The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 1 Recap

So, here’s the my recap for the first episode of The Apartment Celebrity Edition. Click HERE to get to know the contestants more. Here we go!!

This season finally started, the 12 contestants went to Phuket, Thailand to join the competition. They all met the judges. Jamie Durie, Andrea Savage, and Laurence Llewelyn Bowen. They all were told about the prize. They’ll get $100.000 for a charity of their choice. They all were immidiately put in competition mode, as they were seperated in 4 teams. Rima, Paula, Xiao and Nicole were the team captains. They got to choose their own teammates.

Team Rima = Chef Lau, Mary Christina

Team Nicole = Ryan, Patricia K

Team Xiao = Bronson, Cindy

Team Paula = Justin, Lucy

They all had a task to design a master bedroom, and they had to make it very sexy and with a beach feel. They all had 15 hours, $6.000 budget and 4 hours of handyman time. The budget wasn’t the highest, so they need to shop right. But before they went shopping, they went to their houses first, and decide who sleep where.

They all went to the Dulux Inspiration Room to pick their color pallettes. Andrea came over to look at what the teams were up to. Team Paula had a bit of a struggle in picking the right colors.

They all went to Oriental Living to shop furnitures and stuff. Xiao kept disagreeing with whatever her team member said. She kinda frustrate the hell out of Bronson, lol. Paula got tons of discounts because of her reputation, and Team Nicole used her name to get the painting the wanted. That’s not cool!

They finally started working on the master bedroom. Ryan kept holding his pillow, yawning and moaning about how he can’t do things. I mean, he played his guitar while the other 2 girls are working. Like, what was that?

Chef Lau got an inspiration from Victoria’s Secret, and their signature wings. So he painted white wings on the wall. He almost finished it, and then Jamie told him that he need to erase the whole thing and start over. Poor chef.

After 15 hours of total chaos, it’s time for judging. The judges looked at their rooms first before going to panel. They were impressed with Team Xiao and Team Paula. Laurence was a bit disgusted with Team Rima’s wings. Team Nicole was meh.

It’s time for Design Court!! *insert dramatic music*

Team Xiao

Judges : No beach. Romantic, sweet. It’s nice that Bronson took off the wall. Nice work.

Me : I really like this room. From the colors, the furniture, the feel. I love that painting, i want that in my room lol. Not a fan of that furry thing, but overall really well done.


Team Nicole

Judges : Boring, dull. Looks like it was designed by a salesman. Lack sexiness.

Me : I agree with everything the judges said. This room was so boring, not a lot of things going on. There’s no wow factor in this.


Team Rima

Judges : Nigtmares. Victoria has no secret. Interesting yet gastling.

Me : Meh, it’s alright. I like the idea, i just don’t think the wings looked good.


Team Paula

Judges : Excellent. Nice details, professional lighting, but too symetrical.

Me : My favorite room of the week. I’m in love with the wall, i think it looks great, The ropes made the room so much more interesting. The dinasours are cute lol. Love it!


After long deliberation, the judges had come to a desicion. Team Xiao, safe

Team Paula won this week challenge. They got an advantage for next week. They got extra 1 hour, but they need to took it from the other teams. Paula chose Team Xiao , because she’s a competition. Team Rima was safe.

There was a controversy with the whole Team Nicole using Paula’s name, they got an e-mail and they totally stepped out of the rules. They got into trouble. But Nicole was safe.

Patricia and Ryan landed in the bottom 2, they both signed their floor of shame. Ryan was safe and broke Patricia’s star, and she went home. For me, she should’ve stay and Ryan should’ve went home. He did nothing.

So that’s it for this weeks recap, i hope you enjoy it, and love you 🙂


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