The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 5 Recap

Lots of crazy things happened this week, and here’s the full recap of it. Here we go!!Last week’s elimination was crazy. Paula wanted Lucy to go home. Lucy felt that Paula was being mean. Next design mission!! They had to find the instruction in the coolest place in the villa. Everyone were wondering where it would be. Paula went to the fridge and freezer lol. But it turns out that the instruction was in the pool. Mary Christina went to get the paper, instead, she took the camera.They’ll be doing bathrooms. Oh, i said bathrooms. Yes! they’ll be doing 2 bathrooms. Nuts. One will be the feminime room and the other one will be the masculine room. They’ll had 15 hours of work time, 6 hours of handyman time, and $7000 budget.

Ryan got an inspiration from his childhood, he wanted to do a playboy theme bathroom. Team Rima went for the Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood theme. When discussing their rooms, Paula didn’t take any of Lucy’s idea. After shopping, Xiao said that she got the wrong tile, she didn’t order those tiles. Being the only group with all girl, paula and lucy can’t tile. They were teached how to tile, but the result were a mess.

Chef Lau was so excited to do his room, but sadly he had to paint the room all over again because the paint got destroyed. Rima and Mary Christina got into a fight, again.

Andrea came in to evaluate their rooms. Team Paula‘s room were a mess. team rima had a little cat fight.

Times up, and it’s judging time. Looking at all of the room, every room were unfinished. The judges weren’t impressed with their rooms.

Design Court!

First is team paula

Judges : Good ideas, but poor execution. relied on the handyman too much.

Me : There’s basically nothing in this room. Just a shower, sink and toilet. That’s it. It’s just empty and completely unfinished.

Team Xiao

Judges : Gorgeous, nice combination.

Me : I love the gold room. So nicely done. The colors just blended well together. The masculine room was okay. I like the idea of the magazine cover on the wall though.

team rima

Judges : Chef Lau was so impressive, lots of disagreement.

Me : I love the black and red room. The wall was amazing, the floor was good too. I actually kinda liked the hollywood room, but the fabrics on the ceiling was way too big.

After tons of deliberation, Team Paula’s room was smashed. As well as Team Rima and Team Xiao. But no one went home. What?? But the teams were reshuffled. Xiao, Bronson, and Ryan will be the new team leaders, and they got to choose their team members. Team Ryan = Paula, Mary Christina, Team Bronson = Lucy, Rima, Team Xiao= Chef Lau.

Interesting teams. So that’s it for this week, love you xoxo


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