America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 14 Recap

Okay i know that i’m incredibely late and i’m so sorry ( i’m such a terrible person ). But my schedule was crazy as a highschool student, especially since i’m a senior. And tommorow is my exam, but i decided to give some of my break time to blog this because i’m seriously late. So let’s jump right into it. Here we go!!

Top 5. Everyone were so excited that it’s so close to the finale. Everyone were happy that Chantelle went home. She wasn’t liked by the rest of the casts. Keith got his 2nd best photo in a row. Keith got a box of chocolate to celebrate his winning.

During breakfast, Miss J came to their hotel. Their next challenge is an acting challenge, for Korean Soap Opera. They were given scripts, with some Korean in it. Everyone were nervous about speaking Korean. Especially LenoxAdam thought that he can memorize everything, so he threw away the script. Damnn that’s a huge confidence. They went to N Seoul Tower. They’ll be shooting at the at the top of the tower. This tower was known for the love locks. Couples usually write their name on the lock, and lock it to the other lock that they’re in love with. They’ll be acting with Clara and Jong Hoon Yoon from “Emergency Couple”. The story is there was this guy, talking to the girl. And the girl thought that he was someone else. He’s not who she’s looking for. But they ended up walking together.

Will was nervous because he had to act straight again. He struggled a bit. Shei did very well. She act very naturally, but she struggled with the korean. Lenox was incredibely nervous. She asked for her line all the time. She struggled badly. Adam was confident, but he forgot his line. Like, Adam, why did you threw away your script?? Big mistake. Keith forgot his line, and he made everything up. Clara liked his performance actually.

And the winner is… Keith. Yay, no! Shei should’ve won. Based on the script, Shei memorized it pretty well. Keith made everything up.

Americas Next Top Model S21E14 HDTV x264-BAJSKORV - Vidto.mp4_snapshot_12.44_[2014.12.03_17.37.17]

Shei was so annoyed that Keith won, AGAIN!

Photoshoot day. they went to Gangnam District, in the middle of Seoul, with fans all gathering there. They’ll be doing a night shoot. They’ll be potraying 2 really famous stars, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Each of them got a photo to recreate. Lenox was nervous because she need to live up to the sexy Marilyn Monroe, since she’s not that sexy.

Will had a bit of trouble moving in the shot. Well that’s a bit of a shock since he’s a dance teacher. Tyra needed to show him the movement to help him out. And he did way better after that. Keith became the old Keith. The struggling Keith. He struggle really bad. Tyra need to go to the set, Yu Tsai was screaming. Shei’s photoshoot didn’t go well. Something wasn’t right. But she came back strong. Lenox  did very well actually. Adam, he did very well. He was moving and using the guitar. His best performance so far. Tyra was impressed.

Panel, first is Adam

Tyra : Stiffydu is gone!

Kelly:  I love every second of it!

Miss J : The head tilted, the jaw line, it all worked!

Me : After seeing the final edit, i liked it. Well before i hated it. I like the face, but i wish i see more energy in his eyes,  but looking at his performance on set, i was impressed.


Next is Shei

Tyra : I love this picture. I don’t think this is a bad shot.

Kelly : You looked like you had a couple of drinks and you came out to the street.

Miss J : You’re giving the Marilyn tooch.

Me : I didn’t like this shot. It’s so sad, because she’s so beautiful. I love the body and the long neck, but that’s it. The face was disconnected.


Next is Will

Tyra : You’re commanding the stage.

Kelly : This is not a great modeling shot. It’s not memorable.

Miss J : Not one of your best.

Me :  I like the body, but i think the face is just way too fierce. It’s too intense, like he’s gonna kill the camera lol.


Next is Lenox

Tyra : You kicked ass. The  styling is wearing you.

Miss J : This picture is good.

Kelly : You’re overwhelmed by the look.

Me : I love love love this picture. The movement, i love the dress. The face is good, could’ve been a lot better. I love the legs. This picture is quirky.


Last, Keith

Tyra : Can i have a neck? You slipped down.

Kelly : Great job in this shot! High energy!

Miss J : What?

Me : The same case with Will. Like the body, but the face is just too much. Seeing him struggle on set makes me nervous.


The results..

No Name Tyra Kelly Miss J Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Adam 10 10 9 7 5.8 41.8
2 Keith 7 9 8 9 6.2 39.2
3 Will 9 7 8 7 6.8 37.8
4 Lenox 9 7 8 6 7.2 37.2
5 Shei 8 7 7 8 6.6 36.6

I was so sad that Shei went home, but her shot is the worst of the bunch. Her elimination was so sad.


1. Lenox

2. Adam

3. Will

4. Keith

5. Shei

The final recap is coming sooon ❤


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Episode 14 Recap

  1. Shei was robbed! I can tell. At the panel, when she saw the final picture, she cried. She knew that they did not choose her best shot. Look at her during the shoot, there’s so much good pose, but then they choose a photo where her face is hard to see and eliminate her. What a joke! After this episode, and the next 2 episode, now i can tell clearly that this cycle is by far the worst cycle ever in ANTM history. WORST. WORST. WORST OF THE WORST.

  2. I dont know but i kinda like shei’s shot actually… but i’ll have adam on my fco and shei next, seriously, its an okay photo. Lenox has better photos on set, i dont know if that was her best actually :/

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