America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 9 Recap

Hola guys. Another recap. This episode had a lot of drama, and COMEBACK? Possibly. So let’s check it out!! Here we go!Lenox won her third best photo in a row, and she got a Tyra Treat Letter. It said that she can choose 2 people for the treat, but not exactly sure what the prize is. She picked Raelia and Shei. Mirjana landed on the bottom 2 last week, but she’s safe. And Keith wasn’t happy about it. He’s pissed! He confronted Mirjana at the kitchen. Wow it was hot! But Denzel tried to calm her down. Another Denjana moment.

In the middle of the night, everyone were hanging out, and all the sudden, the door opened, and it was Miss J. She came to give the models onesies and to teach Lenox, Raelia, and Shei how to walk on the runway. That’s their prize. Miss J asked Lenox to twerk, but she didn’t want to. She’s just not ready to let everything go. After the private teach, Miss J told the models that they’ll had a go-see to Style Fashion Week.

At the challenge day. They met Miss J and Alexis Borges from Next Model. The models will be walking for 3 designers. Betsey Johnson, Control Sector, Altaf Maaneshia ( Girls ), and Civil Society ( Guys ). First, the Betsey Johnson casting, Shei, Raelia, and Keith got booked. In Control Sector, Shei and Will got booked. In Altaf Maaneshia, all the girls got booked, and in Civil Society, Keith, Will, and Adam got booked. So, Shei booked 3, Raelia, Keith, Will booked 2, Lenox, Mirjana, and Adam booked 1, and Denzel booked NONE! SHOCKER!! Denzel‘s body is just too big for the clothes.

At backstage, they met Kiara Belen from cycle 19. Everyone were excited. Here’s some of the screengrabs.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_12.31_[2014.10.21_21.27.46] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_12.50_[2014.10.21_21.28.12] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_13.06_[2014.10.21_21.28.32] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_13.23_[2014.10.21_21.28.54] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_13.32_[2014.10.21_21.29.09] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_13.52_[2014.10.21_21.30.03] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_14.03_[2014.10.21_21.30.39] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_14.40_[2014.10.21_21.31.06] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_15.18_[2014.10.21_21.31.37] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_15.31_[2014.10.21_21.31.50]

Shei impressed everyone, Lenox was forgetable, Raelia stopped in the middle of the runway, and Miss J yelled at her. Because Shei did the best and booked the most, she’s the challenge winner!! Finally!

And here’s the challenge scores


Photoshoot day. They met Yu Tsai and Mitch Stone, their hairstylist. The models will be creating an ad campaign for Mitch’s hair product. They’ll be paired up, Keith-Mirjana, Denzel-Shei, Adam-Lenox, and Will-Raelia. They’ll also shoot individual shots. Mirjana was mad because Denzel got paired with Shei. Mirjana wasn’t in a good mood today. At her photoshoot, she fell down from keith’s back, and she yelled at him. It wasn’t Keith’s fault at all. Will defended Keith, and Mirjana yelled at Will too. Yu Tsai and Erik Asla was pissed with her attitude, and it wasn’t professional. Denzel struggled, like always. Lenox can’t stay on Adam‘s back, and she frustrate Yu Tsai. Poor Lenox,

Panel time, first is Mirjana-Keith

ANTM S21E09 Keith & Mirjana


Tyra : You’re only modeling from H2B. Head 2 Boobs.

Kelly : Your hair looks fantastic, and i love the extension of your neck.

Miss J : Conversate is not a word.

Me : I love this picture of her. Personally, i loved her individual shot way more, that shot is fantastic. But i love her face, her hair, she could work on her legs. Long neck. Werk!!


Tyra : If you’re my man, i would go to my phone everyday, and i wanna see my new man.

Kelly : You’re giving us attitude and energy

Miss J : You look great in it. You stole the picture

Me : This is the first picture i could see Keith as model. I love this shot of him. His body positioning, i love how strong he looked. I love his intensity. Great shot from him finally!

Next is Shei-Denzel

ANTM S21E09 Denzel & Shei


Tyra : Your face is a dream

Kelly : You looked like a Cher impersonator.

Miss J : We can see your nosetrils

Me :Shei looked so angelic in this picture. Her face is so beautiful, i love her hair, her arms, but i’m not loving her legs. Still this is a great shot.


Tyra : You looked so relaxed

Kelly : Denzel doesn’t look like a model

Miss J : It’s fashion

Me : BORING. I felt like he’s giving up.

Next is Raelia-Will

ANTM S21E09 Will & Raelia


Tyra : This is MODELING!

Kelly : This look like a great hair shot.

Miss J : You’re doing a wonderful job. I think this is a great shot.

Me : Amazing face.Booty tooch to the max, i love the zig-zag with her arms. I prefer her solo shot, but this is stunning!


Tyra : Will, look at you!

Kelly : You have a great relationship with Raelia. You look nice and tall

Miss J : Genious baby!

Me : His face is gorgeous! I love the intensity, i love his hair. I love his interaction with Raelia. One of his best shots.

Last but not least, Lenox-Adam

ANTM S21E09 Adam & Lenox


Tyra : This is a fashion iceskating

Kelly : I’m super dissapointed with this shot.

Miss J : You’re not letting go.

Me : Her hair looks incredible. But her left arm, her legs, looked so awkward. Her face looked dead. Not my favorite shot of her. Kinda dissapointing, because i thought she could nail this.


Tyra : You looked absolutely gorgeous. I like the proud chest.

Kelly : This looks like an iceskating ad.

Miss J : I like this shot of you.

Me : I love his strong face in this. I like the body, but it’s a bit flat.

After the calculation, here’s the result

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Will 10 8 10 9 7.1 44.1
2 Raelia 10 8 9 8 6.9 41.9
3 Keith 9 9 8 9 6.3 41.3
4 Shei 8 7 8 10 6.6 39.6
5 Mirjana 8 9 7 7 7.8 38.8
6 Adam 9 6 8 7 5.6 35.6
7 Lenox 8 7 7 7 6.5 35.5
8 Denzel 8 7 8 6 6.4 35.4

Denzel finally went home!! Like finally! It was so close though!

Here’s my COO : (i based it on the group shots and also the solo shots)

1. Will

2. Raelia

3. Mirjana

4. Shei

5. Keith

6. Adam

7. Lenox

8. Denzel

After the elimination, they had a little feast, but Tyra decided to invited more people. Yep, they’re the eliminated contestants. The comeback is happening!

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_38.17_[2014.10.21_22.21.58] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_39.26_[2014.10.21_22.22.12] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E09.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_40.03_[2014.10.21_22.22.24]

Ben is coming back? What a joke. Matthew should’ve came back!! Wohoo Chantelle!! But they only have 1 ticket to go to Seoul, Korea. Who’s coming back? Find out next week, lol

Thank you for reading, love you all 🙂


9 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 9 Recap

  1. i think the producer looks down on the clients. Why? The photos we vote are totally different from the photos they judge. It’s a big joke.
    Anyway, here’s my COO: (i judge on both the single photo and the group photo)
    FCO: Shei (her eyes are dreamy, her body is super hot. She nail the runway) 🙂
    2. Rae
    3. Keith ( i’m fall in luv wit this)
    4. Mir (her photos are amazing but she looks very tiny on the runway)
    5. Will (i don’t like it but i don’t hate it. I don’t think he looks like a model in both photos)
    6. Adam (he looks like a kid holding his old lover)
    Btm: Lenox(the single is bad, but the group is better. Her arms are weird in both. She’s forgettable) 😦
    Out: Denzel (byebye) 🙂

    Chantelle will comeback, but i feel sorry for Kari. She can go far in this industry 😦

  2. Yeah, always compliment for Shei, but the score never higher than 8. Never. This is sabotage. Really. The judges hates Shei for some reason. And it makes me pissed off.
    Oh, do you heard that Shei is gonna be eliminated next week? It will be a total joke if it comes true. LOL.

  3. Well, i’m gonna base my CO on the solo pictures because well, it’s what i expected to see and it’s what we voted on so

    1st: Will
    2nd: Raelia
    3rd: Shei
    4th: Lenox
    5th: Keith
    6th: Mirjana
    7th: Adam
    8th: Denzel

    I hope Ben would comeback because i just think Chantelle is really bigheaded and her arrogance is what brought her home. Ben, on the other side, brings good vibes on the show and of course i want more guys on the show because this season would not make sense if another girl wins. Nevertheless, we can see that the girls are really shining throughout.

    Oh, and I feel very sorry for Shei. Starting from the 2nd photoshoot, she’s already great (except for the one with the ice) yet, the highest rank that she have gotten is 3rd. it just doesnt make sense. They praise her but just give her mediocre scores. It sucks for her. Well, next week would be her week as (Crow photoshoot).

    By the way, I want Ivy to comeback so she can have the chance to prove herself once more. It isnt surely enough to go home with just being judged in a single photo.

    And can someone confirm if this rumor is true.

    they said that this would be the elimination order
    comeback of chantelle
    chantelle again
    lenox and will

    then adam, shei, and the winner is keith.

    so far, this appears to be true because the first seven in the list are really the first seven to go home. hope it’s not true because i cant really imagine having adam got in the competition longer than lenox. ok bye 🙂

    • When i see the spoilers, i chek their photo from korea and i was like “Holy shit. This might be true.”

      ….but still it kinda pissed me off if the rumor was real

  4. I think the rumor is true from this episode onward. I also agree with you for having Ben than Chantelle too, though it is already proved that the girl would comeback. Ben is also one of my faves that’s whyy… I also kinda like Ivy, she looks adorable imo on the panel and she could take good shots. 🙂

    COO(challenge, single, couples):
    1] Shei
    2] Keith
    3] Mirjana
    4] Raelia
    5] Will
    6] Lenox
    7] Adam
    8] Denzel

  5. Rian, i’m from Philippines, which is like, just above Indonesia, so just asking, what channel do u watch ANTM? Is it on StarWorld?

  6. My daughter & I loved Romeo at first but after seeing re-cap of last’s night show (what happens on ANTM stays on ANTM) really showed how he liked to cause strife among the contestants. As a witch ,he should know the Wiccan rede which means you do no harm to others unless you want it to come back on you times three (which it did, when he got kicked off the show). We still think he has a great, unique look though and can be a great model. He just needs to lose the attitude & not “spell” other people in a bad way. We LOVE Lenox as the female & I like Adam (he’s hot). However, I think Keith has it in the bag as the male lead or Will. Will is beautiful and takes GREAT pics, plus he’s gay & would fit well with the fashion industry. One more thing, I think the makeover on Kari was abysmal. She was beautiful before they gave her the awful hair & pale eyebrows, it totally ruined her looks. She could have taken over this competition had they left her beautiful look alone. Worst makeover EVER.

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