Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 : Mini Introduction

I know this is abit late, and you might watched these clips already, but i’m gonna post it anyway. Here we go!

Aimee – Singapore

She’s sooooo pretty. I think she has loads of potential. I’m rooting for her.

Amanda – Philippines

The fresh face. She seems like the cute and funny girl in the house. Love her. So young and refreshing.

Barbara ( or Akemi ) – Japan

She’s 27? I don’t even know that. She looks so young though. Love her face and attitude.

Celine – Vietnam

Vietnam always sent amazing looking girls, but always got sent home way too soon. Hope this girl stayed longer that Trang or Thao. Her english is way better.

Franchesca – Philippines

I really like her. Not sold by her promo picture, but she seems nice and good so far.

Gani – Indonesia

My favorite girl right now. Love her face so much. She definetly got the look. Gani, make Indonesia proud and represent!!

Kiana – Thailand

French and Thai. Very different from Jessica and Tia, i’m interested in her. She’s funny.

Kirsteen ( or KB ) – Hong Kong

She’s fierce. Love the way she walks, speaks and love her hair.

Loretta – Hong Kong

She talked so fluently. Love it. At first i thought she had short hair. She looks so pretty with long hair.

Melissa – Malaysia

Her laugh is too cute. I love her look. During the photoshoot, i like her. I think she’ll be a good model.

Monika – Philippines

The fitness girl. I like her. Seems nice.

Rani – Indonesia

She’s cute. Love her Indonesian accent. A drummer + a model

Shareeta – Malaysia

So poised and so elegant. Love the way she talks. She’s very very pretty. I wanna see more.

Tahlia – Indonesia

She wants this. Her face is really unique, it’s different. I like her.


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