Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 4 Recap

Shanghai beauty photoshoot, this week had lots of hot romance and drama going on. So, here we go!!Gani and Tahlia was still upset that Rani went home, but it has to happen. 3 girls went home already. And everyweek, someone will get eliminated. There was a bit of drama in the house. Aimee, Amanda and Monika were the dirtiest girls in the house, they didn’t wash their dishes, and the sink is disgusting. And no one wanted to clean it up.

Georgina Mail. It said “Make up for the skills you might lack”, and immidiately everyone knew that it’s a makeup challenge. And everyone knew that it will be Franchesca‘s challenge. Because she was so good on makeup. They went and met Georgina, Joey, and Beno Lim from MAC Cosmetics. They’ll be recreating 6 looks. They’ll be working in pairs.

Monika Franchesca = No Makeup

Aimee Amanda = Review

Melissa Tahlia = Rock Glamour

KB Lorretta = Enlighten

Barbara Celine = Scarlett Seduction

Gani = Free Party

Because there were only 11 girls, Gani will be working with a model. They had 15 minutes to put makeup on their partners faces, and they’ll switch places.

EP4 Make Up Challenge 1 Teaser_Chesca & Monika

Franchesca did very well during the challenge. But lorretta also did very well. And the winner of the challenge is….. Lorretta!! For her prize, she got to pick 1 girl to get $2000 shopping spree in MAC Cosmetic. She obviously picked KB.

EP4 Joey Surprises Girls

Surprise Surprise!! joey surprised the girls in their model house. She came there to talk to the girls, and she’ll be answering questions. Gani asked her what the judges were looking for. And she explained that they’re looking for a spokesmodel. All the sudden, Monika cried. She cried because she felt the preassure of the competition is getting into her, and she was average.

Photoshoot day, they went to Manhattan Bar. They met Amanda Lim, their photographer, Peter Som, fashion designer, and of course Joey Mead King.


The photoshoot is all about romance, passion, and glamour. And for the first time, they’ll be working with a male model. His name is William

EP4 Photoshoot Teaser - Male Model

Lorretta was excited, but she can’t channel her excitement to her photos. She still struggled so badly. So does Celine. KB tried to do soft and not fierce, but she can’t do it. Amanda was so shy because William was so goodlooking.But she pulled herself together and created magic. Peter was impressed. Monika and Aimee killed the shoot. William is actually friends with Barbara’s ex boyfriend. Um,, talk about awkward.


Panel Time

EP4 Judges Deliberate

First is Amanda

Judges : Favorite girl. Wonderful to watch

Me : The bangs looks so wierd on her. Not a fan for the wig. I like her face. She still looks young, but also brings passion to the shot.


Next is Aimee

Judges : Killed it.

Me : This shot is absolutely amazing. It’s so romantic. I love her face. The long neck, the dress, the hair was perfect. And i feel the connection with the male model. Another awesome shot from Aimee.


Next is Tahlia

Judges : Owning the photo.

Me : Another wierd bangs. She owned the guy, she had an attitude, i love her expression here. So fierce.


Next is Celine

Judges : No feeling. Just a pretty girl.

Me : At first i thought this was horrible. But after looking at it closely, this is not that bad. I see a sparkle in her eyes. I like the little hand gesture to the male model. She looks slightly too timid in this.


Next is Franchesca

Judges : Tried too hard. Catalog.

Me : I don’t get anything about this shot. Her legs, her arms, her face. Everything was a mess. The only good thing in this photo is the male model. She did so well last week, and this week she just went downhill


Next is Melissa

Judges : Fierce

Me : She looks fierce, but i expected a lot more from her. Since she does so well in the previous shoots.


Next is KB

Judges : Fierce

Me : My favorite shot of her so far. She’s commanding the guy. The male model is giving her all the attention, and she didn’t even care. Love the attitude. Thank God she got this photo because her trying to be soft was not good.


Next is Barbara

Judges : Sad face,no fashion in the photo.

Me : I love that this looks really different than the other photos. This kinda looks like mother and son’s affection. I love the male model in here, but he sort of stole the show. Barbara looks beautiful, but that’s it.


Next is Gani

Judges : Too stiff

Me : I do agree that she looked really stiff. She always brings out the fierce face, i wanna see something more though. She can do much better.


Next is Monika

Judges : Looks like she’s about to take his clothes off

Me : This picture is HOT! From her expression, the pose, hand inside the skirt, her pulling the male model. Every single thing works. The light hits the male model perfectly. Her best shot so far.


Last is lorretta

Judges : A lot of energy, but no spark in the photo.

Me : Oh Lorretta. You have the face, you have the body. But sadly you didn’t bring anything. Her face looks like she just smelled something bad. Again, the male model stole the show.


EP4 Deliberation Teaser - Georgina Holding Last Photo

After lots of deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Monika

2. Aimee

3. Amanda

4. KB

5. Melissa

6. Tahlia

7. Gani

8. Barbara

9. Franchesca

10. Celine

11. Lorretta

Yep. Double elimination. Kinda expected it already. But i’m so sad that Celine went home. She’s so beautiful. Vietnamesse always went home so quickly. Here’s my COO:

1. Monika

2. Aimee

3. Tahlia

4. KB

5. Amanda

6. Melissa

7. Celine

8. Gani

9. Barbara

10. Franchesca

11. Lorretta

So anyway that’s it for my recap. Sorry it took so long. Thank you for reading 🙂


6 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 4 Recap

  1. Sabotaged. Vietnamese always have to go home soon even when they don’t deserve to go. I hope this is the last year Vietnam join the competition. ==” So unfair.

  2. Celine shouldn’t have went home… She did average to be honest
    1. Monika- best photo of her so far
    2. Amanda- I like that she looks innocently in love also best photo of her
    3. Aimee
    4. Tahlia- good girl gone bad
    5. KB- best photo of her too
    6. Melissa
    7. Celine- its okay..
    8. Gani- could do better shots
    9. Barbara
    10. Franchesca- funny in a bad way
    11. Loretta- disappointing… 😦

  3. i dont like any photo from this photoshoot, even the best one Monika’s. i like Monika’s body language, but i am not so sure about that drag queen face. suprisingly, i am really impressed by Kirsteen, so much attitude and i can see the story. may i give KB first call out?

    my COO:
    1. KB
    2. Monika
    3. Tahlia (the judges will never give her best photo tho, she the one who really is underrated)
    4. Aimee (too far, i cant even see her face, but still a good photo)
    5. Celine (how could she goes home? like really?)
    6. Amanda (that wig looks so fake on her, altho i love the connection between her and Will)
    7. Gani (she did so much better on set)
    8. Melissa
    9. Barbara (wake up honey! you are experience model)
    10. Lori
    11. Franchesca (i still see her as a catalog or calender model tho)

  4. Le’s just say that all the photoshoots they have done so far were meh. This is Asia level, they should have done bigger and better with wow elements in every single photoshoot’s concepts. I want to see crazy fashion shoots and out of the box ones. 🙂
    Loretta is such a beautiful model with strong features but she is very overconfidence and seems to not taking this seriously, she just didn’t get the brief in a right way.
    Celine looks lazy and sad and too shy as if she does not want to be there. I agreed with this double elimination. 🙂

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