Fit For Fashion : Episode 8 Recap

So here’s the episode 8 recap of F4F, Here we go!

Citira was hot and hold. She was strong in physical, weak in fashion. She video called her family, she talked to her kids and husband, she wanted to go home, but she need to keep going. Vanessa and Jerald were really close, they were like buddies.

This week was all about that bass. NO! Lol sorry i can’t help it. It’s all about Discovery. They went to the lake for their next physical challenge. They need to find 3 bottles around the lake, with hints inside. The hints will direct them to the treasure. And the need to go around the lake with a kayak. The contestants were splitted into 3 teams. Red = Citira Shiva, Yellow = Jerald Vanessa, Green = Kristina Matty. Oh, and they need to dig for the kayak. WOW! They were struggling with digging and pulling the kayak out, but Green Team took their kayak first, and they went to the lake to search the bottles. Then yellow team advanced, and lastly, the red team.

Red team was a disaster. Shiva just can’t keep up with Citira‘s rhythm. Citira was pissed. The race was really close, but Green Team won! Followed by red team, and yellow team. For their prizes, they could choose between a prize and an advantage. Kristina took the advantage, and Matty took the prize. matty got a 1 year membership with Fitness First. And Kristina‘s advantage, will be revealed later.

This week workout session was a bit different, because they got a 1-0n-1 training.

Fashion challenge, they’re doing a photoshoot with 60’s mini cooper, and they’re the one who decide their own location. They got 10 minutes to scout for the perfect location. After 10 minutes, they began shooting. Matty, Jerald did really great, Kristina was too sexy and strong most of the time.

Panel.  Oh before judging, Louise asked the contestants about their teamwork. Citira confessed that she was better and Shiva brought her down.

First is Jerald

Judges : GQ Magazine, good expression, confident,

me : No more duck lips yay! He looked really good in the outfit. I like the setting, nice shot.



Judges : relax, fun colors.

Me :  I love this shot. The setting, the clothes, the pose. He looks like a real model in this.



Judges : Good expression, but took a while

Me : His face looks beautiful!! So handsome. I love the clothes. I love this shot!



Judges : Too safe

Me : Yea the pose was a bit similar to her last shot, but her face is beautiful. She could do much better,



#I can’t find the photo on the website, wierd.#

Judges: Full of life, work.

Me : I love her shot. Can’t say much cuz i don’t have the picture.



Judges : Car ad, gorgeous.

Me : Her face in this is stunning!! Lady in red. She gave strong expressions. Gorgeous!!


Elimination, so Kristina had an advantage, but she could choose between 2 options. Imunity, or an advantage for next week. She chose the advantage, and she was safe from elimination. Thank God she didn’t choose the imunity. It would be a waste. Bottom 2 were Shiva and Vanessa, and Shiva was eliminated.

Thank you for reading :))


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