Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 : First Look!!

SO,,, YESS i was so excited that we got some news about the new season of AsNTM!! Finally, it’s like forever ago.

They posted this video on their youtube channel. Just a simple promo :

Well we know that the show will start on March, so it’s about one more month.

Also, we got a first look of the contestants, well, we only know their names, we didn’t get any info about the girls yet, so here are them.

The girls looks good. I can’t really pick favorites yet, but i’m really interested in Gani, Akemi and Amanda.

Well the judges were revealed months ago, but i will update it now. So the host will be, The gorgeous Georgina Wilson

She reminded me so much of Coco Rocha. She’s stunning, and i think she’ll be a great host and judge to replace nadya.

And also joining the panel is Designer and Australia’s Next Top Model judge, Alex Perry

And returning, the only who returned, The fabulous Joey Mead King.

I’m excited for this season, Who are you looking forward the most? Who’s your early favorites? Tell me in the comments below 🙂


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