America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 10 Recap

So sorry for this late recap. I was on a trip and still exhausted till this day. So anyway, lets jump right to it. Here wee go!So last week, Ben and Chantelle was fighting for the comeback. And…. The comeback is.. Chantelle!! I was so excited seeing her again. I feel like eliminating her was a huge mistake, and now she’s here to kill it. Everyone was happy, but when she went home, she didn’t even look at the other models. She just went straight to the backstage. No hugs or anything.

Will was so excited getting best photo again, AND Denzel going home. Lol. He’ll have a huge treat for him. After coming back, Chantelle told everyone that it’s really fun on the other side. Lenox and Shei wasn’t happy about it. They thought that someone else deserve it more that her. Mirjana was a her lowest point when Denzel went home, she was so sad. Poor girl. She wasn’t close to anyone else, so she tried to get along. cracking jokes. Good for her.

A little fun time, Keith asked Adam to do a front flip, and he hit his face on the ground. Lol it was so funny i can’t even.

The models went into a dark place, there’s a tunnel. They met Yu Tsai and Cobra Snake. They’ll be doing a challenge, where they need to walk through the haunted tunnel, stay fierce and composed, and took a fierce picture in the end, with all the craziness happening. This is a true test for all of them. No one can see anything. Raelia was panicking. Chantelle was called first, and she was so shocked. But she killed the shoot. Shei was cursing all over the place. It was so hilarious. Raelia was facing the wrong way. Lenox was the last one to go, and she was so scared, she didn’t do well in this. She looked scared. The challenge winner is Chantelle!!


Raelia was so pissed that she got a 6,and she broke down. She didn’t want to go home. And Mirjana came to the Tyra Suite to cheer her up. Ever since Denzel went home, she became so nice to everybody. For the Tyra Treat, Will got the chance to call her mom from the LINE App. They kept talking and talking. when all the sudden, Will’s parents walk to him. He was so shocked, and he cried. Tears of joy. It was so sweet. Will explained to his dad about the heel situation, but he’s okay with it.

The models were having a slumber party, and Miss J and Yu Tsai walked in. Their next photoshoot will be inspired by HIV/AIDS. No glove no love. The glove represents condoms. During makeup, Lenox asked Chantelle “You glad to be back?”. And Chantelle answered “I was enjoying my self, but you know..” That’s not a nice thing to say.

Lenox killed the photoshoot, she came back from last week not so good shoot. Mirjana was still sad and she’s so soft, and she didn’t do well in her photoshoot. Chantelle didn’t have energy, but in the end she did very well. Shei, she told Yu Tsai that she want to work her hair, so she got a white wing and black wing. And she did amazing. Keith struggled, and he got yelled by Yu Tsai, a lot.

Mirjana told Chantelle about the whole argument about not wanting to be here. So she confronted Lenox. Well what lenox said was kinda true actually.

Panel time, first is Chantelle

Tyra : You have a barrier in front of everyone.

Kelly : Your two tone skin is working beautifully with the background.

Miss J : I love it. Your feathers looks like a part of your hair.

Me : I love this shot, but not entirely. I love the wings, her hair, but i would like a little bit more intensity in her eyes. On the right one, her profile is stunning, i just don’t understand what she’s doing with her arms.

Next is Mirjana

Tyra : You can do high fashion, you can do beauty. You’re just getting weaker.

kelly : You look tiny, and there’s not a lot of thing going on

Miss J : You have a face that can load a thousand chips.

Me : I don’t like the left one. Her face kinda looks sleepy. I think she became soft in this because her wings are white, but she supposed to be fierce.Her face also looks really round. On the right one, i love it. I love the hair, i love the cheekbones, i love the action.

Next is Lenox

Tyra : You relaxed your arm after you throwed your hair.

Kelly : Elegance. I really love it.

Miss J : Great shot.

Me :  I absolutely love this! Her face looks so beautiful. She looks like a bird in this. I love the dark wings and dark hair againts her light skin. The right one is gorgeous also. I love how relax her hand is, her hair is amazing, i love the energy!

Next is Adam

Tyra : You got this is 8 frames. I’m so proud of you

Kelly : I love it, the one on the left is dramatic.

Miss J : No comment.

Me : His best shot so far. I love it! The right one is so powerful, i love the way he swing his arm, it’s really dynamic. The right one is okay. I don’t quite get it. The face is great, but the body isn’t.

Next is Keith

Tyra : The man on the left is strong, and the man on the right is a sap.

Kelly : It makes no sense that you would be smiling.

Miss J : It looks like you struggle.

Me : I don’t like the right one at all. I don’t understand why is he smiling, no energy, but i do like the wings. The left one is better. I love the face, his body looks good, but he still looks like an athlete in this.

Next is Will

Tyra : You need to undo the hunchback.

Kelly : This shot for me is just a big NO.

Miss J : You’re not comfortable without your shirt on.

Me : This shot is dissapointing, considering last week he got best photo. The left one is so weak, he looks like he’s smelling his armpit. The right one is better, in terms of the face, but the body is still awkward. I do understand that he’s not comfortable being shirtless in public, but that’s something he needs to overcome to win it all.

Next is Shei

Tyra : You killed it. You’re telling a story

Kelly : It’s a little show girl. ( Are you out of your mind?? )

Miss J : Sometimes it’s okay to speak up, because you might inspire your client.

Me : This picture is pure perfection. I love how she spoke up, that just makes this picture a whole lot better. I’m obsessed with her face. The wings looks amazing, Long neck, she’s booty tooching. The left one is dramatic, but in a good way. Long neck, i love her hair, and the body language is beautiful. My favorite picture of the cycle! Go SHEI!!

Last but not least, Raelia

Tyra : I feel the power on the right, the the left is so soft and amateur face.

Kelly : You have the body, but you don’t know how to work your face.

Miss j : No comment.

Me :The left one is stunning. I love her profile and how the wings goes. The right one is okay, not amazing, not terrible. I love the booty tooch tho’.

After the calculation, here’s the result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Chantelle 9 8 9 9 7.2 42.2
2 Shei 10 6 8 8 8.5 40.5
3 Lenox 9 8 8 6 7.6 38.6
4 Adam 9 7 8 7 6.7 37.7
5 Keith 7 8 7 7 6.3 35.3
6 Will 8 7 7 6 7 35
7 Raelia 7 8 7 6 6.2 34.2
8 Mirjana 7 6 7 7 6.9 33.9

I was so dissapointed when Chantelle won best photo. Her photo is great, but not the best. Shei should’ve won it. Plus Shei had the highest social media score so far! 8.5, that proved something!! I was also so mad with the bottom 2. They both are my favorites. mirjana was so strong in the beggining, but just went downhill. I’m gonna miss her.

Here’s my COO :


2. Lenox

3. Chantelle

4. Adam

5. Will

6. Raelia

7. Mirjana

8. Keith

Thank you so much for reading, and stay tune for more recaps :))


5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 10 Recap

  1. My callout

    1st: Shei (like duhhhh)
    2nd: Lenox (elegant)
    3rd: Adam (awesome)
    4th: Chantelle
    5th: Raelia
    6th: Mirjana
    7th: Will
    8th: Keith (his pictures do not connect)

    oh and an honorable mention to IVY!!! I just think that if the comeback happened in this episode, she would be the one to come back

    well, i’m not happy at all that chantelle came back. i bet that on the next episode, she would be bitching about she’s the one to watch, like duhh.

    i think that this season is being unfair. or maybe Kelly is being unfair. she gave 6 to shei. wtf with that?! SABOATAGED!!!! Shei deserved better. I think she always got robbed of first place.
    Oh and did you see the look in shei’s face when chantelle was announced best photo? i really feel sorry for her.

    Well, that’s all. looking forward to your replies.

    And rian, i really miss your recap. it’s been 11 days LOL

  2. I am highly disappointed that Chantelle got the best photo…
    Here is my call out order

    1. Lenox
    2. Shei
    3. Chantelle
    4. Adam
    5. Raelia
    6. Mirjana
    7. Keith
    Eliminated. Will

    My first time commenting here… Btw, thanks for your recaps… I love it especially that chart of the models’ scores…

    My FCO is Lenox( I’m not biased) and not Shei because for me, the pic of Lenox is more amazing. Lenox’ photo is near symmetrical… Second Lenox does not overpower the First Lenox… While in Shei’s case, the First Shei totally overpowers the Second Shei…

    For me, the one that should be eliminated is Will… His photo is very disturbing… I don’t get it… Also, he looks very small in the other photo…

    Again, thank you for your recaps… My first time visiting here was during the Asia’s Next Top Model season 2 and until now, I’m still loving this site of your… Keep it up and god bless..

  3. I wonder why they didn’t show this as the final photo… i definetely think that this is better than the singles only.
    1. Lenox -amazing symmetry
    2. Shei- gorgeous backbend
    3. Chantelle
    4. Adam
    5. Keith- idk.. i think the creepy smile is his mistake here.
    6. Mirjana
    7. Raelia- the two raelias have no connection…
    8. Will- disappointing

    Its fine that Will stayed because he’s my fco next week, i want mirjana to stay because she is one of my faves and she somehow tried to befriend the other models 🙂 I guess Denzel should’ve left earlier…

  4. Chantelle came back. Chantelle won the challenge. Chantelle got the best photo. I guess Tyra just wanted to make a good story for Chantelle now.
    I’m #TeamLenox but seriously Shei should have won the best photo for that stellar pose! I smell favoritism much from the judges.

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