Fit For Fashion : Episode 6 Recap

Okay. 3 recaps in one day. Lol. But i need to make it up for my lateness. So just, Here we go!After last elimination, Kristina talked to Louise. She became so emotional. She’s actually a soft, sweet and elegant woman. She’s nervous about Citira, how she’s always the first. Speaking of Citira, she got a letter from her family. It’s so sweet. She cried because she missed a family reunion, but she’ll do anything for this competition.

Louise is transforming the contestants. They’re getting a makeover. Wow, didn’t expect this lol. Matty got his hair cut. He looked so good. Chelsey and Shiva also got their hair cut. All of them looked really good.

Photoshoot day, they went to the burned woods. The woods were haunted. No preassure. Everyone were nervous. They’ll be potraying goth persona and high fashion.  Kristina bounced back, as she killed the photoshoot. Vanessa also did very well. Chelsey did okay, not amazing. After the solo shoots, they also had a group shoot in the end.

Gym time. They were introduced to a new equipment. Technogym Omnia. It means that all in one. Multifunction. Each contestants will do each exercise for 30 second, and they need to keep going on. Whoever gave up first, that person will be in the bottom 2 automatically. Everyone were nervous. Chelsey can’t lift her body anymore, and she’s out first. Followed by Vanessa and Citira. Citira were extremely mad when she’s out, she was crying, it was a little shocking to watch. Kristina finally beat her. And she’s the next one who’s out. Three guys were left. Shiva’s out, and Jerald and Matty were fighting for the crown. In the end, Matty won.

Panel time


Judges : amazing eyes, glam, goth modern. FOCUS

Me : I like this picture. I love the power in her eyes.



Judges : Want something more. Not her full potential.

Me : I agree with the judges. It’s not her best. It’s a bit flat.



Judges : Black swan, amazing.

Me :  AMAZING!! I love the emotion, her body looked long and lean. I love the dress and the background. ART!



Judges : Worked the dress. weak expression

Me : She looked like she smelled something bad lol.



Judges : Didn’t listen to the brief.

Me : I like the face, but the body looked so wierd.

And he got an advantage, he could choose one person to get a 30 second penalty on the next challenge, and he choose Jerald.



Judges : Dissapointing.

Me :  Yes this is a bit dissapointing. It’s just flat. Such a shame because he had the look and the outfit.



Judges : Magazine worthy.

Me :  LOve it! I love the attitude, this is a different person.


Desicion time, Chelsey was eliminated, and there was no bottom 2 because everyone did so well.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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