America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 13 Recap

So first of all, before I even begin, I’m so so sorry for being late. I was out of town for my university test which is a big deal. And my amazingly useless laptop was broken, and I can’t even watch the episode. I’m blogging this from my ipad, and I’m not liking it. But what can I do? So this recap is going to be a hot mess. I’m only writing things I remember. I’m so so sorry. So here we go

So after Raelia went home, Will wasn’t happy at all. Chantelle was being fake, like “I miss raelia”. Shei and Lenox decided to confront Chantelle about the makeup thing. She still said that she didn’t do it, but Shei saw her doing it. Chantelle told Lenox not to talk to her anymore. These two always had problems.
The next day they went on a go-see. Finally!! They’ll visiting 5 designers and they only had a couple hours. If they were late, they will be disqualified from the challenge. They were divided to three groups of two. Shei and Will, Lenox and Adam, and Keith and Chantelle. Nobody wanted to be in the same team with Chantelle, but Keith was being nice to her, now,
They all went to the same location the first time lol. Shei got a critique that her look was too edgy. The designer didn’t like her half black and half white eyebrows. Will was too tall and he didn’t fit in any of the clothes. adam was too serious. Chantelle was cold and she kept wearing her sunglasses. Keith and Lenox did the best. Lenox booked 4 out of 4, and Keith booked 4 out of 5. Since Keith went to more go-sees, he was the winner.

Photoshoot day, they went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, they met their client Jinny Kim, a shoe designer. They’ll be doing a campaign for her. Keith did great at the shoot. Lenox struggled a bit. Will wore a shoe that was smaller for his foot. Shei did great. Adam was too stiff. And Chantelle, she had an argument with Yu Tsai. You know last week yu Tsai called her Panda.
She said the she didn’t like him calling her panda. And Yu Tsai was mad. He made that nickname for no harmful reason. They made up in the end, so good for them.
At the house, more Chantelle drama. Chantelle told Shei and Lenox that she hooked up with Keith, while she didn’t. Shei told Keith about it, and he was mad. Chantelle went to the hallway, and just sitting on the floor crying. I’m felt so sad for her, but lying about that wasn’t cool.
Panel time ( SO sorry I can’t input the judges’ comments )

His face looks the same in every photo, it’s just flat. His body is okay. Nothing fantastic.


Her face looks sleepy. I love the hair, but it’s covering her face. Her body is flat. I wish she would’ve moved a lot more. She looked so stiff, so disappointed.


Gorgeous face. Now I understand why his leg looked so wierd, he’s selling shoes. His body looked so good, overall this is a really great shot. Love it!


I love the face, her neck looks long. Long legs. I love the shoes, but I’m not loving the camera angle. Still loves it though.


Gorgeous face. Booty Tooching to the max. The body is amazing. The face is beautiful, BUT her face looked way to small. Another problem with the head being too small. But other than that, this shot is gorgeous!


It’s just so romantic. For once the female model didn’t look horrible in this. I love the umbrella. His face looks really good, even when he’s not facing the camera. Love it.

And the COO goes like
1. Keith
2. Lenox
3. Will
4. Shei
5. Adam
6. Chantelle

So Chantelle is out. Well at least the producer won’t portray her as byatch anymore.
My COO is pretty similar
1 Keith
2 Will
3 Lenox
4 Shei
5 Adam
6 Chantelle

So that’s it for my recap. I’m so sorry for his horrible recap, I promise once my laptop is repaired, the next recap will be like usual. Love you guys!! Xoxo


5 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 13 Recap

  1. Rian i missed your recaps! You owe us more lol.

    by the way here is my callout

    1st: lenox
    2nd: will
    3rd: shei
    4th: keith
    5th: adam
    6th chantelle

  2. Lenox is selling those shoes!! Legs for days! 😀

    I feel bad for Shei though she have not won any Best Photo ><

    I think Tyra is working really hard to make this cycle winner a male model. Adam and Keith should have been eliminated way earlier and yet they're still in the running. This cycle has favoritism very much. Tyra is so bias.

    If Lenox or Will does not win I'm seriously flipping out –"

    • Call out:
      1. Keith
      2. Will
      3. Lenox
      4. Shei
      5. Adam
      6. Chantelle

      I’m wondering why the judges give 10’s now when there are shots on weeks 1&2 who is a bit more deserved to get those imo 🙂

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