Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 8 Recap

HeYo!! Sorry this recap was a bit late. You know why. So anyway, let’s get to the recap. Here we go!!Everyone weren’t ready to see Melissa went home. KB was so heartbroken. Also Tahlia felt sad. Aimee and Monika were a bit mad, because the think Melissa worked harder than Tahlia, yet tahlia got to stay. She also felt bad that she stayed. Get your confidence back, Tahlia! On a worrying note, Tahlia felt a wierd bump on her breast, so she went to the hospital immidiately to get a check up. She was worried that it could be a breast cancer. Her grandmother passed away because of breast cancer, and her mom passed away just last year. So she was extremely worried.

EP8 - Challenge 1_Girls

Challenge day, they went to Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort, Georgina was there with Giovanni Wahayak from TRESemme. Their challenge is to recreate TRESemme’s 2015 hair trend. Here’s the list:

Amanda = Bombshell Blowout

Aimee = Big Buns

Barbara = Out of Water

KB = Long Tail

Gani = Mixed Material

Monika = Twist and Braids

Tahlia = Boho Waves

EP8 - Challenge 1_Trends


EP8 - Challenge 1_HairStyling

The winner of this challenge will get an immunity in the next elimination. Which is a huge deal. Everyone wanted to win of course. After messing around for 30 minutes, they’ll get to their runway looks, and sell the hair to Georgina. Everyone did pretty well. But the one who impressed the judges the most is Monika , and she won the challenge. But after that, Georgina asked her to pick 5 girls that she wanted to advance to the next round. And she chose Aimee, Amanda, KB, Gani, Barbara,and left Tahlia all alone. I thought she wouldn’t choose Gani, because they had an argument last week, but apparently she chose Tahlia, because she also did the same thing to Monika.

EP8 - Challenge 1_Girls2

Georgina decided to go to the model house to talk to Tahlia. Tahlia told Georgina that she had 4 bumps on her breast, but it wasn’t dangerous. But she was so worried. She wanted to make her mom proud. Georgina was so sweet to have the talk with tahlia.

EP8 - Challenge 2 - Girls and Judges  EP8 - Challenge 2_Tahlia

Photoshoot day, they went to Fullerton Bay Hotel, and met Alex Perry and the photographer, Jez Smith. So usually they did the photoshoot in a studio, well this week, their background is Singapore. FINALLY! An outdoor shoot! This photoshoot is all about their hair. Andien Aisyah, Indonesian singer also joined in. Tahlia did amazing in the middle of the chinatown. Gani was unsure at first, but she turned it around right away. Amanda was just, bad.KB can’t understand the angle. And Barbara was an angel on set.

EP8 - Challenge 2_Aimee


EP8 - Deliberation_Judges

First is Tahlia

Judges : Her best shot all season. Love. Good performance.

Me : This is PERFECTION. Her hair looks amazing, beautiful face, great body. She sold the clothes. Her background was so pretty too. Finally this girl has arrived!!

Next is Gani

Judges : Beautiful. Samurai-like

Me : Beautiful fierce face. I love the body language. Beautiful clothes and hair. Her face was a bit too tough though, in my opinion. But it’s still fierce.

Next is Amanda

Judges : Missing intensity in her eyes, strained neck, not believeable.

Me : This shot is a mess. Mainly from her neck up. He neck looks really wierd. Her face also looks really wierd. I like the body, but her face was just a mess.

Next is Monika

Judges : Love, wierd mouth

Me : Not loving this shot. Her face was blank. But i love the body language. This supposed to be a hair shoot, but her hair was pretty much at the back of her head. So we can’t even see her hair.

Next is Aimee

Judges : Best shot of her, firing up

Me : Gorgeous. I feel like she got the hardest outfit to work with, but she nailed it. I really feel like she was a businesswoman, on the go, and she’s fierce. Work!

Next is KB

Judges : more beautiful in person than this photo. bad ad

Me : She was concentrating too much on the hair whip. Which is great. Her hair looks beautiful. But this shot looks cheesy. Her smile looks forced, and she fully lost control of her face.

Last is Barbara

Judges : Love it. Professional. Fantastic job

Me : QUEEN! Beautiful shot overall. Stunning face. Amazing dress and body language. She really brought this shot to the next level. I wish she can show her hair more, but it’s still beautiful.

EP8 - Deliberation_Judges

And here’s the COO:

1. Tahlia ( will be the lead in 2015 TRESemme runway show )

2. Barbara

3. Gani

4. Aimee

5. Monika

6. Amanda

7. KB

Are you kidding me? Amanda had been struggling for weeks, and KB had 3 fantastic weeks. I don’t see model in Amanda, yet. She still needs time. Another awful elimination. Didn’t agree at all. Here’s my COO

1. Tahlia

2. Barbara

3. Aimee

4. Gani

5. Monika

6. KB

7. Amanda

So that’s it for my recap. Thank you for reading 🙂



8 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 8 Recap

  1. Agreed! Amanda doesn’t seem to be serious in this competition. She should have gone home in close up photo shoot’s episode. I think the judges don’t really care about KB. They don’t give any support to KB! Aimee, Gani, Monika will be safe I suppose since Georgina like them. Remember subaru episode? I think it should be Aimee who deserve to go home but apparently she did not, because Georgina love her! It’s a little bit unfair though.
    My COO is like yours. Thank you!

  2. Btw guys, from what I have seen so far on Asntm’s unofficial Facebook page there is a statement in which there is going to be a comeback series. I wonder whether it is true or not?

  3. Amanda already got too many chances, given that, I STRONGLY hope she would give us at least a decent photo next week just to prove she deserved to stay in the competition
    1. Tahlia- well finally, she got a standout photo too just like what ive been saying last week haha, even though this is a good shot i think i kinda saw some shot of her that looks a bit better than that this kinda reminds me of Sheena’s photo last cycle tho
    2. Barbara- her entrance in the escalator is kinda cute
    3. Gani- shes definetelybthe most consistent girl left
    4. Aimee
    5. Monika- for me, this is the worst shot of her so far and this wek imo. I dont think she tried at all this is kinda boring and she couldve not faced the camera so we could see her hair better. They shouldve given her a better hair to work on
    6. KB- she did good since week 4, they should have at least considered her past efforts.
    7. Amanda- 😦 im so disappointed with her… Shes actually my favorite GIRL in the house but shes not taking it seriously and she doesn’t try.. Though i think she shouldve won the challenge cause she did pretty good.

    So far, only Barbara hasnt got best photo yet and only Gani hasnt been on bottom yet.
    I think Top 3 next week would be Monika, Barbara, Amanda(if she does well)
    And bottom 3 would be Aimee, Gani, Tahlia
    But im wishing all of them a good luck 🙂

  4. KB! NOOOO! Even though I am Pinoy I really want Amanda to go home. I still miss Chesca. And KB. I feel like she’s my Natalie this season except KB was growing and Natalie was just inconsistent.

    1.) Tahlia
    2.) Barbara- loved her escalator thing
    3.) Aimee
    4.) Gani
    5.) KB
    6.) Amanda
    7.) Monika

  5. 1st: Aimee
    2nd: Barbara
    3rd: Tahlia
    4th: Gani
    5th: Monika
    6th: KB
    7th: Amanda

    By the way, got any news about ANTM 22?

  6. My callouy is entirely different Lol
    1. Aimee
    2. Barbara
    3. Amanda( I love this shot like seriously if only her neck wasnt that stiff this would’ve been an easy first callout )
    4. Tahlia ( overrated )
    5. Gani
    6. Monika
    7. KB

  7. My callout is entirely jumbled like literally Lol
    1. Aimee
    2. Barbara
    3. Amanda ( I just love this shot she followed the brief the most. If only her neck didnt look that stiff this wouldve been an easy first callout. )
    4. Tahlia(overrated)
    5. Gani
    6. Monika
    7. KB

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