Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 2 Recap

Hey guys, here’s the recap for episode 2. Here we go!!

The contestants got a pleasant surpirse from Georgina and Alex Perry , they showed up at the model house unannouced. They gave the girls a challenge. They’ll be given 2 minutes to prepare their casting outfits. Some did well, some did not.


They also get a surpise dance rehearsal for their next challenge. They were trained by choreographer Will Sabin. And challenge day, they went on a boat ride. With Joey, Clarke Quay, and Korean fashion designer, Ha Sang Beg. They were told to be models, not dancers. They had to transform to be a K-POP idol.


HaSangBeg, Joey, Wil Sabin_01

EP2_Teaser_Girls on Ferry



The challenge was so fun. Tons of tourists took pictures of them. They were so in-sync, they actually looked like a K-POP girlgroup. At first i was a bit confused, because the challenge is about K-POP, but they don’t even have a Korean model on the show. Aimee was flawless, Franchesca did amazing, and Gani’s face was fierce. Melissa also did an impressive job.


Choosing a winner was hard, so they decided to take 3 winners. And the winners are Melissa, Franchesca and Aimee. Aimee was classy, Melissa was a K-POP star, and Franchesca showed her fun personality. As the winners, they got to choose 2 models to join them at the next group photoshoot. Aimee chosed Barbara and Lorretta, Melissa picked Gani and Celine, and Franchesca picked Monika and Amanda. Team Filipinas in the house!! And the rest, Rani, Tahlia, KB and Kiana formed their own team.

Georgina Mail, but instead of words, it’s a video greeting. From TAHITI, I don’t know who they are lol, i guess they’re a K-POP girlband.

DRAMA!! Finally. So it’s about food, or not. So, Kiana cooked dinner, and Gani also cooked. Gani‘s food was eaten by all the girls, until there’s nothing left. While nobody touched Kiana’s food. Kiana was mad. And Tahlia talked to Kiana how she was bragging and so strong. She talked to all the girls about it.

Aimee, Lorretta, Barbara photoshoot_1

Photoshoot day, they went to Club Gossip, they met Mike Rosenthal and Ha Sang Beg. Each team had their own theme. Aimee = casual chic. Melissa = boyish. Franchesca = girly, and KB = sporty. First for the photoshoot is Team Aimee, or “Ja Mei” (sisters). Everyone were so disconnected. No connection at all between the girls. mike was dissapointed.

Celine, Gani and Melissa_2_v2

Next is Team “Loup”(wolfpack). They need to potray manly fierce and masculine. They worked amazingly together. They were so in sync with each other. Gani looked amazing, Melissa was great, Celine was a bit slow to catch up, but she improved so much from last week.

Chesca, Amanda and Monika photoshoot still_3

Next is Team Filipinas or the “Flipperinas“. The name is so cute. And the outifts and hair are so adorable. They did the same moves, so they were pretty insync. Franchesca did very very well, Monika didn’t shine, and Amanda kept blinking everytime the camera goes up.

KB, Kiana, Rani, Tahlia photoshoot_4

The last group is Team “Force“. KB was so strong, Tahlia was so impressive. Rani pulled her angry face, but she did very well, compared to last week. Kiana was weak. She was overshadowed by the other girls. At one point Mike even shouted at her.



First team is Team Ja Mei


Judges: Dissapointing. Aimee lazy, Barbara used to shoot solo, so she struggled. Lorretta did a wierd High Fashion pose, but the face didn’t match.

Me : This whole group shot was pretty terrible actually. I was so dissapointed because the girls in this group had amazing features. Aimee looked pretty, but i don’t like her hands here. Barbara was a hot mess. Usually i like hair on the face, but this one just looked so messed up. I love Lorretta’s body and the flying fabrics, but i wish i could exchange Aimee’s face with Lorretta’s body.

Next is Team Wolfpack


Judges : Melissa was commited, Gani supermodel, Celine worked hard. Amazing K-POP rock.

Me : Now this is amazing. I love how strong everyone looked. The completely embrace the masculine theme. Melissa looks strong. I love her legs positioning and her outfit. Gani looks absolutely amazing. She’s fierce. I love her profile, her face is to die for.Celine was the weakest here, but she still did very well.

Next is Team Flipperinas


Judges : Amanda looked like a dinosaur, blinking issue. Franchesca perfect. Monika flat face, but good body.

Me : This shot is just too cute. The styling was on point and i love the matching shoes. Franchesca stood out here. She looks like a model, i love her body and face. Monika looks pretty, good body, but she’s missing her other arm. Amanda looked like she just woke up from a long sleep. She looks shocked and surpised, in a bad way.

The final group is the Force


Judges : KB sassy sexy, Rani hungry thirsty, Tahlia took risk, Kiana no energy.

Me : I love the theme. KB completely took over the photo. She looks strong and commanding. Love her body.Rani improved so much from last week. i like her pose, but she needs to work on her expressions more. Tahlia looks like an editorial model. The camera loves her face. She killed it. Kiana looks like she just got beaten down by KB here. She looks so weak, has no energy, and she can’t match the other girls’ dynamic.



After long deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Team Wolfpack (Melissa, Gani, Celine)

2. Tahlia

3. Franchesca

4. Lorretta

5. KB

6. Barbara

7. Monika

8. Rani

9. Aimee

10. Amanda

11. Kiana

I wasn’t surpised that Kiana went home. She didn’t deliver, and her photo was the worst this week. Here’s my COO:

1, Gani

2. Melissa

3. Tahlia

4. Franchesca

5. Celine

6. KB

7. Lorretta

8. Rani

9. Monika

10. Aimee

11. Barbara

12. Amanda

13. Kiana

So that’s it for this week’s recap, i hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for reading 🙂


5 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 2 Recap

  1. I’m surprosed that Celine is leading on your poll. Anyway, am I the only one who thinks that Melissa is the star of their shot and not Gani? I think she did the best this week with Gani, Frenchesca and Tahlia coming close from behind.

  2. I still think that Kiana did slightly better than Amanda. Amanda saved because she won Best Photo last week :’)

  3. I feel bad for Kiana… she had been through a lot this week and i also kinda predicted that amanda would be bottom 2 this week haha
    1. Melissa
    2. Gani
    3. Tahlia
    4. Franchesca
    6. KB
    7. Rani
    8. Monika
    9. Celine
    10. Loretta
    11 Aimee
    12. Amanda
    13. Kiana

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