America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 8 Recap

Sorry for the late recap. This episode had  alot of drama, and BREAK UP? Possibly. Let’s check it out! here we go!

Lenox won her 2nd best photo in a row. She was so excited and happy. Denzel wanted to talk to Will. And he did. He explained to Will that he was raised a certain way, and he’s an old fashion. He’s so sorry. Denzel wanted to change. They’ll be friends, but Denzel needs to learn to accept people. I’m glad that they’re okay now.
Denjana love story kept going on. They were obviously dating. Sleeping together, showering together. No need to deny it Denzel. Mirjana thought that she fell in love with Denzel, but girll you still have your boyfriend back home. Challenge day, they went to Siren Studio. They met Kelly Cutrone and the founder of NYLON Magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. The models will be divided into 3 groups, and they’ll be modeling for Kelly’s clothing line, Electric Love Army. Each group had a different theme. Team Electric is Mirjana, Denzel, Lenox. Team Love is Matthew, Raelia, Will.And Team Army is Keith, Shei, and Adam. The winner of this challenge will be featured in NYLON TV with Kelly. That’s a big deal since NYLON is one of the prizes. They’ll need to pick their own clothes and makeup. Matthew wanted Raelia to be topless, like a “Highschool Slut”. Kelly heard it, and wasn’t happy about it. Mirjana, as the team captain didn’t want to be bossy and bitchy, so she just let her team do whatever they want. Marvin loved Shei’s look, and he thought that she’ll be perfect for NYLON.
Team Army did very very well. They took risks, and Shei looks stunning in the photos. Will wasn’t sure with Raelia being topless. Denzel didn’t put on a shirt, and he basically didn’t listen to Kelly. She was pissed.


Team Electric basically took the worst shots. They only had 2 minutes to get the shot. Their shot was uninspiring and disappointing for Kelly.


Team Love did well in the group shot. Raelia looked her age, and this shot was really relatable. Kelly wasn’t happy though when Matthew used the word “slut”


Team Army did great. Kelly had goosebumps on this photo. That’s a good thing.
And the winner is,, Team Army!!

Lenox was mad with Denjana for not taking the challenge seriously. At night, Denzel talked to everyone about Mirjana. And he said that “Denzel Wells is not on a relationship”. Lenox felt that she need to tell Mirjana about what he said, because he’s mocking Mirjana. And she did. And guess what? Mirjana freaked out!! She threw the chair, and they fought. And they broke up. It’s over.
The next day, Mirjana called her boyfriend back at home. She told him about Denzel and she felt really bad. But they’re good.

Photoshoot day, they met Tyra and Ken Chahine from Ancestry DNA. They spitted in a cup before the makeover, and the results are here. Lenox, Mirjana and Raelia are Asian!! Don’t expect that at all. Adam and Shei is Irish. Keith and Matthew is Spanish. And shockingly Will and Denzel had 3 things in common. Finnish, Scandanavian, and European Jewish.

For the photoshoot, they’ll be posing with Cory, or should i say Corybot. Yu Tsai will take their DNA results and mash it all together.  The photographer is Erik Asla. Mirjana was good since she broke up with Denzel. Shei actually did very well. Denzel struggled. Lenox slayed the photoshoot again!!

Panel, first is Mirjana


Tyra : Your picture wasn’t popular this week.

Kelly : Your face is super beautiful, but your body still looks small.

Miss J : You looked so stiff.

Me : I love the face, but i do agree with Kelly, her body does look really small.


Next is Raelia


Tyra : Last week was a hot mess. I love the booch of the knee and the tooch of the booty.

Kelly : I don’t like what’s happening with your eyes.

Miss J : H2T

Me : Raelia is back!! This shot is stunning! I love the face, H2Tness. She worked the headdress, it’s huge and heavy for sure. I even love the reflection.


Next is Shei


Tyra : I was dissapointed with your performance, but this is the best.

Kelly : This shot is super stiff.

Miss J : I actually really like your shot.

Me : I thought Tyra loved Shei’s performance during the shoot. Wierd. Anyway, i’m not loving this shot. The face is nice, but her body looks so stiff.


Next is Adam


Tyra : You neef to pay attention to everysingle part of your body.

Kelly : No comment.

Miss J : Your face is nice, but you looked a bit too short.

Me :  Don’t like this picture at all. His face is actually nice, but his expression just doesn’t match the body. I can’t see his other arm, twisted legs. Meh.


Next is Matthew


Tyra : This is the first you you’re giving something with your face.

Kelly : You have a beautiful face, but the positioning of your body is very dorky to me.

Miss J : No comment.

Me : I actually love this photo. I love the body, he looks like he’s protecting Cory from some alien attack, and i love his face.


Next is Keith


Tyra : You’re giving me pretty-ugly.

Kelly : I’m not loving you as a model in this shot.

Miss J : I would like to see you with a little more anger.

Me : Another mess. His frown was too much. And i don’t find this picture believeable. He needs to create more movement, as if he was pushing Cory. He’s just posing here. Not a fan.


Queen Lenox


Tyra : You looked up to the sky, and when you did, there’s a wind.

Kelly : Your face is DIVINE!

Miss J : The body language, facial expression, i love it.

Me :  This girl took killer photos!! I had goosebumps looking at this. Her eyes are so strong and piercing. Even when she’s not looking at the camera, it’s still so strong. I love the legs and she’s a perfection.


Next is Will


Tyra : This is damn near perfection!

Kelly : I love this picture. This could be in any fashion magazine

Miss J : Cory’s feeling it

Me : I love this picture. I love his body. Really strong, i love the connection with Cory. Gorgeous!


Last is Denzel


Tyra : You’re working the beard

Kelly : I’m not a fan of this picture. You need to slim down.

Miss J : He looks like a sport figure, not a model

Me : He has nice intensity, but that’s all he do. He doesn’t look like a model in this shot, and the beard looks hideous.


After the calulation, the results are in!

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Lenox 10 10 10 6 7.9 43.9
2 Will 9 10 8 8 7.1 42.1
3 Shei 8 7 8 9 6.1 38.1
4 Adam 9 7 7 9 5.9 37.9
5 Keith 9 7 7 9 5.7 37.7
6 Denzel 9 8 8 6 6.2 37.2
7 Raelia 8 6 8 8 6.3 36.3
8 Mirjana 9 8 7 6 5.9 35.9
9 Matthew 7 7 7 8 6.2 35.2

Lenox , FCO Queen for 3 weeks. I was so mad that matthew was gone. I feel like he’s a much better model than Denzel and Keith. After the elimination, Tyra found out her DNA result. She’s 6 % Native American, 79% African, and 14% British. She’s also from a line of freedom fighter.

So that’s my recap for this week, thank you for reading, and see you in my next one 🙂


7 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 8 Recap

  1. I don’t think that Matthew deserve to go home.. I think that Keith had the worst shot..But one guy n one girl is coming back so I think Matthew n Chantelle are coming back! ! I’m kinda disappointed with Shei this week bcoz her body was too stiff but during her photo shoot she did great!! N u forgot Denjana r back together.. God!!

  2. Keith is safe week after week thanks to Tyra. Tyra really loves him or something. Always 9, always 8 even when his picture is such a mess. Tyra needs to be fair or this cycle will be the last cycle of ANTM.

  3. I’m happy for Lenox because she receives another FCO… Matthew has so much potential, it’s actually kind of disappointing to let him go… 😦
    1. Lenox
    2. Wil
    3. Raelia – she needs to have stronger eyes
    4. Matthew
    5. Keith- i like the body positioning but the face…
    6. Denzel- for intensity
    7. Adam
    8. Shei- too stiff…
    9. Mirjana

    It’s good that Mirjana stayed because i like her shot next week.. and i think you forgot your COO 🙂

      • Actually, after looking at it again… you were actually right! 🙂 its really hard to decide cause i think only lenox and will did well on this shoot i my opinion… 🙂

  4. I don’t like Denzel. His attitude is suck. I don’t know why Kelly don’t judge him on the attitude at the challenge, while she criticize Chlea (cycle 20) for her behavior at the backstage. Denzel, worst model of ANTM history.
    FCO: Lenox (super great)
    2. Will (i love his face expression, especially the eyes. He still connect with Cory even though he doesn’t look into Cory’s eyes)
    3. Raelia
    4. Adam (his eyes are fierce)
    5. Shei (i agree with Tyty and Miss J)
    6. Matt (he changes, and he doesn’t deserved to be out this week. Some are worse than him)
    7. Keith
    Btm: Mirjanna (her pose this ep is almost the same as the 5th ep. She looks too sleepy (not in the good way). She looks like a tiny girl. Hi Tyni :p)
    Out: Denzel: No connection, bad attitude, not improving at all) 😦

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