Fit For Fashion – Episode 3 Recap

Hey guyss.. Another #F4F Recap here, and today is the 2nd anniversary for my blog!! *champagne* *i can’t drink champagne i’m 17*. Thank you so much to all of you who had been keeping up with my blog this entire time. I love you all, and big thanks :). So just continue to the recap. Here we go!!Remember last week’s drama with Fred? It continued until this episode. Citira confronted Fred, but Fred can’t take all the hate, because he tried to console Jerald. But he did it wrong. So wrong. Kristina was pissed about what Fred had to said, it just destroyed the team spirit.

During breakfast, Christine and Mitch went to meet the contestants. Christine talked to Jerald if he’s okay. He felt a lot better, but he still miss his bestie. They also talk about the importance of eating good food. Vanessa already think of the food as her boyfriend. Lol she’s funny.

The physical challenge, it’s all about Mind over Body. Because sometimes you need to use your mind and brain more than your actual physique. They went to the beach, they had to hang on the bridge, with nothing holding them. They had to lift their own weight. That is a tough challenge. Especially to who’s afraid of heights, like Jerald. They went as pairs. First, Rusty and Kristina. Before going up to the bridge, Rusty already wet his gloves with the water, so he slipped so easily. He fell first, then Kristina. Kristina screamed happily because she beated Rusty.

Next pair is Matty and Citira. Citira did very well hanging on the bridge. She stayed there really long, but she fell first, and then Matty. Next pair is Fred and Vanessa. Vanessa was nervous because she’s heavy. But she did nail it, but not as well as Citira. Fred was thinking about his son the whole time. Vanessa fell first, then Fred. Next is Shiva and Chelsey. Chelsey was thinking about her daycare center, clouds, heaven, tree, and she even sing a lullaby for herself. She fell. Shiva tried to change his grip, but he slipped and fell. He was dissapointed. Last pair is Jerald and Ming. Ming fell first. Jerald was thinking about his dad that passed away, how he hold on to his life. He was screaming in pain, his arms were in so much pain.

The results. From the ladies, for time 1 minute and 13 seconds, the winner is Citira.

And for the guys, for the time 3 minutes and 45 seconds, Jerald!!

Jerald did amazing on the challenge and totally deserves it. They both will have an advantage at the next challenge.


Gym time, they focused on Step-ups this week. As always, buckets of sweats. Lol.

Finally, the fashion challenge. They met Louise , with shoes that grow on trees. Each  Clark Shoes had their names on. They had to wear those shoes for their own Runway Show. Almost all of them never walk on the runway, so all of them were nervous. Before the challenge started, as their prize, Jerald and Citira got a private lesson from Louise. they practiced their walk.

They gathered around the pool to wait for their turns. Matty did well. fred was really awkward, he kept looking at his watch. He just looked so uncomfortable. He basically said that he didn’t care about fashion. Meh, not an appropriate thing to say.

Rusty had beautiful face, but the body was awkward. Kristina, she was a model, so she definetly had an upperhand on this. She nailed it. She played the fierce girl character. She walked fast, not like everyone else. Vanessa smiled her way through the catwalk, and she shined.Ming overdid it with jump. Shiva was too stiff and wooden. jerald totally rock the outfit and the runway.

The next day, they got a message from Louise, she wanted the contestants to gather outside. It’s important. And guess what? It’s major. She’s gonna eliminate someone on the spot. WHAT!! Didn’t see that coming at all. Anyway, Jerald was the MVP this week. He truly did awesome. Shiva and Fred landed on the bottom 2, and Fred was sent home. Because he didn’t care about fashion, sice fashion is 50% of this show.

So that’s it about this weeks recap, i hope you enjoy it, and see you in my next one 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fit For Fashion – Episode 3 Recap

  1. Congratulation for the 2nd anniversary. ^^
    This blog is the best. I really enjoy reading your recap. Hope you will be more successful in the future.
    Oh, it seems like you and me have the same age. Haha. I’m 17, too.

  2. No ANTM recap?
    I haven’t seen this episode yet BTW so I’m grateful for this blog, no photos?
    Happy 2nd anniversary, *gets champagne* oh, yeah *throws it out the window*
    There’s no countdown in ANTM recap episode so maybe you can post like your top 10 fave moments *cough, Adam & Shei’s kiss, cough*

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