America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 12 Recap

Hola guys, sorry for being so late. I’ve been so sick this couple of days. And you may notice that i didn’t do episode 11 recap. Well episode 11 is just a highlight episode, so everything is pretty much the same, just some extra footage. So anyway, here we go!Everyone were so excited to go to Korea. After hours of flight, they finally made it. They went on a bus to a studio. They met Miss J and Yu Tsai, with BtoB, Korean boyband dancing. Everyone were so starstrucked. Miss J told them that they’ll learn and perform the dance moves in public. Lenox was nervous of making a fool of herself. During pratice, Adam struggled all over the place, because he had too much drink on the plane. They were splitted up into 2 dance groups. Shei Keith Adam and Raelia Will Chantelle Lenox.

A lot of people gathered in the middle of Seoul to watch the performances. BtoB were the judge alongside Miss J and Yu Tsai. There was also a photographer taking photos of them. Chantelle did pretty well. Will killed the solo, of course he’s a dancer. Raelia did so good, she looks so beautiful. Lenox, in the other hand, her moves are so awkward and funny. Lol she’s adorable. Adam did bad. keith did his signature move, it’s getting old. And the winner is… Raelia!!! Finally she won something!!

They arrived at their hotel. Adam was complaining about the bed was too small. The bed was the same size as their old beds. So he slept on the couch. He kept drinking. That’s not cool.Americas.Next.Top.Model.S21E12.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4_snapshot_13.14_[2014.11.11_19.50.10]

In the morning, Adam kept drinking, like dude, calm down. Photoshoot day, they arrived at Seoul City Hall. They met Yu Tsai and Erik Asla. They also met Global Artistic Director of MCM, Michael Michalski . They’ll be doing a  campaign for the brand. Tyra did the makeup. Adam struggled so bad. He’s so drunk. Tyra need to show him how to run. Will slayed the shoot. Raelia was too sexy, and it didn’t fit the brand. Keith struggled at first, but finally he came back. Chantelle changed her hair and makeup, and she was upset when Yu Tsai called her panda.

Panel, first is Lenox

Tyra : You’re resting in safety.

Kelly : Dirty expensive. You did a fantastic job modeling the brand.

Miss J : It’s not as good as other pictures of you.

Me : i love it. I love the face, the hair, the body. I wish she could look taller. She showed the clothes and bag well. Overall great shot!


Next is Raelia

Tyra : You struggled. Everything just looked like sex

Kelly : You looked like you’re dragging the photo.

Miss J : You lose focus.

Me : I don’t get why she need to get on the ground. Her face is just confusing. I don’t get this photo at all, i just don’t.  Not a fan.


Next is Adam

Tyra : This kicks ass.

Kelly : I like your face. You looked like a tough guy.

Miss J : It’s the same face every week.

Me : The face is nice. I like the body, i can see the bag, but he lost his one arm. But i don’t see any energy though.


Next is Will

Tyra : You killed it!

Kelly : This is everything. You couldn’t ask for more.

Miss J : Leaps and bounds! 10!

Me : This is a BIG 10! The movement is so graceful. The face is beautiful. He looks like he’s doing ballet. His clothes and the background blends so well. This photo is fantastic. MAGIC!!


Next is Shei

Tyra : No comment.

Kelly : You look like a girl who’s about to miss her flight.

Miss J : I want to see more of the bag.

Me  : I love it. The face is beautiful. I love the hair flowing. Her hair looks gray though, maybe because of the lighting. I love the body, the clothes. I want that shoes!! Yea she could show the bag more.


Next is Keith

Tyra : That’s the face. The best face this cycle.

Kelly : The proportion is fantastic.

Miss J : That’s a running man. Love it.

Me :  This shot is quite fantastic. The face is so strong. The body is crazy good. He sell the clothes. The face is everything. Finally this guy improves!! Keep it up!


Last but not least, Chantelle

Tyra : You need to lose control.

Kelly : You looked like you’re about to fall.

Miss J : I heard that you change your hair and makeup

Me : I quite like this picture actually. I like the face. But after looking at it, it looks like the bag is so heavy she’s about to fall. Like it, not love it.


After the calculation, here’s the result.

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Keith 10 10 10 9 7.4 46.4
2 Will 10 10 10 8 7.8 45.8
3 Lenox 8 10 7 7 7.7 39.7
4 Shei 8 7 8 8 6.9 37.9
5 Adam 9 8 7 7 5.2 36.2
6 Chantelle 6 6 8 9 6.8 35.8
7 Raelia 6 6 7 10 6.4 35.4

So sad that raelia is gone. I can’t see her anymore in my screen. Chantelle need to work on her attitude.

Here’s my COO :

1. Will

2. Keith

3. Lenox

4. Shei

5. Chantelle

6. Adam

7. Raelia

Thank you for reading, and see you guys in my next recaps 🙂


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 12 Recap

  1. Hi there. im so glad that you had recapped again! i waited so long! lol

    by the way. here’s my callout

    1st: Will
    2nd: Lenox
    3rd: Keith
    4th: Shei
    5th: Raelia
    6th: Adam
    7th: Chantelle

    Will’s photo deserves first callout just as shei deserves hers last week. lenox’s photo is fab. i dont think that raelia’s photo is that bad. i do think that it’s cool though. adam’s photo is good if you’re gonna base it on someone who got drunk and still had a photoshoot. chantelle’s photo is the least coz she’s just standing there doing nothing. i think it’s boring

    well. i’m starting to get afraid that it’s near the finale and shei still haven’t got best photo. that’s all 🙂

  2. My COO 🙂 :
    1. Will – energy & life
    2. Keith
    3. Lenox
    4. Shei
    5. Raelia- perspective
    6. Chantelle
    7. Adam- sleepy face…

    Keith’s shot is fantastic but the pose came from Yu Tsai he could’ve altered it, maybe turn his position a bit to his right so we could see the bag more..

    In Adam’s case, the bag is a little too showy and its covering his body.. he couldve done something more natural with the bag and maybe more energy is needed 🙂

  3. Tyra is definitely unfair! Favoritism much going on! Adam kept giving us the same facial expression every single week and yet they still saved him. Same like Keith. Boring boring boring!! What the fuck man, they should be looking for model who is versatile and master all kind of facial expressions and poses and shits. Not the ones who are stiff and doing the same shit over and over again.
    I bet Chantelle will be eliminated again next week.
    To be honest out of all remaining models, only Lenox Will and Shei got what it takes to be on top. I’m sure they will be the last 3 models standing.
    Raelia has so much potential I believe she will be a great model outside this competition.

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