The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 7 Recap

Hey guys. Sorry this recap was a bit late, i just had an exam, and it was okay. I had to study so i can’t really blog. So anyway, here’s the recap. Here we go!After last week shocking elimination, Lucy sees Ryan in a different way. She thought that she will be going home, because Ryan and Bronson are buddies, but he sent him home. So, she sort of dislike him now. Ryan thought that this is a competition, so he had to do it. For their team win, they got a massage. But Chef Lau decided to prank Ryan. He massaged Ryan for a bit and pretend that there was a bug on his back lol. It was pretty funny.

For this weeks challenge, they’ll be doing 2 rooms. Again. Man this just got harder and harder. They’ll be doing kitchen and dining room. They had 15 hours and $20000. Each of them had their own theme for their rooms. Team Xiao : Futuristic, Team Ryan : Retro, Team Rima : Industrial.

After Bronson got sent home, Lucy lost it. She was so confused and lost without him. She had no idea what to do. But rima kept her on track. They wasted a lot of time thinking of ideas. After lots of shopping, Xiao ran out of money. Because their theme is futuristic, they had to spend their money on LED lights, and really cool tiles. If they wanted the lights perfectly, they had to pay the handyman. If they don’t pay $3000, they’ll have to do it themself. They tried to borrow money from Team Ryan, but they got nothing left. Team Rima heard the news and they came to Xiao’s house to give the money. But they turned it down. And Rima wasn’t happy. She bought pizzas with the money instead.

Ryan wasn’t working at all. He was playing with his iPad all the time. While Paula and MC kept working and working. After hours of non stop working, the time is up.

Design Court.

Team Ryan

Judges : Not good. Bad wallpaper on the chair.

Me : I like the wallpaper on the wall, not on the chair. That looks so wierd. I like the wood panel and the blackboard, but this room was pretty empty,

Team Rima

Judges : Impressive

Me :  I love it. The painting is so good, that must cost a lot of money. I love the color, the red and blue worked perfectly together.

Team Xiao

Judges : Hated it. Not productive.

Me :  This looks more like a bar than a dining room. I love the idea and the execution was pretty good.

After much deliberation, Team Rima won this week. And Ryan and Chef Lau landed on the bottom 2. Both of their stars got crushed, but Ryan didn’t get sent home, but MC did. The judges felt that she didn’t do much, and Chef Lau also got sent home.

So that’s it for my recap, thank you for reading xoxo


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