The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 2 Recap

Hola guys. Episode 2 recap is here. Here we go!!

Rima felt so lucky for not going home last week. Her team wasn’t focus and there. She was also sick. Bronson also thought that Ryan should’ve went home instead of Patricia K. The next design mission, it’s all about “Garden Sanctuary”. They’ll have $7500 budget, 8 hours of handyman time, and 15 working hours. All of the team went straight working.

Team Nicole only had 2 members. All the sudden, Jamie came to their house and talk to Ryan. He said that he had talked for an hour with Nicole, and she decided to leave the competition. Apparently the pressure were getting to her. That’s such a shock, i didn’t see that coming at all. So, Ryan was all by himself. Jamie need to put Ryan in another team. Ryan picked Team Xiao. At first they weren’t sure, because he only play guitar while the others were working. But they took a chance on him. So they welcomed Ryan to their team.

After shopping, Team Rima exploded. Rima was bossy, and telling everyone what to do and what they can’t do. She told Chef Lau that he can’t draw. Well, i guessed that she wanted to lead, but that’s way too harsh. It’s like beating up your own teammate. Paula had a bit of trouble with her tree. The tree can’t get into the door. So they spent a lot of time on it. Xiao spent her time handsewing a teepee.

Team Rima kept fighting. Mary Christina at one point broke down because Chef Lau kept telling her what to do. Rima was all over the place. She already told Chef Lau not to draw. But he still did. She was pissed. She and Mary had to carry a lot of sandbags, while he painted the wall. Well, Chef should’nt done that. But Rima went all out with him. She screamed and stuff. The other teams were a bit distracted by the loud fight. And not only that, Mary Christina pissed the handyman off, and they left.

Team Paula went out of sand, and Paula, using her charm and popularity, asked some constructions man for sand. They ended up giving her lots of sand. As we know last week, Paula took 1 hour working time from Team Xiao. Team Xiao finished first, and then Team Rima, and team POaula because they had 1 extra hour.

Judging. The judges thought that Team Paula‘s garden was antique, but it wasn’t linked together. The plants weren’t well planted. Team Xiao was good, but they had a problem with plants placement. Team Rima‘s garden was, meh.

Design Court!!! *insert dramatic music*

Team Xiao

Judges : Lovely color and detail. Great teepee. Wrong plants placement, they placed orchids behind another plant. So that orchid will die very very soon.

Me : I love this garden. The teepee was such a nice traditional touch. I love the wooden chair. I like how the arranged the plants. My favorite garden of the week.

team Rima

Judges : Lack of teamwork and full of drama. Flat.

Me : This is so flat. Nothing amazing, nothing special. But i do like the stone thing on the pool wall.This is so meh. Their lack of teamwork definetly affected the result.

Team Paula

Judges : Interesting. Beachy feel. Love the wall color.

Me : I love the light blue color, it matched the pool. I love the bamboos and the furnitures.

After some deliberation, Team Xiao won this week! Yay, the fact that they had 1 less hour, they were the best team this week. Their prize is they’ll have breakfast with another team, and they picked Team Rima. Team Paula was safe. Team Rima landed on the bottom. Chef Lau was safe, and leaving Mary Christina and Rima Fakih.

Lawrence gave Mary the hammer to slam her star, BUT! He stopped her. He thought that she could do so much better for another week. So, everyone were safe!! Yay no sad feeling.

So that’s it for my recap, hope you like and thank you for reading 🙂



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