Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 7 Recap

Hola guys! So episode 7 is up, and here’s my recap for it. Here we go!!After last week drama, Monika decided to talk to Tahlia , why she chose her for the minus 5 minutes. Tahlia explained that everyone were afraid of her, that’s why she chose Monika. GEORGINA MAIL!! It said something like “knowing your body is the way to be a perfect model.” They went to a park, and they met Joey and Cara G MclLroy, top model and tv host. They’re doing some kind of practice on posing. They’ll be standing on a podium, they’ll be working in pair, and pose together. Melissa and Amanda , Melissa outshined Amanda. Barbara and Aimee had no connection. KB and Tahlia were just laughing. Gani and Monika did very well on interacting. ( Gani and Monika had been paired so many times. )

EP7_Challenge 1_Girls_2 EP7_Challenge 1_KB&Tahlia_5

And finally their challenge, they’ll be posing with a hulahoop. Amanda was hilarious, she looked like a building going down lol. And the winner of the challenge is,, Melissa, probably because she just kept grabbing her chest lol. For her prize, she got to call home. Such a sweet prize. She called her mom, and her mom gave her advice and everything. That definetly made Melissa more confident.

Another dirty dishes drama!! Everyone eat, and left their dishes on the table. And Gani and Tahlia were the one who kept cleaning the table and washing the dishes. They had been doing it for about 2 months already. Poor girls.

EP7_Challenge 2_Natalie Jodilly

Photoshoot day!! They met Georgina, Joey, and Subaru excecutive director Glenn Tan. And of course, they’ll be shooting the Subaru campaign, and they invited last cycle’s Subaru spokeswoman, Jodilly Pendre and Natalie Pickles. So good seeing them again!! They’ll be wearing nothing other than bodypaint. Gani and Tahlia were so worried about wearing underwear in front on everyone. They were so scared, because it will be aired in national tv. The photographer is Jesper MclLroy.

EP7_Challenge 2_Designs EP7_Challenge 2_KB

KB did very very well. Amanda’s blinking problem kept coming back. Melissa looked strained and stiff. Barbara and Monika did very well, when they only had 10 frames. Tahlia struggled and she was so nervous.

DRAMA!! They were fighting over a yogurt lol. So inside a yogurt can, there was a pile of peanut butter floating. And the last person who ate peanut butter is Monika. So they just argued about it.Monika was a bit offended because people talking behind her back. And then Gani said that she was also offended when Monika said that she was scared that Indonesians will win. It supposed to be a joke, but Gani wasn’t happy. She went crazy, and didn’t want to talk to Monika at all. Yogurt and Peanut Butter bring drama. Lol



First is Barbara

Judges : Love the pose. Perfect pose. Poweful chic

Me : This shot is absolutely AMAZING!! She’s back!! Her face looks stunning, beautiful pose. She’s working the body paint. Just perfect!

Next is Melissa

Judges : Confident, but not chic. Not elegant, took the brief wrong.

Me : This looks extremely awkward. I don’t see any interaction with the car. Her face looks fierce, but that’s all she can do. I kept waiting for her to show versatility, but she just kept giving fierce faces. Stiff body, not good.

Next is KB

Judges : Her best shot so far, beautiful hair and ass(lol). classy and elegant

Me :  Definetly her best photo so far. Werk that hair. She looks like she’s in motion. Love the body, the face. I love the movement, because they’re selling cars. Go KB the dark horse!!

Next is Aimee

Judges : Lack emotion, took the brief wrong.

Me : What is she doing? Angry face and fists. I don’t like this at all. Her worst shot so far. Just, a mess

Next is Amanda

Judges : perfect ad

Me : Gorgeous!! But this is a lucky shot though. But at least she got the shot. Powerful and haunting face. The body paint is so beautiful. Good pose, she looks tall. Great shot.

Next is Gani

Judges : Love, powerful.

Me : I love the movement, the hair. I could see this being a car ad. But something about the face looks wierd for me. Just a bit too fierce.

Next is Monika

Judges : professional movement, full of energy

Me : Am i the only one who didn’t like this shot? Her body looks awkward, she looks surprised in the face, I do love the energy, but this is not my favorite. Also her leg looks wierd.

Next is Tahlia

Judges : no excitement

Me : This is boring. Boring bland body. I like the eye contact, but i wish she was looking at the camera. I like the hair flying. Not her best, she was under preassure.


Here’s the COO:

1. Monika ( became the Subaru ambassador )

2. Barbara ( were chosen to become the Subaru ambassador )

3. KB

4. Gani

5. Amanda

6. Aimee

7. Tahlia

8. Melissa

Worst bottom 2. Both of them were so good, but their photo weren’t good. But i wouldn’t eliminate Melissa. Here’s my COO:

1. Barbara

2. Amanda

3. KB

4. Gani

5. Monika

6. Tahlia

7. Melissa

8. Aimee

Thank you for reading 🙂

21 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 7 Recap

  1. Why are the photoshoots like this haha it looks like its gonna ne tresemme photoshoot next week based on these past photoshoots

    1. Barbara- elegant
    2. KB- best shot of her so far
    3. Monika- she lost control of her face when she did the jump thing. If i just put my thumb on her face, then this is the best photo.
    4. Gani- powerful
    5. Tahlia- since week 3, ive noticed she hasnt been giving any photos that are outstanding. She kinda plays safe. I want to see her outstand even just runner up.
    6. Melissa- too sad she got sent home this early…
    7. Aimee- compared to her shots last week i didnt expect this shots coming from her actually..
    8. Amanda- i dont know but i dont think this is good and shes just not proving herself that she could win this whole thing. This is not the worst photo though…

    Prediction 🙂 if KB does well again next week, then maybe Tahlia or Amanda might be going home. But if she lands on bottom 2 next week then im afraid she might be gping home next week.

  2. i didn’t get monika’s photo too. i think barbara’s was better
    and am i the only one who feels that AsNTM is getting worse?

  3. Hey im a silent reader hahaha

    my callout

    Well you posted your blog too fast hahaha!! Keep it up!

  4. This is the first time I feel excited about this cycle’s photoshoot. Body paint! Since from the first photoshoot it’s always in a studio, boring! -.- I can see they’re clearly running out of ideas.

  5. Glenn Tan is a horrible spokesman for Subaru. Blah blah zebra blah blah giraffe blah blah i am a prop. What an asshat. I love how butt hurt he was when nobody wanted to talk to him last season until they forced Jodilly to kiss his ass. Golden.

    • THANK YOUUUUU!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can’t remember how he’s like last season but his comments are all cringe-worthy and painful to watch. He shouldn’t have been in the judging panel, honestly. He’s trying so hard to be the “bad guy” but ended up resorting to petty trash talk instead of real criticisms. And the animal references aren’t even that funny the first time he said it, and he had to say it again and again.

      I think the reason Melissa went home this early is because George and Joey listened too much to what the guest judges had to say (since one of them is the rep from their sponsor). Melissa aren’t the best. I don’t think she can even hold a candle to KB, who had been killing it these past few weeks. However, she’s a stronger model compared to Tahlia, and even Amanda, who lately has been depending too much on her young, pretty, fresh face. Barbara and Amanda have been given numerous ‘second’ chances. Melissa had one bad week and they straightaway eliminate her. It really left me devastated.

      Anyway, if it were up to me, it would be:
      1. Gani (Her picture is giving me life. Suits the car-ad theme to a T.)
      2. Monika (60s/70s sexy sci-fi chick realness. If it weren’t for her facial expression, I’d have given her the no1 spot.)
      3. KB (Stiff hand, but overall great picture.)
      4. Amanda (Bond-girl realness. But again, lucky.)
      5. Barbara (Really don’t like her picture. Nothing exciting happening with the body and the angle makes her face looks weird. Amazing body paint though.)
      6. Aimee (Not feeling it.)
      7. Melissa (WORST picture of the week, but I wouldn’t send her home.)
      ELIMINATE: Tahlia (She’s exciting to watch on set, but all her photos are lackluster and okay at best. Melissa definitely has more potential than her.)

  6. Based on the ads after the AsNTM episodes on StarWorld, I expect the next photoshoot to be TRESsemme, then….. Cetaphil? Maybe, it’s a skin product anyway haha

    1.) Amanda- Best shot since week 3
    2.) Barbara- Elegant and sexy, but a little too stiff
    3.) Monika- Kinda lost control of her face, but still like it
    4.) KB- Her close-up isn’t all that good if you zoom in
    5.) Gani- She’s always had the problem of looking much older
    6.) Tahlia- Good but boring
    7.) Melissa- Too dull
    8.) Aimee- UGH NOOOOO

  7. I’m totally shock with this result. Melisa is one of the best, while Amanda is definitely the worst, but they keep her safe weeks after weeks, and eliminate the real model? I can’t stand this. Even Monika, they always say she’s the best. No, she’s just ur darling, and this show is no longer for those girls who are dreaming about being a top model. I just feel sory for those who choose a wrong competition. Hope they would realize the truth and never give up in their way of success.
    My COO:
    FCO: Barbara
    2. KB
    3. Gani
    4. Melisa (an editorial).
    5. Tahlia (she’s the MVP of the week, but the way she judge her makes her become a loser. Overcoming fears is wrong?).
    6. Aimee (energetic but no suitable for this concept).
    Btm: Monika
    Out: Amanda.
    I got a feeling that all the guest judges were made to become bitches. They are professionals, but they behave as if they are amateurs. “I don’t fly from New York to see this”,… especially when the Subaru guy mentioned that Mel and Tah didn’t touch the cars, which means they didn’t respect the sponsor. Idiot. The show is a big mess, but they still take it seriously, and you think that your brand is everything. Just a joke. Someone makes me laugh. Haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rian, I’m a fan of your recaps. You inspired me to make recaps of AsNTM. Can you please check out my recap of Episode 7 and tell me what you think?

    • Love it!! It’s so good. Like, you explained everything to the details, even better than mine. 🙂 keep working. for your first recap, you did extremely well. 🙂 thank you for reading my posts 😀 xoxo

  9. best shoot for me! I’m a sucker for bodypaints!

    I don’t agree that the judges are b*tches. For goodness sake! Had you ever watch Kelly from ANTM? She’s meaner than Alex and Glenn combined. She’s still meaner even when you add Daniel Boey from cycle 1, which i believe will have a fit if she will handle Gani and Tahlia in this shoot. Even the judges from Project runway and styled to rock are mean.

    Drama is good this episode and its not the double dipping issue that infuriates Gani. Its her envy. GIRL STOP COMPETING WITH MONIKA AND START COMPETING WITH YOURSELF. She’s being a hypocrite once she opens her mouth. Sorry for her fans. She’s annoyed me this episode.

    Am I the only one who likes how Glenn and Alex when they do their job? Their very direct to the point and will not sugar coat their comments. Well if you cant swallow their words, then your not strong enough to compete in the fashion world, that honestly, will eat you alive without dipping you to a HOLLANDAISE!

    This is Next top model. Not Miss world, so you don’t have to be very gentle and very caring when you talk and i’m very dissapointed when viewers don’t like mean judges. (who am I though?)

    This is a very important shoot again cause its a client shoot. Its like modelling in the real world. CASH CASH CASH! So you have to kissa$$ the client.
    Do the photoshoot o based on the brief. That very important, I believe. A photo, even good, will be trashed if it didn’t follow the brief. 🙂


    1.KB- I really like the shot! Its pure CHIC!!! Its a true smart sophistication. Winner.
    2. Barbara – I just really like the pose. One thing to add is the POWER of a warrior. Its too femme to feel the power of her eyes. Boys will not feel the power of a queen. She must had portrayed the power of a warrior. Yes theyre girls, but theyre selling cars and cars are toys for the boys. Keep that in Mind.
    3. Monika. I don’t like the face, i don’t like the stiff shoulders but the photo for me is EXHILIRATING, which is more important. She had hit the jackpot.
    I am in awe with barbara and Monika. They had ten frames and deliverd this! AMAZING.

    The remaining models are elimination worthy.

    4. Amanda – I like how tall she looks in her every photo. I believe she’s the same height as monika but she really looks taller than her. The thing is, you can’t be a top model if the client tires out because of you. Theres a lot of competition in the field for clients to give you their time. Still a good photo cause it has power.

    5. Gani – Why am i feeling nothing from her photo? Too much JAWS. Like the movie LOL. Its her best feature for me, but its the worst feature in this shoot. It doesn’t work at all. She looks in pain and the body is too stiff. One thing I really hate during the shoot is her hesitation for the shoot. Whats her brief again? Can’t see it in the photo.

    6. Tahlia – Ok boring but not the worst of the bunch. Another pre-madonna in the making. She a good girl though. She’s not on my b*tch list. Luv you tahlia, will hate to see you go.

    7. Aimee – Whats happenning on the photo. I love Glenn and the way he had commented that this is a photo for a gym equipment. EXACTLY! LOL

    8. Melissa – I love this girl, but i hate this photo. Sad that she went home but this photo deserve it. She’s fluent in english but why can’t understand that the brief is not fierce or edgy?????

    question: Why will you join this kind of competition if your not prepared for an underwear photoshoot? So dissapointed.

    Other NTMs have nudes and one of my definition of a Top Model for me are models who walk VS fashion show.
    Do a campaign for breast cancer and will see who will crack big time!
    Oh, finally a location shoot next week ! Editorial Time! Alex Perry will be present again.
    Its not ideas theyre running out of, its funds.

    • At first I thought that Glenn was being rude with the comparison of the girls and animals (giraffe and zebra). But they do need to be able to handle this kinds of things. I actually love Kelly Cutrone, she said the truth, she’s not biased, and she gave advice which help the models.
      I guess why Gani and Tahlia had a problem with the shoot is because Indonesian aren’t used to those stuff (I’m Indonesian). They could felt uncomfortable, but as a model, you gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂

      • Oh that’s why. That would be a really big hindrance for them to conquer the international scene when time comes.

      • Kelly is vicious in her criticisms, but at least she gives clever and witty remarks. Painful to the model, yes. But it is well-thought, provide the model with necessary inputs and give the audience some entertainments.

        Glenn Tan, however, only makes brash, rapacious comments that have no substance and most importantly, unfunny. I didn’t totally disagree with him. Aimee does look like she’s selling gym equipments. But the rest of his negative comments are all stupid, petty and trying-too-hard. He ended up looking like the straight guy who is totally clueless about fashion and modelling trying super hard to blend in with the rest of the judges. Probably peed his pants a little bit when Alex comment his animal references. Asshat.

      • For luqe

        How many comments did kelly made on the show? Had u honestly believe that all her comments are educational. No, she’s just stating her opinions on the photos, in a horrifying and somewhat entertaining way. Glenn might not know a bit on fashion but he’s not a fashion client his in marketing cars. He might not know how to market clothes but He knows how to market cars more than anyone in the panel. Give the guy some credit. He is a client for subaru and not for zalora so it is highly inappropriate to say his unsuitable to judge a campaign for CARS. NTMs are not all about fashion. Its about modelling anything under the sun. 🙂 i hope u understand that.
        Sorry. Im just a simple fan of glenn.
        I understand that maybe you, not directly, was offended because youre maybe a fan of one of the contestant. You have the right to mourn.

      • To twotoebee

        Okay I agree. Maybe calling him an asshat is a bit too much. I think the frustration of seeing Melissa being sent home this early is getting the best of me.

        I know he’s a car person. That’s why I think he should’ve stick (stuck?) to making comments about how the models are supposed to sell cars. Like I said earlier, I agreed with his comment on Aimee. But then he has to ruin that with “wow-ly bad” (or something, I can’t remember). That’s what irked me. The guy seems like he’s trying too hard. If he’d commented that Melissa’s picture was lifeless, got no energy, then I would have agreed with him. But the animal comments were unnecessary. It’s not even their fault! That paintjob was selected FOR them.

  10. I am really proud of Amanda and Monika..
    Even though some of you don’t get their poses, but on the eyes of the judges is final..
    The greatest thing about high fashion is about on how the judges think what every model do what it takes.
    What so if Amanda doesn’t get eliminated. At least she is trying her best to prove that she can do everything what the mentor, photographer should ask her to do.
    Even so, monika has a weird leg but she took the risk on jumping!!

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