Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 3 Recap

Hola guys, sorry this recap was late. Tommorow i’ll be having my national exam, the final exam, so i’ve been busy studying. Wish me luck! Anyway, here’s the recap for episode 3. Here we go!!

Everyone were a bit sad that Kiana went home. The next morning, they went to the living room, and found bunch of bags on the table. Each of the models got 1 bag. It constisted of hairdryer, hairspray, and hair products. And suddenly Georgina Mail popped out from the screen. It said “Say goodbye to the old you, it’s MAKEOVER TIME”. Yes!! It’s makeover! Everyone were so excited.

They went to the salon, and they met hairstylist Lourd Ramos, Georgina and Joey. Georgina told the girls what they’ll be getting. At one point, she scared Barbara that she’ll shave her head off, thankfully she won’t do that. But she’ll have a short cut. She was so scared, and she cried when she got her haircut.

EP3_Georgina Mail_7_templated

EP3_Before the make over_2_templated

Here’s their makeovers:

Aimee – Jet Black and Bangs

I like the color, i’m just a bit torned by the bangs. She still looks pretty.

Amanda – Curls

She pretty much just got curls. That’s it?? Boring. They should’ve done something more drastic.

Barbara – Short Cut

I like this look for her. She has a beautiful face, now we can see that more.

Celine – Short Cut

Her hair was so beautiful before. Now it’s all chopped up. What a shame.

Franchesca – Brown

I love the color so much on her. This is one of the decent makeover.

Gani – Blunt Cut

Her bone structure popped out so much more now. Love it.

KB – Dark Brown

Maybe it’s just me, but i hated the color on her. She looks so much better with her blonde hair.

Loretta – Pretty much stayed the same

I don’t see any changes at all. Meh

Melissa – Pixie Cut

Amazing makeover! Love it. She looks so much more like a model.

Monika – Long Bob

Boring!! She looks so much better before.

Rani – A  bit shorter

Also a boring makeover. I prefer her longer hair on her.

Tahlia – Reddish long bob

Also a great makeover. I love the cut, and the color suited her so much.

Some of the makeovers were boring, and some were awful. I only liked Tahlia ,Franchesca, Gani, Barbara and Melissa.

Photoshoot day, they met Joey and Olaf Mueller, their photographer for today. They’ll be modeling their new hair and jeweleries by Temptations . During hair and makeup, Barbara asked Lourd to cut her hair even shorter. Wow, yesterday she cried and now she wants it shorter. Rani got sick during makeup. She passed out on the couch, and threw up. Joey called the doctor immidiately. When the doctor came, he gave her 3 shots. She had a flu and bad throat.

Aimee slayed the photoshoot. She really worked her new hairdo. Barbara got paralyzed by her red lips. Lorretta was boring and had no energy. She broke down after the photoshoot. Rani came back from her illness, and managed to continue the shoot. But she didn’t do so well.


First is Melissa


Judges : Amazing look, High Fashion, editorial

Me : Amazing face, amazing body. her eyes are so strong, and her hair worked so well for her. Amazing shot. So much power in this shot.

Next is Celine


Judges : Wonderful.

Me : I liked this shot of her. She looked like a young holywood actrees.

next is barbara


Judges : Too much hesitation.

Me : This shot is a let down, because she had an amazing face, but she failed to deliver in this.

Next is KB


Judges : Can do better

Me : This shot is awful!! Her face looks like she just smelled something bad. She lost her hand, no neck. I don’t know.

Next is Rani


Judges : Uncomfortable, looked forced.

Me : I love her body. It’s very elegant. But her face looks so stiff and bland.

Next is Monika


Judges : Stunning.

Me : I can’t believe the judges love this shot. She looked unsure and scared. Her hair looks bad.

Next is Amanda


Judges : Love the expression.

Me : Major improvement from last week. She looks fierce, but also haunting. Love it.

Next is Aimee


Judges : Amazing. Completely different Aimee

Me : Also major improvement. Her hair looks amazing. The face is beautiful. I loveher body language and she looks so elegant.

Next is Gani


Judges : Using the space.

Me : Amazing face as always, i love her arms. This shot reminded me of Brittani Kline (ANTM 16) Covergirl shot.

Next is Tahlia


Judges : Great charisma

Me : Gorgeous face. Beautiful body. But she covered up the jewelery on her neck. This supposed to be a jewelery shoot.

Next is Franchesca


Judges : Love, did very well.

Me : I love the pose, the hair, the face is amazing. I don’t like her hand thing. She could place her hand more elegantly.

Last is Lorretta


Judges : No energy, overthinking.

Me : No energy in the face, no neck. This shot is just so bland.

After deliberating, here’s the COO:

1. Aimee

2. Melissa

3. Monika

4. Franchesca

5. Celine

6. Amanda

7. Gani

8. Barbara

9. Tahlia

10. KB

11. Lorretta

12. Rani

I was so sad that rani went home, i don’t think her shot was the worst. Here’s my COO:

1. Aimee

2. Melissa

3. Gani

4. Tahlia

5. Franchesca

6. Amanda

8. Barbara

9. Monika

10. Rani

11. Lorretta

12. KB

So that’s it for this recap. Thank you for reading 🙂


15 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 3 Recap

  1. OMG Tahlia looks GORGEOUS. I read the makeover descriptions on Wikipedia before I saw the episode, I thought she was gonna look like Brittany from ANTM 19. But I was wrong

    1.) Aimee
    2.) Franchesca
    3.) Monika
    4.) Amanda
    5.) Barbara
    6.) Tahlia
    7.) KB
    8.) Celine
    9.) Gani
    10.) Melissa
    11.) Rani
    12.) Lorretta

    Makeover Callout:
    1.) Tahlia GURL
    2.) Franchesca
    3.) Barbara
    4.) Melissa
    5.) Aimee
    6.) Amanda
    7.) KB
    8.) Monika
    9.) Gani
    10.) Rani
    11.) Lorretta
    12.) Celine

  2. 1. Aimee- she looks like a model now
    2. Melissa – strong
    3. Franchesca
    4. Tahlia
    5. Gani- would’ve been 3rd if she had some expression..
    6. Amanda- mysterious
    7. Celine
    8. Barbara
    9. Monika
    10. KB
    11. Loretta
    12. Rani

  3. you forgot barbara in your own COO lol

    Aimee is so overrated this week, i dont think she deserves FCO, if this a hair product photoshoot then i’ll give her FCO. And wtf Tahlia ranked so damn low, yes she didnt show the jewelry quite well, but cmon she is fierce.

    1. Melissa
    2. Amanda (lips a bit weird tho)
    3. Tahlia
    4. Aimee
    5. Chesca
    6. Gani
    7. Barbara
    8. Celine
    9. Monika (again, an overrated one)
    10. Rani
    11. Lorretta
    12. KB

  4. Rani deserved to go home since she was one of the weakest link since the beginning. And I can see clearly the judges are so bias this week I mean what the heck Monika received the second runner up photo? Her face looks like a character from X Men with that dark and bad lighting that makes her skin looks dull and meh. What a photographer. This season’s photoshoots are horrible so far. Dissappointing.

  5. Okay…. WHAT THE FU*K MONIKA?! I smell sabotage. Her photo wasn’t even that good… like, that smile reminded me of Keith’s smile in his crow shoot from ANTM Cycle 21… horrid yet he was nowhere near the bottom *cough sabotage by tyra cough*. at least make that smile look genuine, gurl! anyways, I agree with the comment above on the photo not loading… I guess it’s connection problems? But whatever, this week is very dissapointing… the angle of the photo wasn’t even the best to start with and many of the girls did this awkward poses… but somehow Aimee, Melissa, Franchesca and Tahlia did manage to impress me tbh. (and Tahlia being in the bottom caught me off my guard *sabotage no jutsu*) Next week’s the last straw. if ANYBODY gets sabotaged or overrated, I’m done.

  6. I think Monika’s photo is good. The face, the hands, EVERYTHING is high fashion! Now, I am rooting for Monika, Aimee, Melissa, and Tahlia.

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