The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 3 Recap

Hola guyssss…. Episode 3  recap is here, so here we go!!!~~

This week’s design mission is to design a living room. The theme was East meets West. They were given Lawrence’s favorite wallpaper to be incoperated in their rooms. During shopping, Mary Christina broke a glass table, so she had to buy it. After shopping, a lot of drama happen. Team Xiao thought that Rima stole their Feng Shui and fish idea. After last week’s crazy yelling , Rima finally understand her teammate. They were finally working together to solve their problems with each other. Andrea also came into their unfinished room to give them advice.

Remember when Ryan joined Team Xiao? Well at first they were okay with it, now Xiao lost her patience on him already. Xiao was carrying tables and heavy things, while Ryan just standing there and talking about her. Xiao was mad. Like, really mad. She said that he just ruined everything. Everyone were working, and he was drinking coconut. Their team was definetly falling apart.

Bronson won’t let Rima into their room, because he felt that they stole some of their ideas. So, it’s payback time. Team Rima came into Team Xiao’s room, bringing hammer and stuff. At first i thought they were about to ruin the furnitures or something. But they were just mad that they thought they stole things., Rima wasn’t the only one who came into other’s room. Ryan and Bronson ran into Rima’s room, and she was mad.They were spying, and she kicked them out.After hectic hours of working and drama, time’s up!

Judging. Team Xiao’s room was a bit safe, but it’s liveable. Quite boring.

Team Rima‘s room impressed the judges, except jamie. Amazing color shoice, very retro, and a great effort.

Team Paula‘s room was elegant, but the color of the pool stood out way too much.

Design Court!

Team Rima

Judges : Brilliant, love, one of the best room in The Apartment. Bold, very well done.

Me : Amazing color choices!! The yellow and green works so well, and i love the wallpaper, such a nice touch. The furnitures were nice. My favorite room of the week.

Team Xiao

Judges : Nice, too safe. Elegant, clever, nice combination.

Me : I love the color, I love the curtains and the wallpaper, but yea it’s a bit too safe . But the telescope was such a nice touch.

Team Paula

Judges : Elegant, the wallpaper wasn’t used properly. Quite empty.

Me :  I love the drawing at the wall. Justin did such a good job on it. Other than that, the colors were way too muted and flat. And yes, the pool area’s color stood out wayy too much.

After lots and lots of deliberation, the winning team is….

Team Rima!! Look at that happy face! I was so happy for them. They put their differences aside and created a gorgeous room! Congrats!

For bottom 2, Lawrence asked Paula and Xiao to pick one person to be in the bottom 2. It was a hard choice. Xiao chose Ryan, and Paula chose Lucy. And who’s going home?? CINDY

WHATTTTTT??? SHOCKER! The judges thought that she didn’t give anything to her team. It was sad, but yeah..

So that’s it for my recap, thank you for reading, and i’ll see you next time 🙂 xoxo


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