Fit For Fashion : Finale Recap

Finale!! Can’t believe this show is over. Had so much fun recapping the show, and i hope they’ll renew the show for another season. So let’s just jump right to it! Here we go!It’s all about Pride. For the last time, their bio age will be checked. Matty, real age 28, bio age 22. Citira real age 33, bio age 31. Kristina real age 23, bio age 23. Vanessa real age 25, bio age 26.

The last physical challenge. This challenge was crucial, because whoever came last will be going home and missing KLFW. This challenge was a combination of the previous courses. They need to jump to the water and find a key. They need to flip the tire, hang on a bar for 30 seconds, move sandbags, walking on the moving platform carrying 2 buckets of water, crawl through the tube, open the treasure box with the new word. And you’re done. Man, this was a hell of a challenge. Two people will go at one time. Matty and Citira, and Kristina and Vanessa. First, matty and citira

Citira was a bit nervous because she wasn’t the greatest swimmer. Matty took the key first. Citira lost all of her energy after flipping the tire. The moving platform was the hardest challenge, they need to be balanced to be able to walk through it. Matty crushed it as usual, Citira, when she was pouring her water, she dropped one of her bucket, and the water spill everywhere. She need to refill them, and she fell. Matty finished first, and his new word was “Open”. Citira finished last and her word was “Unburdened”.

The second round, Kristina and Vanessa. Kristina┬á panicked a bit when she jumped, and Vanessa took the lead. When hanging on the bar, Vanessa slipped twice, and Kristina took the lead from her. The moving platform, last time, Vanessa fell twice. This time, well, she fell twice again. It was so hard to watch. Kristina was slowing down because her whole body hurts. But Kristina finished first with her word “Humble”. Never give up, Vanessa finally finished and her word was “Centered”.

For winning, Matty and Kristina automatically advanced to the finale and got to walk in KLFW. Matty’s time was 12 minutes 8 seconds. Ridiculous time!! Kristina 23 minutes 30 seconds. Citira and Vanessa landed in the bottom 2. Vanessa’s time was 35 minutes 30 seconds, and citira’s time was 21 minutes 8 seconds. Which means, Vanessa was eliminated.

The finalists enjoyed their lunch together at the beach, and reflected every experience. They went home for 4 months to practice. And after 4 months, huge changes happened to each of them. More fit and more confident. They all went to Majestic Hotel and they all looked great. In their hotel room, they got giftbags from Fitness First and They all met Louise and Todd for little talks, and the finalists got to enjoy Malay Year End Sale at the mall.

The day has arrived, they were walking in the finale of KLFW. They met Zandra Rhodes , one of the designers. The show finally began. Citira wore pieces from Khoon Hooi and Zandra Rhodes. I think she looked amazing in the runway, so much better than her last walk. It was effortless, her hair was beautiful, and she looked gorgeous. Kristina walk was so good, because she was a model. The great thing is she switched her strong look with soft and elegant look. Matty‘s walk, for me was a bit too stiff, but i don’t know much about male model’s walk. But he looks great in Lord’s.

After long deliberation, the winner of Fit For Fashion is…… Citira

I was happy that she won. I truly loved all of them, so i will be okay with whoever winning. She gave everything she got and now she finally achieved her dreams.

Thank you so much for reading my recaps for this season. I love doing it and i can’t wait for more season. BYE LOVE Y’ALL ­čÖé


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