America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Finale Recap

Finale recap here, here we go!3 guys, 1 girl. Each of them had their own strength, and also struggles. Next morning, TyTy surprised all of them. She talked about her passion in transformation and makeover. She created her own makeup line “TYRA”. The models will be doing a commercial for the makeup. Of course, they won’t be alone. All the eliminated models, except Romeo, came back. The finalists will be choosing their own team. Mirjana, Kari, and Ivy were holding boxes with the products. Since Adam won best photo last week, he got to pick first. Adam‘s team was Kari, Denzel and Chantelle   . Keith’s team was Mirjana, Shei  . Will‘s team was Ivy, Raelia  , and Lenox’s team was Matthew and Ben

Will’s product is “Sculpt in a stick, Light in a stick.” Keith “Lip Model”, Adam “Oops Liner”, Lenox “Smack My Fat Lash”. They’re shooting at the Food Capital Lounge, and they only had time until 7 AM, before the mall opens. But TyTy brought a special guest, the one and only, Allison Harvard. Yes, actual Allison from cycle 12. She’ll be a cameo in every commercial. Team Keith did very well, but the dancing was a hot mess. Team Adam also did well. Will was a bit nervous, because he need to be shirtless in the commercial. Lenox did amazing.

The next day they arrived at panel. They saw Yu Tsai , for their GUESS shoot. The biggest photoshoot of the cycle. Adam did extremely well. Will killed it. Lenox was a bit nervous because she can’t do sexy, as usual, but she did very well in this. Keith frustrated Yu Tsai abit. All the sudden, Tyra and the judges busted out, and they had been watching every single shot. She’ll be eliminating one person. WOW!!

First is Will

Tyra : The color one is alive.

Kelly : I love the energy.

Miss J : I think he looks dead in the color.

Me : I love the black and white. I think he looked absolutely beautiful. I love the clothes on him. The color one, i’m not a huge fan of it. It’s okay.


Next is Lenox


Kelly: The denim one was a bit hoochie.

Miss J : I think she looked sexy.

Me : I think the black and white was absolutely stunning! The long neck, the hair, the inhale. I love it. Totally a GUESS shot for me. The color one looks like she’s trying a bit too hard. But she’s trying. It’s sexy still.


Next is Adam

Tyra : This picture is to die for.

Kelly : I liked it. You had a lot of power in this shot.

Miss J : Very strong in the B&W

Me : The black and white is FIERCE!! I love the intensity, his body looks really good. This is the shot that i can see him as a model. The color one was a bit dead for me.



Tyra : I like that it’s like Yin and Yang.

Kelly : You looked really sexy in the B&W

Miss J : The color is okay.

Me : This is boring. He’s giving the same face over and over again. The color one was a bit mysterious, i kinda liked it actually.


After long deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Adam

2. Will

Andd the finalist that will be walking on the runway, is…… Keith!!! WTF

Tyra was so despreate getting a guy to win, so she get rid of lenox, when she’s basically the best model there. ROBBED!!

RUNWAY!! The runway was HUGE. across the river. At hair and makeup, The models met Jourdan Miller , winner of cycle 20. Damn she’s still gorgeous. Before the models walked, the show won’t be complete without some K-POP. 2NE1 performed their hit song “Crush”. And before they walked, Tyra decided to throw the bomb. She’s about to eliminate someone!! No i was kidding. She was joking lol. She scared the crap out of everyone. The runway was filled with tons of colorful clothes and background. i love it.

Final panel.

Adam’s walk : Too stiff

Will’s walk : He’s holding back, he didn’t command the audience.

Keith’s walk : Great, nice smize.

Next, the commercials. First is Will

I love the energy, he didn’t look nervous at all. LOVE!!


Next is Keith

I love when he was putting the lipstick on Mirjana. I love the eye contact, but the dancing was a mess lol.


Last but not least, Adam

I was actually only focused on Kari in the beggining.  But he looked so good.


And here’s Lenox’s commercial


After long deliberation, here’s the result. Prepare yourself.[2014.12.20_22.40.41]

I mean, whatever. Will or Lenox should’ve won. But congrats keith!

Thank you so much y’all for reading my recaps for this cycle. Can’t wait to recap the next cycle 🙂

Love y’all!! xoxo


2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Finale Recap

  1. Tyra is falling in love with Keith, that’s why that Manaconda guy won this cycle.
    I mean the world knew that there are other models who did so much better such as Lenox who had best photos for 3 weeks in a row, Will who had always been in upper tier positions, and Shei who was definitely the most memorable eye-catching contestant this season, but she is so underrated man! Kelly always gave her low scores.
    This cycle is definitely the most unattractive cycle! And they should just get rid of those challenge and fan votes scores, they could sabotage it to send a model home!
    I prefer Asia’s Next Top Model now. Pfft~

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