Fit For Fashion – Episode 2 Recap

Hey guys, i’m sorry for this came up so late. So let’s just jump right to it. Here we go!!During breakfast, the contestants were called by Louise. They’ll be doing a challenge all about inner confidence. The contestants were divided into 2 teams. Red Team is Kristina, Jerald, Shiva, Vanessa, and Matty. Yellow Team is Fred, Andrew, Citira, Ming, and Rusty. As the MVP, Chelsey got to decide her team, and she joined the yellow team. The challenge, is they have to climb a waterfall, grab their team flag, swim back, and switch places with the other group member. Because the numbers are uneven, Chelsey got to pick a person that will be doing the challenge twice, and she picked Vanessa.

During the challenge, it’s so slippery because the rocks are wet. Kristina impressed everyone because she climed the waterfall so quickly. Vanessa didn’t know what to do. Shiva got his legs tangled by the rope. Chelsey can’t breath because she had water in her mouth and her nose, and that drags the yellow team down. During her second attempt, Vanessa did much better. And the winner is, Red Team!!

Gym time, this week gym theme is Single Leg Down Dog. Everyone were pushed to the limits to give their best and their all.

Fashion challenge. They’ll be doing a photoshoot in the jungle. They’ll be potraying warriors. All tribal outfit and makeup. Kristina and Vanessa were really confident. ming had a hard time finding her inner warrior. While Andrew just playing it safe. Fred can’t join the photoshoot because he had a rash or something.

Judging time.


I like it, but i don’t love it either. I’m not sure about the face, but his body looks great. He could do much more.



I like the intesnity in her eyes. I can’t see her body in this. Which is a problem.




She showed an emotion. This picture didn’t have the action, but it has an emotion. It’s quite beautiful honestly. Her body looks good.



He looks lost in the woods. But his body looks so good. He got the abs!! Not loving the face.



The model. I love it. I love the emotion and how aggresive she become. I love the action. She transformed really well.



The face, i love. The body is okay.



She looks like a little girl playing in the jungle, swinging her skirt everywhere. I don’t see warrior. Come on Ming, step it up!



I like the energy, he really looked like he’s about to kill the photographer lol



I love the intensity in his face. Thank God he shaved his chest hair. He looks so much better without it.



Fierce, powerful, strong. Love this. Her hair works wonder, i love the pointed feet, the dress looks nice. I would like if she could pushed the bow further. But this shot is still gorgeous.


After the deliberation, this week’s MVP is Vanessa. Yay you go girl!

Chelsey got to pick 2 team members up for elimination. She chose Andrew for no reason. Maybe she’s trying to get rid a strong competitior. And Ming. the judges eliminate Andrew, because he seems like he didn’t want this. It’s so confusing, because i think he’s one of the strongest one.

Jerald was so sad when his buddy went home. Fred tries to “clear the air” by saying “it’s okay that Andrew went home. He still has his modeling back at home.” jerald was furious. Fred had no right to say that. And the fighting continues until the next episode.

So until now, my bet for winning is , i can’t really tell, but i’m really supporting Vanessa. She’s growing and growing. Who do you think will win?

Thank you so much for reading, and i’ll see you next time 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fit For Fashion – Episode 2 Recap

  1. Citira’s photo is the best. dont like vanessa’s and kristina’s photo though. most of them did well. it sucks that andrew was eliminated.

  2. Andrew went home? The most good looking guy with the best body on the show. Now this show is completely pointless and dumb. Waste of time

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