Fit For Fashion : Episode 5 Recap

Again, so sorry for this incredibely late recap. I was in a middle of an exam. So anyway, let’s get started. Here we go!This week is all about commitment. Their physical challenge is a relay walk on water. They need to crawl through the tube. Fill 2 buckets with water. Walk on platforms, which are very shaky by the way. and fill their barrel. If a water came out from the barrel, that team wins. Because Citira was the strongest player last week, she chose Kristina to be the other team captain. Yellow team is Kristina, Matty, Rusty and Chelsey. And Red team is Citira, Shiva, Jerald and Vanessa. The losing team have to pick the weakest team member to be in the bottom 2.

First are Jerald and Matty. It was really close, both of them were really fast. Jerald finished first. Everyone were having trouble on the floating platform. And Vanessa fell. Rusty fell too. And Vanessa fell for the second time. But in the end, Red team won. Kristina chose Rusty to be in the bottom 2, because he fell.

Gym time, their bio age were measured. A lot of improvement happening. Chelsey lost 15 cm. Shiva, Jerald, and Matty’s bio age were younger than their actual age.

During breakfast, Louise came in. She told everyone that they’ll be doing a screentest for Fitnesse Cereal. Each of them had their own character. Kristina = 50’s glam housewife. She struggled with her character. She became a little bit too much and forget her lines. Citira = dressed in her boyfriend shirt. She did very well. Vanessa = Fitness Girl. She didn’t do so well. Chelsey = Fashionista. She did great actually. Matty = just finished taking a shower in his towel. He looked really good. Shiva = Tourist. He need to loosen up. Jerald = Boy next door in his boxer. He looked so good. Also his screentest was really informative. And Rusty = Playboy. He did pretty terrible. He forgot his lines, didn’t listen to the director. And he didn’t know about the 14 day program. That’s a huge component, and he didn’t even know about it.

Elimination, Rusty and Kristina landed in the bottom 2 because they didn’t do well. Kristina became so emotional. And Rusty pretty much just gave up. And he’s eliminated.

Thank you for reading 🙂



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