The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 4 Recap

Hola guys, sorry it’s a bit late. I was so busy celebrating Lunar New Year. Oh by the way, Happy Lunar New Year!! if you’re celebrating that. So anyway, let’s just jump right in. Here we go!!

Last week’s elimination was too shocking. Cindy got sent home instead of Ryan or Lucy. Lucy was really mad actually. She wasn’t mad that Paula sent her to the bottom 2, she was mad because she felt that Paula didn’t want to safe her. When Laurence asked Paula why he should’ve kept Lucy, she just kept quite for 15 seconds. She felt that Paula didn’t fight for her. So Lucy was dissapointed, and she talked to Rima. Paula was shocked because she talked to Rima about her.

Next Design Mission!! They went outside and met little version of the judges. They were so cute, and their impressions were spot on. They’ll be doing the Kids Room, but it needs to appeal to kids and adults. It has to be sophisticated. They had $15.000, 4 hours of handyman time, and 12 hours of working time.

Team Xiao decided to go with a New York Urban theme, with grafitti and music stuff.And they went shopping. Surprisingly Mary Christina didn’t break anything lol. Paula talked to Lucy, but the atmosphere had changed, Lucy didn’t care.  Lucy drawed the tree of life. Lucy felt that Paula was being fake and bitchy, and talked to Rima about it. Paula didn’t expect lucy to do that, and now, GIRL FIGHT!!

On a happy mood, ryan called her wife, and she was pregnant. Yay congrats ryan, so doing this room meant a lot for him. Team Rima now became stronger. No drama at all. Because the won last week, they got to choose one person from the other team to help them for 1 hour. They chose justin. Mary Christina was so excited because she had a crush on him. Now with Justin out from the team, team paula was a hot mess. Lucy and Paula won’t talk, but when they talk, it’s like World War 2. And time’s up.

Design Court!!

Team Paula
I don’t have the picture yet, I can’t open the website for some reason, and I can’t find the picture online, so I’ll fix it after I found one, but it got this.

Judges : just a spiral downward, need to work together
Me : Lucy and Paula’s drama really slowed down the team, and this is their worst room so far. Boring.

team Rima


Judges : impressive, love the ombre wall. Lawrence want the wall. Bright, happy, creating a perspective
Me : amazing!! Love the wall. The sun was so pretty. The bed was cute. The color were super nice, positive and blended so well together. My favorite of the week.

team Xiao

Judges : great graffiti, tile not well executed, not for kids.
Me : I love the urban theme. The graffiti was so good and I love the brick pattern. Not sure this room suited for a kid though.

And the winner is….

I was shocked actually, because the judges praised Team Rima so much.

And entire team Paula landed on the bottom 3. And justin went home. I was also surprised. I think he did very well between all of them. Paula could be a better team leader.
So that’s it for my recap, I hope you enjoy it, love love xoxo


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