The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 8 Recap

Hola guys, sorry this recap came up extremely late. I was so busy with school and i’m having a massive toothache. Anyway, here’s the recap. Here we go!! all the rooms in their villas had been decorated. So everyone wondered, where are they going? They arrived at Royal Phuket Marina, and met Jamie there. He told the contestants that they’ll be decorating a yacth. The room’s theme are James Bond. Team Rima will be decorating the lounge area, with the theme Casino Royale. Team Ryan will be decorating the gally area, with goldfinger as their theme. They’ll have 12 hours of worktime, $20.000 and 8 hours of handyman time.

During shopping, Team Ryan arrived first, so they bought everysingle thing that avalible. When Rima came and wanted to buy stuff, everything were bought already by Paula. So she was a bit upset. Paula definetly bought too much stuff.

During lunch, Xiao was talking about Ryan, and the rumor about him sending pictures to his assistant and asking for opinion and advice with his iPad. That’s clearly cheating. So that’s why he always had his iPad with him.

Back to the competition, they’re decorating a yatch. So they can’t paint, the can’t do everything. Everything needed to be taped, so it won’t ruin the yatch’s wall. Remember Ryan’s woodpanel? He decided to do it again because he felt like doing it. He went to a farm-sort of area to cut the woods because he can’t do it in the yatch.

So Rima bought this big cupboard for a bar, but they don’t have any bottles to put. So she went to a local restaurant nearby, using her Miss USA title proudly, and bought a big bag of empty bottles. Smart move there. About the Ryan rumor, Paula did heard about it, and sort of believed it, because he always used his iPad. But she won’t talk about it so they won’t be distracted.

After 12 hours of complete chaos, the time is up.

Team Ryan

Judges : Great detail, pushed the boundaries, classy, very well done.

Team Rima

Judges : Astonishing, working well, nailed it, interesting bar.

So after lots of deliberation, the judges had made their desicion, that team ryan will be going to the finale. But Xiao had something to say. She told the judges about the rumor. But Ryan simply denied it, and Xiao got herself in trouble. But she was safe, and Lucy had to say goobye to everyone.

So that’s it for my recap, thank you for reading 🙂


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