The Apartment : Celebrity Edition – Finale Recap

Hey guys sorry this recap was a bit late, but it’s finally here. I’m sure you know the results already. So, here we go!!So after last week emotional challenge, only 2 can advance to the finale, and the two finalists are,,,,

Yep. Rima and Xiao. My 2 favorites. I do expect them to be in the finale since their rooms are awesome. They will be heading for their final challenge. The ultimate challenge. They have to makeover the whole foster home, which consist 2 dorms, 3 common areas and a huge outdoor. They’re doing it alone, but they’ll be helped by some voluenteers, previous handymans, and 2 alumnis, Yvette from season 3 and Clarissa from season 2

Paula and Ryan also took part on the challenge. Xiao chose Paula, and Rima chose Ryan. They’ll have 64 hours to completely madeover the fosterhome. This is the hardest challenge EVER!! Not only because of the actual challenge, but the weather was pretty awful. It started raining when people were working hard. But that didn’t stop them from working. Jamie took charge of the huge outdoor.

When decorating a boy’s room, Xiao painted a soccer field on the fake grass,because the boy loves soccer. That’s nice. After crazy exhausting 64 hours, they finally finished their work. And the rooms are amazing. Take a look.

After their hardwork, Xiao and Rima were sent back to their home, so they can dress up and prepare a 3 minute presentation for the judging.

The final design court, it’s a live judging event, like always.

The judges voted for their winner. Jeremy Rowe picked Rima. Andrea Savage picked Xiao, and Jamie Durie picked Xiao as well. Now, it’s all in the hand of Laurence Llewyn-Bowen, he picked…..

XIAO WANG!! THE WINNER!! I was so happy that she won, she was a joy to watch, and her creativity inspired me.

Congrats Xiao!!

yea,,, and Rima wasn’t happy.In a footage at the end of the show, she was seen kicking and throwing stuff. I felt bad for her actually.

So that’s it for my recap of the season, thank you for tuning in everyweek. 🙂


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