The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Episode 9 Recap

Heyy guys.. It’s almost time for the finale, and here’s the recap for it. Here we go!!So the episode started with sort of a flashback to the past episodes. How the finalists had been growing and learning. They showed their past rooms,the critiques they got and some of their best and worst moments. They also showed the eliminated contestants thought about the finalists, and who they think will win. One of those clips are from Chef Lau. He supported Rima, but the only person who could beat her is Paula. MC also supported Paula. Lots of teamPaula here.

They also showed clips from the past season’s contestants. If you watch season 3, you would recognized Ines and Adrian. They had been dating for 1 and a half years and they moved to Bali and opened 2 restaurants. So happy for them. Also they showed Yvette, she had been busy presenting, and she moved house, so she weren’t neighbours with Sonya anymore.

Back to the competition, the finalists arrived at Life Home Project, which is a foster home in Phuket. They will be doing their most important challenge of the competition. Each of them will be renovating 1 bedroom with 2 kids. They’ll have 8 hours, $17000 and 5 handyman.For the first time, they’ll be working individually. After this challenge, 2 of them will be eliminated, and the final 2 will be moving on to the finale.

before they started shopping, they got to talk to the kids and know what they like. Xiao and Rima got extremely emosional, because they went through the same thing. They went shopping for beds, desks, everything. It was chaotic.

There was a bit of drama between Paula and Ryan. So Ryan can’t find his handyman, so he took Paula’s. And you know what happened. Paula was pissed. But she didn’t go crazy or anything. She got her handyman back anyway. But Ryan was left all alone without any handyman. Poor thing.

After 8 hours of chaos and emotion, they finally finished their rooms.

Judges Walkthrough


Judges : Pro job. Amazing with colors.

Me : I love the ceiling, the clouds are cute. The blue and purple blends so well. I love the boxy things on the wall (i don’t know what it’s called). Overall this is a great room. So proud of her.


Judges : Amazing job. Great cupboard.

Me :I have to say that this is my favorite room of the week. I just love the color, so refreshing. I love the little decorations on the wall, the curtains, the couch. I want to sleep in this room lol.


Judges: Love the artistic wall, love teepee.

Me : I love the ceiling, i love the chalk wall. It’s so creative. I wish i have one of that lol. But anyway, at first i’m not sure about the teepee, but it turned out really well. I’m impressed actually.


Judges : Very very well done.

Me : I love the army wall. I like the theme she’s going for. I like the bed with the wood edges. I like the little props like the ball and the net drawing on the wall. It’s really creative,i like it.

So after an impossible time for the judges to narrow down the top 2, the judges had made their desicion. They divided them into 2 groups. Xiao and Rima took a step back, and Paula and Ryan stayed at their place. The 2 finalist that will be going through to the finale are……

We’ll find out next week.

I know it sucks, i wish we’ll all know already.

Who do you think should go through? Personally, i’m really rooting for Xiao and Rima

Thank you for reading. and i’ll see you on the finale recap 🙂


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