Fit For Fashion : Episode 4 Recap

Hola guys, so this is the recap for episode 4 #F4F. So let’s just jump right to it, Here we go!So because Rusty and Ming were at the bottom last week, Louise chose them to become the team captains for the physical challenge. Ming was freaking out. They got to pick their team. Green Team are Rusty, Citira, Chelsey, Shiva. And the Red Team are Ming, Matty, Vanessa, Kristina. Oh, and Jerald as MVP, he got a spa day, and freedom from the physical challenge. The physical challenge had 3 parts. The first part is they need to carry a pole with several tires, run around the circuit for 5 times. After that, the second part, they need to flip the tire. The last part, they need to drag the tire up to the finish line. A lot of challenges for them.

The challenge began. Red Team started slow because they didn’t want to waste energy. While the Green Team were fast. they were singing “Small Tires Big Shoulders” to lift up their spirit. Green team finished the challenge first, so they went straight to flipping the tire. Ming didn’t really lead her team, so they were late. But when they flipped the tire, they were really fast. They almost beat the green team. It was neck and neck. Green team finished first, followed by Red team close behind. The last challenge, Red team was confused because no one was leading. So in the end, Green Team won.

Gym day, they talk about 3D movement. During exercise, Kristina was catching up to Citira and she noticed that.

After the gym session, Louise walked in with Nana, a choreographer. They’ll be doing a dance video for their fashion challenge. Citira and Vanessa were really excited. But not with Ming and Shiva. They all were asked to do a solo in front of everyone. Ming was really shy.Citira was confident, and Shiva was all over the place. Jerald decided to join the Green Team.

After that, the two teams had their own pratice with Nana. Red Team did very well, because Kristina and Vanessa love to dance. But Ming was having a hard time. The Green Team, everyone except Shiva did well. Shiva just can’t keep up with the moves.

The day has finally arrived. The shooting day. They all were dressed up, urban style. Green Team started things off. Citira did amazing. Chelsey finally had control of her arms and legs. Shiva did so bad. Like, so bad. He looked uncomfortable. Red Team, everyone did so good actually. Even Ming.

Nana thought that the best dancer was Matty. And for Louise , it was Citira. While the worst were Ming and Shiva. And the winner is… Red Team!!!

So anyone could be eliminated at this point. The  bottom 2 were Ming and Shiva. As expected. Ming were having problems with leading, and she seemed like she just want to have fun. But during the dance video, her facial expression is great. Shiva, he just looked so nervous, and his facial expression was terrible. And the result, Ming was eliminated. I was kinda dissapointed because she’s improving. If we judge from the dance video, Shiva should’ve went home.

So that’s it for my recap, i hope you enjoyed it. See you guys in my next one. 🙂


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