Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 6 Recap

Hello!! I know it’s really late! But, anyway, here’s the recap for episode 6. Here we go!!


Monika was really sad that Franchesca left. She read the letter that Chesca left for her. Georgina Mail!! It said something about styling. They went and met Joey and Zalora fashion director, Meghna Mistry. She’s there to teach the models how to style for different outfits. Each of them went to the front and were styled by Meg. She also gave the models some tips and tricks. And after that, their challenge was waiting for them. They had 2 minutes to pick up an outfit that fits their theme. They’ll be working in pairs. It’s a Fashion Face Off.

KB Amanda = Feminime

Melissa Barbara = Urban

Gani Monika = Basics

Tahlia Aimee = Boho

EP6_Challenge 1_KB

After getting their outfits judged, the winner of the challenge is… Tahlia. For her prize, she got an extra 5 minutes for her photoshoot. But, she had to take it from her fellow model. And she chose Monika, because she had been doing so well. So Tahlia will had 20 minutes, and monika will only had 10 minutes. Monika understood why Tahlia took her time away. tahlia also said that she chose Monika because she wasn’t connected to her. And at that moment, i was like “Girl you shouldn’t said that, you’ll be getting loads of hate”

EP6_Challenge 2_KB EP6_Challenge 2_Tahlia

Photoshoot day, they went to the studio and met Joey and Joel Lim, their photographer. They’ll be doing a catalog shoot, and they need to model 3 outfits. Tahlia did amazing and took direction very well. KB, Gani, and Melissa also did very well. Aimee had a wardrobe malfunction. Her jeans was too small for her, so the zipper kept going down, but she managed to cover it up with her shirt. That’s a sign of true professionalism. Amanda had her blinking problem back. And Monika, having only 10 minutes definetly bring her confidence down.

After the photoshoot, all the sudden, the stunning Georgina Wilson came to their model house to check on everyone. She asked “who’s has the most beauty queen answer?” or something like that. And everyone said “MONIKA!!”. She was a bit offended. Barbara broke down because she think that she didn’t have much time left, since she’s 27 years old. Girl, you need to get your confidence back!



First is Tahlia

Judges : Likeable, different personalities, strong, but lacks strong eye contact

Me : I love the (1) and the (3) picture. The (2) one, i think her face looks blank, weak eye contact. I love the playfulness inΒ  (1). She showed the clothes really well. But considering she had 20 minutes, i excpected her to give us AMAZING pictures.

Next is Amanda

Judges : Youthful and fresh, repetitive personality.

Me : I like all of them. She definetly had THE FACE for a catalg model. Just look at that face. My favorite is (2) because of her body and slight smile. She had the same face in (1)and (3) though.

Next is Melissa

Judges : Great photos, but too editorial.

Me : Another amazing pictures from her. The clothes looked amazing on her, the styling, everything was on point. It’s just too fierce for catalog. She had the same face in all of the photo. I wanna see more from her, not just fierce and smize, i want to see diversity.

Next is KB

Judges : Love the energy, awesome jumping

Me : She’s definetly improving, She’s the dark horse in this competition, because she had been doing well. Kinda same facial expressions, but still good. I love the energy in (3). She really showed the clothes in a sporty way.

Next is Gani

Judges : Perfect catalog, strong, versatile, can do everything with that face.

Me : Amazing. I saw diversity in all of these shots. Different facial expressions. Amazing clothes. I love the playful and flirty vibe she’s giving. My favorite is (2). And do you realize that she had the same shoes in (2) and (3)? Maybe she forgot to change it? I don’t know lol.

Next is Barbara

Judges : Not current, young mom vibe, old poses

Me :Β  I do agree, that she’s giving a young mom vibe. This shoot is not for her. She does has a more mature look than the other girls. Maybe that gave her a slight disadvantage over everyone else. I do like (3), but these shots weren’t good.

Next is Aimee

Judges : Perfect, trendy, hip, prefessional

Me : SLAY! Commercial queen! Everysingle shot is gorgeous. The jumping looks real and i love the energy. I love all of them, can’t say anything bad.

Last is Monika

Judges : super stressed.

Me : I like (1) and (2), considering how she’s been doing so well, this is dissapointing. Tahlia taking her 5 minutes away definetly took her confidence down. Girl, get back up!


After long deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Gani

2.Β  Aimee

3. Melissa

4. KB

5. Tahlia

6. Amanda

7. Barbara & Monika ( NO ELIMINATION )

Yep, no elimination this week. I was kinda glad, because i wasn’t ready to see any of them go home. But what Barbara said during elimination was truly dissapointing. She said that she would go home for monika. Girl??? You went so far to give up? Is that what you’re doing right now? You can do this!! You just need your confidence back!

Here’s my COO:

1. Gani

2. Aimee

3. Melissa

4. KB

5. Amanda

6. Tahlia

7. Monika & Barbara

So that’s it for my recap, i hope you like it πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 6 Recap

  1. This episode was the best so far. The judge had pointed out te flaws well. I just dont like the photographers arrogance.(I’m just really bias because I like Mike’s soft spoken humility πŸ™‚

    Drama was their and what do we have as maincourse in this episode. It’s the evil E. EEEE!
    Capital E for Envyyyyyyy! LOL

    I really pity Monika at some point in the episode because she was singled out by Gani and Tahlia and I think its the accent that make her sounds fake. Not that I’m thingking she’s fake.

    Oh and Tahlia and Gani. Tone it down if you want to keep your fans. Its naughty but I like drama BTW. And Tahlia won something. Hahaha. Well deserve victory.

    I’m starting to have a soft spot for barbara because I have this small thing for martyrdom.

    My COO

    1. Aimee – WhAaaat? She’s not second best! She’s the best this time. She’s more commercial than Gani!

    2. Gani – Well you did good girl. But why pickin’ on Amanda???? She’s just second because there’s a little bit too much edge on her photos for my commercial taste.

    3. Amanda – Oh, I don’t care how she had delivered the goods. I’m judging on how the goods was delivered. And the goods were great. I think it’s the blinking issue that put her down on the panel.

    4. KB – the center photo looks lost and she had swing her neck too much on the third. But still the photos are worthy of fourth place.

    5-6. I really can’t decide between Tahlia and Monika.
    They have the same level of blandness. The photos are mediocre. Tahlia looks like she doesn’t want to do it or too fake and Monika’s photos are too studied. If I will consider the Time frame they have. I think Monika did better than Tahlia. Sadly Monika was bottom two because the judges had considered her past shoots and I think the judges want her to learn some lessons.

    7. Melissa – Oh. I love this girl from week one. But this photos are too editorial, over the top, nearing moon, too much editorial. The brief was catalogue and if she delivered amazing photos but did not hit the mark, well I can sadly place her on the 7th place. The photos were great, just to clear some point.

    8. Barbara. Oh sweet darling. I’m so sad with this photos. She’s no queen Jessica. And don;t give up your place. You don’t know how many girls would like to kill you to have that spot. The bad points were literally handed out by Miss G and she deserved a round of applause for that from Lady Gaga and friends. Now I’m starting to believe that Miss G can judge well.

    One Last thing! Is Joey having the timme of the month this week???? LOL.

    Next week is the subaru shot and this beng a non-elimination week is well placed for me because I like to see this girls in body paint with a Subaru car behind them. i’m excited for Barbara and Monika for this shoot. Especiall for BArbara because this shoot have no age issues. How I wish they did this in topless just like in Africa’s next top model. Well I think Asian viewers are not still prepared for that.

    Thanks Miss Rian. I’ve been waiting for this for almost an entire week. No pressure though. I’m a writer myself. I Understand. I really love commenting on this blog. πŸ™‚

  2. Here is my opinion about the photos:
    I like the number 3 picture. It’s really match with the wardrobe, she looks hot there (a little bit like Scar-Jo?). But the number 2 picture is disappointing. She looks so stiff, and the eyes are dead.
    The poses are stiff and kinda like she’s not really sure about what she’s doing. This is already top 8, she should have known how to handle her blinking issue. And if you wanna be a model, you should ready to face the flash lights, in the case of that i don’t think Amanda is ready to be a model :/
    I agree about the picture looks too editorial. She should show us versatility, not just one look which is fierce.
    The number 3 picture is really working for nike campaign! She’s improving but the facial expression of the other pictures are look the same.
    This is what catalog means! She has a match between the face, the body, and the clothes. She nail all the pictures and make a variety. (Btw her cheekbones are really strong! Top model material :P)
    The wardrobe should have been worn by adults, that’s why she looks like a young mom. As a model she supposed to give a fresh look and pose to handle it.
    No comment. She is the best! (better than Gani actually). Its a high fashion in the catalog. I think what makes her being the runner up is because of the wardrobe malfunction.
    I don’t like all the pictures. I don’t see life in her eyes. (even when she wear sunglasses, you can compare it with Tahlia’s number 3 picture, she still look fierce although her eyes was covered). She get depressed before the game start. Actually she can do better in 10 minutes, because i know she has won 2 best photos and rock another photoshoot.

    My call out:
    1. Gani
    2. Aimee
    3. KB
    4. Tahlia
    5. Melissa
    6. Amanda
    7. Barbara
    8. Monika

    And about the drama, WHY THE INDONESIAN SHOULD BE THE DRAMA QUEEN AGAIN?! But, the drama is pretty cool though. Nice job, Tahlia!

  3. I agree at the comment above that this is the best episode so far. Finally… πŸ™‚

    1. Gani- though i prefer Aimee’s shots, she kinda has something that is more fit to the brand
    2. Aimee- very professional best SHOTS of her so far. Excellent.
    3. KB- i agree that she is starting to be the dark horse in this competition
    4. Amanda- despite the blinking problems, she did a good job on this.
    5. Tahlia- if only she didn’t get 20 mins. I wouldve let her be in 3rd. I like these shots too
    6. Melissa- good shots but too editorial :/
    7. Monika- even if she only had 10 mins. She couldve pushed through.
    8. Barbara

    Im happy that they gave both of them another chance cause they could do much better. Amanda has only one chance left, so i hope she does good next week. But i think barbara will win best photo first time next week, i am expecting fireworks from her. Monika might do good next week too.

  4. Wow! It’s only at this point I realized that Tahlia’s teeth really are not good lol.

    1.) KB- looks the most like a campaign to me
    2.) Barbara- The pink photo isn’t impressive, but I love the other two.
    3.) Aimee- Good but outshined
    4.) Monika- Good but boring
    5.) Gani- I like it but she looks old and basic
    6.) Melissa- Looks like a campaign but really like asian Miley
    7.) Tahlia- I only like her hat photo, hate the others.
    8.) Amanda- THAT FAYCE

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