Fit For Fashion : Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9!! Here we go!

This week is all about Trust. Can anyone be trusted? After the talk, Citira told Jerald that Matty used suplemens before challenges. He used Guarana. Matty explained that he could bring suplemens and he could use them. He didn’t break any rules.

Physical challenge. They will be splitted into 3 teams of 2. But wait, there were only 5 of them. Mitch joined them. For kristina‘s advantage, she got to pick all the teams. Of course, she chose Mitch to be in her team. Vanessa and Matty, and Citira andĀ  Jerald. Each of them will be blindfolded, they need to listen to their team member who will gave them instructions. They need to go through several obstacles. After they finished, they need to run through the cave and light up the torch.

The challenge was hectic. Bunch of screamings and yelling. Jerald cannot hear anything Citira said, and he fell several times. Vanessa got stucked underneath a wood, and she panicked. Mitch finished first, and kristina took the lead. They finished first, Kristina light up her torch and her team won. Followed by Matty and Vanessa, and lastly Jerald and Citira.

Fashion challenge was all about Intimicy. kristina got to pick the teams again, and she chose the same. She was partnered with Mitch. Citira was nervous all over the place because her family will be watching, and she didn’t want to intimate with jerald. Vanessa and Matty were so excited. Kristina killed it with Mitch.

Each of the contestants got to talk to Louise about their experience. And Louise told that that moment was elimination. She also toldĀ  the contestants that in the finalem they will have a physical challenge. Whoever passed it, will walk in KL Fashion Weekend, and they will be given 4 months to prepare. Here are the photos :


Matty, Kristina, and Citira advanced to the finale, leaving jerald and vanessa in the bottom. Vanessa was great in fashion, but Jerald was great in physical. In the end, Vanessa advanced to the finale, and Jerald was eliminated. Wow, did not see that one coming.

Thank you for reading :))


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