Fit For Fashion – Episode 1 Recap

Heyy guyss, so maybe you’re wondering, what is this? What is this show? Why am i recapping this?

So i got a partnership with the newest reality show on StarWorld called “Fit For Fashion”, it’s basically a show about 12 ordinary men and woman, that want to change their body to fit for fashion. It’s about transformation from inside and out. They contacted me, and offered me a partnership, and i have to recap the episode everyweek on my blog.Yep. So, this is a rare opportunity, and i don’t want to let it slip by me. Oh and don’t worry, i’ll still keep recapping ANTM. It’s my favorite.

So, let’s just jump right to it shall we? Here we go!!This show features 12 men and woman from around the world. All of the contestant came to Malaysia to join the competition. They arrived at Tanjong Jara Resort, which is super duper nice. But all of them were still confused about what’s going on. They gathered around at the resort, and they saw the gorgeously elegant, Louise Roe. She’s the host and the judge for this show. So she explained that during 10 weeks of the competition, everyweek there’s gonna be a sport challenge, and a fashion challenge. The winner of the show will be revealed at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week. They will be featured on Fitness First Magazine, They will be flown to London and got a huge shopping spree, and $100.000. That’s an amazing prize, they should’ve been motivated already. After that, Louise told the contestants to go to the beach and bring their swimsuits.

After they arrived at the beach, they see 2 people running. They are Christine Bullock and Mitch Chilson, their fitness guru and judges. Both of them are so gorgeous and fit. Christine and Mitch asked the contestants to strip down to their swimsuits, and what they see aren’t so good. It’s okay. The sport challenge began. The team captains were the 2 lovers, Chelsey and Fred. But sadly, they were splitted into different team. Chelsey will be leading the Yellow Team, and Fred will be leading the Green Team.

So their first sport challenge is, they need to build a raft using rope, bamboo, and barrels. They need to get on the raft, go to the ship across the sea. At the ship, they’ll find some materials they’ll need for the fashion challenge. The first team that went across the finish line is the winner, and they’ll have imunity from elimination. But before the challenge started, both team had to decide the weakest person. Yellom Team picked Kristina, and Green Team picked Ming. Yellom team chose Kristina because she can’t swim, and Ming because she’s the youngest. Both of them had imunity from elimination this week.

During the challenge, Rusty took over the yellow team. He was confident that he can build the raft, since he built a raft before.But something just doesn’t seem right. And the Green Team finished the raft first. After several minutes of frustation, the Yellow Team finally finished the raft, but it’s not stable. When they got up to the raft, one of the barrel just swim away. And the Green Team won the challenge.

The next day they met Christine and Mitch at the Fitness First Gym. They wore Reebok as their sponsor, and also equipments from TechnoGym. So they’ll be checking the contestants Bio Age. They’ll be checking the contestants bio age with some exercises. Mitch‘s real age is 36, but his bio age is 26. And Christine‘s real age is 23. They had to do jumpsquads and O2 volume tests. And here’s the result.

Name Real Age Bio Age
Andrew 26 28
Chelsey 27 35
Citira 33 37
Fred 36 39
Hema 25 31
Jerald 27 28
Kristina 23 28
Matty 28 24
Ming 19 26
Rusty 31 36
Shiva 37 40
Vanessa 25 33

As we can see, Matty is the only one who had their bio age younger than their real age. The others need to work on that.

Now for tha Fashion Challenge, they went back to the beach. They met Todd Anthony Tyler, their resident photographer and judge. You may know him from Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1. Each of the contestants will have 10 minutes to get the best shot. They’ll be wearing Debenhams and Reebok. Kristina was really confindent, because she’s a professional model. She did very well, also Andrew. Citira had a nervous breakdown 3 minutes before the shoot, but she came back and impressed Todd.

Elimination day, they went back to the Gym to evaluate the photos.

First is Ming

Judges : Nice, but need more confidence and character.

Me : I LOVE the body in this shot. I love the water splashing all the surfboard. The only thing i don’t like is her face. We can’t really see her beautiful face in here.

Next is Matty

Judges : Could do a lot more.

Me : I like it. Long hair, good body, he looks like a real surfer.

Next is Jerald

Judges : Nice movement

Me : I love this shot. He looks happy and excited, and he has a nice body.

Next is Kristina

Judges : She needs to use the props a lot more

Me :  Gorgeous! I love her face, she’s stunning. I love the hair, and the booty tooch. I do agree with the judges that she could do more with the props.

Next is Fred

Judges : He looks like a party dude.

Me : Hot mess. No expression, and it’s just bland.

Next is Citira

Judges : Nailed it. Todd’s personal favorite

Me : Sexy! She looked really beautiful in this. I don’t see nervousness at all.

Next is Vanessa

Judges ; Unimpressive.

Me : Fun, young, cheeful, that’s what i see. I like this picture, but she needs to work on her body.

Next is Shiva

Judges : Confident.

Me : I think he needs to shave. Lol. The chest hair kinda made me uncomfortable.This picture is okay.

Next is Hema

Judges : Didn’t shine through, mediocore

Me : She looks scraed and unsure. She’s a really pretty girl, but she’s not using her assets well.

Next is Rusty

Judges : Overly confident

Me : Okay. Nothing amazing.

Next is Andrew

Judges: Great body, but he looks too angry.

Me :  LOVE! He has a great body. His eyes are a bit dead, but this picture is great.

Last but not least, Chelsey

Judges : Amazing energy, impressive. She’s the MVP this week.

Me : I love this picture so much. I love how happy she looks. Great eye contact, lovely smile. Gorgoeus!

And the fashion challenge, the winner is the Yellow Team! Which means that each team had to send 1 person for elimination. The bottom 2 was Hema and Rusty. Hema is very pretty, but she’s weak. Rusty was at the bottom because of his big ego. And the person that is not Fit For Fashion, is Hema

After watching the first episode, my bet for winning is either Chelsey, Andrew, Citira and Matty. Kristina is an amazing model, but just didn’t do well at sport challenge. Well anything could change though.

Fitness tips from this week, jumpsquads are important. Do it when you’re working out to decrease your bio age. Also, this is not a fitness related, but don’t bite off more than we can chew.

Fashion tips from this week, it doesn’t matter how pretty or handsome you are, as long as you have commitment, you can do it. Even if you have a Victoria’s Secret look, but you’re not commited, it’s nothing.

So thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry if i didn’t do well on this  because i’m so used to recapping ANTM that’s more fashion. Give me advice and i’ll try to improve. 🙂 Thank you so much, have a good day, and be fit!


6 thoughts on “Fit For Fashion – Episode 1 Recap

  1. I don’t get it. From those pics you can clearly see who has the potentials and who doesn’t. And a few of them has a very nice and fit body already, while the rest has not. So what’s the point of the show? Why did they chose some who already has a fit body? –“

  2. i can see what the purpose of this show, okay they have fit body, but for fashion? emm no. some of them have weird measurement, so beside being fit, you need to work on your body to become a model. I love Chelsey’s picture, coz only her picture that i can see in a sport magazine.

    anw congrats for the offer!

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