Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 1 Recap

hEyy guysss,, it’s finally here… The third cycle finally starts, and i have all the details. Here we go!!After a long search for best models all over Asia, they finally got the best 14 from 9 countries. They all went to Singapore, to start their Top Model journey. They went to their model house, and it was pretty amazing. They have pool, bunkbeds, and awesome spaces. They also got some makeup stuff on their beds. The girls started introducing themselves to each other. All the sudden, Georgina Mail!! They’ll be going to One Altitude, and they need to bring their swagger,

EP1_Contestant Runway Practice_During_1

After arriving at One Altitude, they met the gorgeous new host, Georgina Wilson , and the fabulous model mentor Joey Mead King. They’ll be testing their runway walk for the first time. Barbara was a bit safe. Monika struted her stuff in the runway, because she had been modeling for 3 and a half years. Melissa lacks experience. And Rani can’t walk straight because she’d not used to walk in high heels.

EP1_Contestant Runway Practice_2_KB EP1_Contestant Runway Practice_3_Monika

After the meeting, the girls practised their walk together. The next day, they went to Suntec Singapore.They’ll be doing their first challenge, of course, a runway. But not just any ordinary runway, they have a twist at the end of the runway. A turntable. Everyone were so nervous that they’re gonna fall. They will be judged by Georgina, Joey, and Marina Fairfax from Storm Model Management.

EP1_Contestant Runway Challenge_4_Gani EP1_Contestant Runway Challenge_5_Celine

Melissa felt a bit relaxed, but her walk was really shaky and she looked frightened. Celine was stiff. Gani, Amanda, Tahlia, Monika and Lorretta were really good. Rani‘s walk still didn’t improve, and she didn’t do so well. After the runway show, Amanda was praised for her fierce walk, while Melissa was a trainwreck. And the winner of the challenge is Barbara. She did so well. For her prize, she got to shop 12 outfits from

At home, Barbara just go straight shopping on Zalora. The next day, the photoshoot day. They met Mike Rosenthal and Kenneth Goh. They’ll be shooting wearing swimwears. Rani was afraid, because she never do a swimwear photoshoot before. She was excited but also scared. The models only have 5 minutes to get the shot.

EP1_Contestant Photoshoot Challenge_4_Barbara EP1_Contestant Photoshoot Challenge_4_Monika

Barbara, Amanda and Monika stood out from the rest. While Celine had a dead face, Rani looked awkward and Shareeta just didn’t look her best. Melissa was nervous, but after her shaking it off, she finally delivers great shots.

Panel Time.

EP1_Contestant Verdict_6

First is Barbara

Judges : face of an angel, body of a devil. Amazing.

Me :  She looks absolutely stunning. Her face is beautiful, her body looks flawless. She’s the jungle queen!!

Next is Lorretta

Judges : Beautiful and soft.

Me : Gorgeous face. She had such a strong bone structure and eyes, but she delivered so much softness here. Love her body here.

Next is Monika

Judges : Top model. Fresh

Me : I love how i can feel her hair moving. Strong face and strong body language. LOVE

Next is KB

Judges : Looks just for men.

Me : I do agree that this looks suitable for men’s magazine. She’s already naturally sexy, so she didn’t need to do much.

Melissa is up next

Judges : Great. Very photoghenic, but doubted herself too much.

Me : I find this picture absolutely stunning. The face, the hair, the pose. She’s stunning. She just needs more confidence in herself to be on top.

Next is Celine

Judges : Looks scared and unsure.

Me : She’s so beautiful in person. She has the body and the face. But she just failed to put it in the photo. So dissapointed in this.

Next is Rani

Judges : Not plus size, and not skinny. Need to be more athletic.

Me : Why were they discussing about her body type? It had nothing to do with the photo. Anyway, she looks pretty, but her body looks flat.

Next is Amanda

Judges : Sexy Victoria’s Secret body, picked it up so fast.

Me : Gorgeous. Her face was so fierce, I love how the shadows reflected in her body. She has a great body. She’s only 17 but she looks so mature here. LOVE!!

Next is Franchesca

Judges : Too catalog.

Me : I do agree this looks too catalog. But her body looks so good. And her hair whip is awesome.

Next is Tahlia

Judges : Gorgeous,

Me : Sexy booty tooch. Her face is gorgeous. Long neck. She looks so sexy with her luscious lips.

Next is Kiana
Judges : Fantastic body, dead eyes.

Me : She got the body already. But i’m not a fan of her rolled eyes. There’s no emotion in her eyes. Too blank.

Next is Gani

Judges : Beautiful and striking.

Me : Her face is so stunning. The bone structure is great. I love her body and the swimwear looks good on her.

Next is Shareeta

Judges : Beautiful in real life, but awful photo.

Me : She’s so stunning and elegant, but it’s such a shame that she can’t translate it in photos. This is so flat.

Last is Aimee

Judges : Amazing fashion shot. But needed a lot of help.

Me : She’s undeniablely the prettiest girl in the house. And has so much potential. And she used it for good. This photo is so beautiful.

After long deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Amanda (PH)

2. Barbara (JPN)

3. Monika (PH)

4. Tahlia (ID)

5. Gani (ID)

6. Aimee (SG)

7. Lorretta (HK)

8. KB (HK)

9. Franchesca (PH)

10. Melissa (MLY)

11. Kiana (TH)

12. Rani (ID)

13. Celine (VT)

14. Shareeta (MLY)

I do agree with the elimination. Shareeta is beautiful, but she’s not the best model. Here’s my COO:

1. Barbara

2. Amanda

3. Monika

4. Gani

5. Tahlia

6. Aimee

7. Melissa

8. Lorretta

9. KB

10. Franchesca

11. Rani

12. Kiana

13. Celine

14. Shareeta

SO that’s my recap for the episode. Hope you like it, and thank you for reading 🙂 xoxo


10 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 1 Recap

  1. My callout

    1. Kirsteen
    2. Franchesca
    3. Kiana
    4. Barbara
    5. Melissa
    6. Lorretta
    7. Gani
    8. Monika
    9. Aimee
    10. Amanda
    11. Tahlia
    12. Celine
    13. Shareeta
    14. Rani

  2. I felt that Shareeta couldve actually done better because I saw some of her photos that has great potential but she really did have the worst shot so…
    1. Barbara
    2. Monika
    3. Gani
    4. Amanda
    5. Loretta
    6. Aimee
    7. KB
    8. Franchesca
    9. Thalia
    10. Melissa
    11. Kiana
    12. Rani
    13. Celine
    14. Shareeta

  3. The first episode was quite bland actually. I’m excited to see how far Tahlia and Aimee would go. I’m rooting for them 🙂

  4. pardon. you love the shadows on the girls’ body? tbqh the shadows look so awful in their body. look at Amanda, she looks so dirty with the shadows on her body. I think giving Amanda best photo is too much, her photo is good but not amazing. same case with Tahlia, her pose is too hoochie, but thank Gawd the face saves her.

    1. Barbara (stunning, the face looks so angelic, her body is banging)
    2. Loretta (beautiful pose, but she looks old)
    3. Aimee
    4. Melissa
    5. Amanda
    6. Tahlia
    7. Gani
    8. Monika (called too high, the hair ruin the face)
    9. Kiana
    10. Franchesca
    11. Kirsteen
    12. Celine
    13. Shareeta (the pose looks so amateur)
    14. Rani (she has no shape, and blank face)

  5. I actually really love Loretta’s shot and I might as well give her FCO. My top six favorites so far are Monika, Loretta, Barbara, Melissa, Aimee, and Gani. I’m glad they all did well this week, but I might say though that something’s off in Aimee’s body in her shot, particularly her right arm looking stubby and her midsections are not looking good either. She still looks stunning nevertheless. I’m excited to see how far my top six will go.

  6. Callout 2:

    1.) Kiana- Classy bitchy body, matches the face
    2.) KB- Simple and sexy
    3.) Melissa- Vulnerable
    4.) Franchesca- Love everything except the nose
    5.) Gani- Beautiful
    6.) Akemi- Angelic, but a bit boring
    7.) Lorretta- Nice, but looks old
    8.) Aimee- Her head looks so big
    9.) Tahlia- Overdone
    10.) Monika- Overdone face, underdone body
    11.) Amanda- BOOOORING
    12.) Celine- Blankest face I have ever seen
    13.) Shareeta- Fat, blank, awkward
    14.) Rani- Looks lost and hallucinated

  7. For me the call-out will be:-
    1.Barbara (stunning body n face)
    2.Loretta (Great posture)
    3.Melissa (Photogenic as what the judges said n she should more be confident)
    4.Gani (Beautiful n great striking face)
    5.Monika (Love her hair though)
    6.Thalia (Love her lips n tooch)
    7.Amanda (Not that good)
    8.Franchesca (It’s more to hair commercial)
    9.KB (Too SEXY)
    10.Aimee (Beautiful but still need a lot of direction)
    11.Kiana (Blank)
    12.Shareeta (Could too much better n don’t struggle with fat rolls)
    13.Celine (Blank face n good in modelling the body but not face)
    14.Rani (Sorry but this shot is too blank)

  8. i almost agree with that coo, but my coo is :
    1. Amanda
    2. Barbara
    3. Tahlia
    4. Monika
    5. Gani
    6. Loretta
    7. Melissa
    8. Aimee
    9. Chesca
    10. KB
    11. Kiana
    12. Rani
    13. Celine
    14. Shareeta

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