The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 6 Recap

So many dramas and new friendships happening when they reshuffled the teams. What happened? Here’s the full recap of the episode. Here we go!With the new teams, they’ll have to start all over again. Lucy felt relieved and also felt sorry that Ryan had to be stucked with Paula. The next design mission will be a rapid challenge. They’ll be doing a Leisure Room. Each teams had their own country to represent. Team Xiao had “Energizing Thai”, Team Ryan had “Wild Africa”, and Team Bronson had “Relaxing Maldives”. Each of them also had their own color pattern. They were given $6000, 12 hours of worktime, and 6 hours of handyman time. Also, the room will be inspired by one of the team member’s interest. Team Xiao’s client is Chef Lau, Team Ryan’s client is Mary Christina, and Team Bronson‘s client is Lucy.

Xiao was a bit confused with her color palletes, because she was given so many yellows. Bronson went to Xiao‘s villa to get his old stuff back, and it pissed Xiao off. She locked the door so he can’t go in anymore. Well, they’re not a team anymore. Ryan was worried about Mary Christina, because she painted the wall so slowly, because it had so many details.

Mary Christina also went to get her stuff from her old place, and got kicked out by Lucy because she talked sh**. Well, MC said nothing, so, where is this coming from? I’m confused. Anyway, Team Bronson had so much fun working together. They were laughing and having a great time. After 12 hours of full exhaustion, the time is up.

The judges came in to discussed their rooms. Team Xiao‘s room had amazing ombre wall and great flower on the wall. Team Bronson‘s room was hated by everyone lol. And team Ryan‘s room felt like a safari, in a good way.

DESIGN COURT (insert dramatic music)

Team Xiao

Judges : Love the wall, but the wall should be darker. The bar ruined everything.

Me : The flower petals are amazing. That ombre is awesome. I don’t really get the purple thing on the wall, it doesn’t blend well with the yellow for me. I don’t think the bar looks awful, it’s just missing something.

Team Bronson

Judges : Good wall. Unrelaxing. Didn’t take it seriously.

Me : I actually really like this room. It’s leisure room. It’s the room where we can relax. I love the wooden chair and that massage bed. The wall is awesome. I like the icecubes thing, it’s unique. I don’t like the fabrics, it’s just a bit too much. I love it actually.

Team Ryan

Judges : Fantastic.

Me : I love the zebra rug. I love the ropes and the little vases on the top. I love all the color combination. This room does screams Africa.

After much delibation, the winning team is Team Ryan. Yay, i actually want Team Bronson to win, but, yeah. Team Xiao was safe, and Team Bronson landed on the bottom.

Bronson and Lucy landed on the bottom 2, and.. Bronson was eliminated. Like, WTF????!? My jaw dropped when i saw that. He did so well in the entire competition. He can tile, he can build a bathtub, he can make stuff, he can do everything. Like, seriously?? I think Lucy should’ve went home, if that’s the case.

Well the result was extremely dissapointing. Tell me what you think in the comments. Thank you for reading 🙂


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