Fit For Fashion : Episode 7 Recap

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas with friends, family, and enemies (lol). Let’s get started. Here we go!Another challenge, Louise told the contestants to think about one thing to ditch. And suddenly Vanessa broke down, but Louise calm her down eventually. They went to the beach, and their next challenge was waiting. They need to carry sandbags with certain letters to form a word. They need to belly crawl, throw, run and arrange the letters and throw the sandbags on fire. The last person will had a disadvantage. Jerald got A 30 second penalty, but he’s doing well. Shiva looked pale and he almost passed out during the challenge. matty finished first, his word was “enigma”. Followed by Citira “martyre”, Jerald “overdone”, Kristina “bravado”. Kristina‘s wall collapsed at one point, and she spell the word wrong. Shiva can’t spell the word “awkward”, but he finished, and Vanessa was the last person , with her word “unfocused” Gym time, as usual, intense, but Mitch gave them phones with music from Spotify, so they could relax a bit during workouts. Fashion challenge, is all about flexibility. They’re doing a ballet inspired beach shoot. For his winning advantage, Matty got to work with Christine. HUGE! And she also teached him some basic moves. Citira struggled because she kept doing the same face, and Jerald had a problem with his “ducklips”

Panel. Matty

Me : I love this picture. It’s so graceful, i love the connection, both of them looked so beautiful. My favorite shot of the week.



Me :Her body looks beautiful. I love the expression and how she’s working the fabric. Great shot.



Me : LOVE! I love the arms, the face, the body. Gorgeous shot!!


Me : I don’t know what he’s doing, just really plain and boring. Not my favorite shot.


Me : Gorgeous body, but she kept doing the same expression every week. Step it up girl!



Me : Body, amazing. Face, meh.


They also did a groupshot


Shiva and Vanessa landed in the bottom 2, but. no one was eliminated!! Because the shots were so good, no one did bad.

Thank you for reading :))


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