. I want Matt to be eliminated, because of his same face and bad pose in this photo. Kari has many potential than him. 😦

    Here’s my COO:
    FCO: Lenox (Perfect H2T )
    2) Mir (stunning)
    3) Adam (Asian Killer)
    4) Denzel
    5) Will (LEGS <3)
    6) Keith
    7) Shei (SCARING FACE)
    8) Kari (Elsa of ANTM. But she's trying too hard 😦 )
    Btm: Rae (hot mess)
    Out: Matt

  2. Tyra keeps saying that Kari has a very beautiful face but don’t know how to work it, WHILE-she’s the one who ruined it! Bleached brows, really?

    Also, I was like “what’s wrong with you, Miss J?” when he gave Raelia a 9. She’s gorgeous, but forgettable. And this is THE worst photo of her, maybe worst photo this cycle so far. She deserved more to go home than Kari did.

  3. So far… all of my FCO were right except Keith’s. My coo:
    1. Lenox
    2. Mirjana
    3. Adam
    4. Will
    5. Matthew
    6. Kari
    7. Denzel
    8. Shei
    9. Keith
    10. Raelia
    Btw, did you notice how they revealed the call-out for next episode?? 🙂

  4. I just don’t know why that they cannot accept LGBT?? Can’t believe what Denzel said to Will.. This is kinda unfair to Will bcoz LGBT has no wrong to deal with.. none of bussiness Denzel!! It starting tohate Denzel now..! I don’t know why Mirjana got so jealous to Shei!! It’s just an acting.. acting.. n she doesn’t pick Denzel as her partner so it’s kinda her fault .. but mirjana’s photo is great.. this is what I doesn’t agree with the judges..I really can’t believe that Kari’s out!! I heard some rumours that Matthew n Mirjana bottom 2 n Matthew got eliminated.. 😦

      • Next week I think Matthew’s going home but I don’t want my favourite to go home.. haizz.. nothing to do.. it’s the judges decision to eliminate him.. heyy Rian who’s ur favourites so far??

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