Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 5 Recap

Here’s the recap of episode 5! Here we go!!Everyone didn’t expect a double elimination this early in the competition. Everyone were sad to see Celine go.

Georgina Mail>> said something like “Polish your power to connect, allure, and attract.” And they went to an acting school. There they met Georgina, Dr. Cecile Infantado, and Daniel Mananta. They’ll be doing a practice for their upcoming campaign, for Closeup Diamond Attraction. They had to smile 1 by 1 in the mirror. They were given advice, on how to put on the perfect smile. Gani struggled a bit, because she felt that when she smiled, her eyes became so small. She tried very very hard.

Other than that, They had to improvise to the extreme expressions. Each of them had a specific story they need to potray. Aimee and Tahlia were driving in the middle of the night, and there was a guy banging on the window, took their dog, and killed it. It was hilarious. KB did very well at embarassing herself. At one point, Daniel asked Amanda to be angry. But she didn’t want to. She said that she can’t be angry. So she didn’t do it. Well it’s a bit unprofessional to not do what the client told you to do. But, yeah.

When they went back home, Gani immidiately practiced smiling in the mirror all night. The next day, they went to a mall, and met Georgina and Alex Perry. They’ll be doing a selfie challenge. Yep, SELFIE. But not just any ordinary selfie, they’ll need to attract a guy with their smile, and took a selfie with them. They were given 15 minutes to take the best shot. Everyone were so flustered and nervous.

EP5 - Gani taking a selfie EP5 - KB and Stranger Selfie

At the end, the winner of the challenge is… Barbara. And for her prize, she got a romantic dinner with Daniel Mananta. Gani was jealous because she idolizes him.

EP5 - Dinner with Daniel

Photoshoot day, they went to Pangea, Marina Bay Sands, and met Alex Perry and Mike Rosenthal. They’ll be shooting the campaign for Close Up Diamond Attraction. Before shooting, they need to brush their teeth first. lol.

EP5 - Barbara Posing

Monika, Barbara, and Melissa did very well. Gani struggled in the beginning, but after she “flirted with Mike”, she did extremely well. Amanda was all over the place. She was giggling through the entire shoot. Franchesca can’t get away from her catalogue style.


EP5 - Girls at Judging Panel

First is Gani

Judges :Beautiful smile. Mysterious and alluring

Me : Stunning! This girl is back! Her face looks absolutely beautiful, and the smile looks so good. There’s a mystery in her eyes, i’m very drawn to the photo. There’s a story behind it. Gorgeous!

Next is Franchesca

Judges : Pretty smile, CALAGOUE

Me : I think she looks cute, and she has a nice smile, which suits the shoot. I do think this is a bit too posy, but it’s pretty believeable.

Next is Tahlia

Judges : Playful and flirty

Me : Considering she didn’t have the most perfect teeth, she nailed it. I love how she wasn’t scared to show off the teeth. She looks confident. This is not my favorite shot of her ever, but it’s very nice.

Next is Barbara

Judges : Happy, full of energy and confidence, bright

Me : That smile is perfect. She can sell that toothpaste anyday. I love the hair, the arms, the eyes. This is a million dollar smile.

Next is Aimee

Judges : Sweet

Me : I love her face here. She looks so endearing and inviting, not intimidating. Her hair looks so nice. But her fingers could’ve been better. Scratchy hand.

Next is Monika

Judges : Obsessed with the hair flip, beautiful

Me : I LOVE IT!! Her smile looks so pretty, the hair flip works here. I love the energy she brought to the photo. She looks positive, energetic and joyful. Love it!

Next is KB

Judges : Commercial, shy

Me : The another side of KB! I’m sooo happy to see her improving this time. But she still kept her signature sexiness.  Her smile looks beautiful.

Next is Melissa

Judges : Perfect hand, classy

Me : Her face looks amazing. Her pose is so elegant. The hair looks great. She’s the who one always gave high fashion poses every week

Last is Amanda

Judges : Not flirty. The worst photo

Me : Oh Amanda. She looks like she’s in pain. Her smile looks so wierd. It’s like she’s not taking this seriously. I do agree that this is the worst of the bunch.

EP5 - Georgina Standing with Photos

And here’s the COO:

1. Monika ( She’ll be the star of the next CloseUp campaign )

2. Gani

3. Barbara

4. Melissa

5. Aimee

6. KB

7. Tahlia

8. Amanda

9. Franchesca

I mean, seriously?? Franchesca’s photo was way better than Amanda’s. Amanda didn’t even try at the challenge. What a shame.

Here’s MY COO:

1. Monika

2. Gani

3, Barbara

4. Melissa

5. KB

6. Aimee

7. Tahlia

8. Franchesca

9. Amanda

So yeah, that’s it for my recap, i hope you like it. Thank you for reading 🙂

EP6_Chesca Elimination Note_1


12 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 5 Recap

  1. I was seriously so mad that Franchesca got eliminated, its not Pinoy bias, Her photo is definitely not the worst, I dont hate Amandas photo, but its still the worst

    1.) Melissa
    2.) Monika
    3.) Gani
    4.) Aimee
    5.) Barbara
    6.) Chesca
    7.) KB
    8.) Tahlia
    9.) Amanda 🙂

  2. Did you hear the rumor that the Final 3 is Gani, Barbara and Monika? If its true I think Melissa is this cycle’s Aastha/Marie

  3. Is it just me? Cause I think Barbara’s photo is the worst. I think her smile is to big and shows a lot of gums. Her back is like she’s the daughter of the hunchback of notredame (the angle is weird showing too much bones.) I like amanda’s back more than hers.
    Maybe you’ll think that why am i obsessing with the back if this is a smile campaign. Well for me, its a package. The smile must not be the only point to judge.
    Sorry BArbara’s fans, but im hating her more each week. She doesn’t have Confidence! She’s 27 and had done some modeling *cough* playboy* *cough* so I think she’s just being over dramatic. I like to see fighting spirits, not some soap opera about how you hate yourself!

    My COO:
    1. Monika (I love the Flip, I hate that she always does it. Give me more to choose from.)
    2. Mellisa (Her smile is the winner for me but i dont like the *neck rolls* if she’s younger, i’ll be rooting for her till the end. Too sad she’s 27.)
    3. KB (I love her in this shoot. Sadly it is better for a shampoo commercial than for a toothpaste campaign. Its just the vibe for me.)
    4. Tahlia (This is very cheeky! In a very goodway! The photoshoot didn’t run smoothly that’s why she’s only my number fourb when she can be third or second of even first! She’s so underrated in the past.)
    5. Gani (I know you’ll hate me for this, but its too sexy don’t you think? Good for make-up campaigns but not for toothpaste cause she shows too little teeth. Not a sign of a confident smile)

    and the rest is elimination worthy. I’m sorry but yeah I hate their pictures.

    Francheska (She’s the girl who ran out of luck. Its a good photo but The judges had been maybe too tired of seing her on the panel)

    Aimee (the smile is good but the body is plain and booooring. And does she has an itch on her face. Stop doing that!)

    Amanda (Remove the eyes and this will be good. But sorry amanda girl, its part of the package. You just didn’t try this week. Lucky for you, the judges had considered your past photoshoots. I Love the stunt she pulled off at the end of the episode thats why i dont want to see her go, just yet:))

    Barbara (Oh you already know why, I dont like her being so weak in terms in personality and shoots. Raise your confidence and be a top model contender.)

    You know what this show needs? BACKBONE!!! Judges must have backbones to say hateful comments on weak points on the photos and not just the entire package, so that the girls can bring their A game. They have been pampered on the panel for weeks already. And the girls must develop backbones with calcium (especially barbara)! 🙂 Show me good stuff and i’ll change my mind.

    How I miss the gay guy from cycle 2 and also the one in cycle 1. This show lacks brutality. Yeah, you may hate me for looking those kind of stuff but this is not reality anymore. In fashion one day your in, the next day your out (I heard this oin TV, can’t pinpoint where.) Modelling industry is not a piece of cloud nine and just glitz and glamour. True Top Models have backbones like NFL players.

    LOVE me, HATE me, but this is what i THINK.

    • I LOVE your point of view 🙂 , I didn’t even think about bones or their backs. Yea sometimes being a little harsh to the models will bring out the goods in them.

  4. I think they just thought that Amanda has more potential than Fran… Otherwise, its because they found Amanda more interesting since she gets a LOT of airtime every week…

    1. Monika- undeniably best photo but she should lessen her hair flip since she already did that on weeks 1 and 2. But it did work here as it make the photo alive.
    2. Gani- She is finally back, I love that she tried real hard too.
    3. Melissa- I hope she stays longer…
    4. Barbara
    5. Tahlia- i dont know i kinda liked it
    6. KB
    7. Aimee- great smile but theres something missing
    8. Franchesca- average
    9. Amanda- the only not so good photo this week
    Anyways, I’m happy that nobody did HORRIBLE this week.

  5. i laugh so hard when i see Amanda’s photo for the first time. it looks like a smiling meme photo, if you know what i mean tho. lol okay let me be honest, i am glad that Chesca got the boot, and i also prefer Amanda than her for modelling potentials. But seeing Amanda unprofessionalism, i have a good feeling that she will be eliminated soon.

    And how could you didnt write anything about Amanda’s anger on panel to Daniel? that moment was so lol worthy. haha

    I will give my FCO this week to Melissa, if only there is no neckrolls. BUT Monika deserves that FCO, altho I can see that lipstick in her teeth. eww

    1. Monika
    2. Gani
    3. Melissa
    4. Barbara
    5. KB
    6. Aimee
    7. Tahlia
    8. Franchesca
    9. Amanda (I will save her tho and eliminate Chesca)

  6. I like Melissa, she’s really versatile. But thus episode, well, I agree Monika deserves it and the worst is Amanda baby. Even if I am from the philippines, I still want to win the model who shows determination in every tasks. i hope Melissa, Aimee or Barbara will win the title.

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