Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 9 Recap

I KNOWW! This recap was extremely late, but my bloody internet wasn’t working, and i’m going crazy. But it’s here, finally, yay. Anyway, here we go!!

EP9 - Challenge 1 - Girls

Everyone thought that Amanda didn’t deserve to be in the competition anymore. She had been in the bottom 2 three times already, while KB never been in the bottom 2. Remember Gani vs Monika thing? Monika tried to talk to Gani, so she wrote a letter and slip it under the door. Gani read it, but she felt that Monika wrote the letter because she didn’t want to look bad in the camera. Georgina Mail!! It said something like ” you need to put a good fight “. The models went to Evolve MMA, they met Rich Franklin and Bruno Pucci. Each of them had to pair up, one grabbed the boxing gloves, and the other grab the suitcase bag. They learned how to punch. Tahlia wanted bruno to be at her side, so she kept asking questions lol. They also learned how to keep a good posture.

EP9 - Challenge 1 - Barbara EP9 - Challenge 1 - Gani

For her challenge, they went to AcroPilates, and met Ming Leong , the instructor. They had to hang on the ring, and do poses in there. The winner will be going to So Spa Sentosa, and she got to bring 1 friend with her. Monika, Gani, and Aimee did well, but the one who really impressed Joey and Ming is Barbara, and she’s the winner of the challenge. She picked Gani to join her in the spa.

EP9 - Challenge 2 - Amanda EP9 - Challenge 2 - Barbara EP9 - Challenge 2 - Judges and Dresses

Photoshoot day!! They met Joey, Alex, and Jez Smith. They’ll be modeling Alex’s dresses while hanging in the air. They had to keep their amazing shape and poise. Monika was stiff in the beginning, but she came back at the end. Gani was swinging all over the place like a teabag. Aimee was a bit safe. Barbara was just amazing. Tahlia wasn’t focus, and sweet innocent Amanda, surprisingly she did incredibely well.


First is Monika

Judges : Lookes easy, engaged, fantasy

Me : Is it just me, or her face just looks dead in here. I like the body, I like how the dress is flowing, but the face… I’m just not loving it.

Next is Barbara

Judges : poetic, looks like a painting. Very easy to shoot


Next is Gani

Judges : Fantastic face, but not for a fashion shoot. Mess, confusing and dissapointing

Me : Amazing face as always. But the body is all over the place. She showed her armpits, and one of her leg looks amputated. This is dissapointing.

Next is Aimee

Judges : Soft, sweet and angelic. Great pose, beautiful dress, but too expected.

Me : Gorgeous. The dress looks amazing. Pointed toes, long neck. She really paid attention to her whole body. I just realized her body is thicker than everyone else.

Next is Tahlia

Judges : No story, looked short

Me :Tahlia girl, this is just underwhelming. Last week she slayed it, but now she just went downhill. It’s a mess. Her face, her arms, she looks really little.

Last but not least, sweet innocent Amanda

Judges : Amazing, smashing it

Me : Amazing body and dress. The dress looks amazing, and the editing works so well here. She looks like a fiery princess. But the face, was a bit bland. I want to replace Gani’s face with Amanda’s body.

EP9 - Deliberation - Models

After long deliberation, here’s the COO:

1. Amanda

2. Monika

3. Barbara

4. Aimee

5. Gani

6. Tahlia

Nooooo Tahlia!!! I was devastated that she went home. She’s one of my favorite. But her shot is elimination-worthy. Here’s my COO:

1. Barbara

2. Aimee

3. Amanda

4. Monika

5. Gani

6. Tahlia

So that’s it for my recap, thank you for reading 🙂

27 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 9 Recap

  1. very nice recap as always 🙂 kind of waiting for these for so long and the next episode is right now!!!
    anyway I prefer Thalia’s photo over Gani but considerig the past performances, Gani deserved to stay 🙂
    my COO:
    1. Amanda
    2. Barbara
    3. Aimee
    4. Monika
    5. Thalia
    6. Gani

  2. Hei, Rian. Have been waiting forever for your post! Lol. Anyway, watching this episode, I have a few opinions.

    1. I think I know why they eliminated Melissa and KB so early in the competition. One word: drama. Melissa and KB were nice to everyone. When Melissa was eliminated the group talked about how she’s the nicest and in the previous episode, KB said that she’s friend with both groups. Without them, the contestants are separated into two groups and the producers are finally getting the drama they’ve been craving so much all this time. A little concerned with Aimee. She’s one of my favourites, started in the competition as this sweet, down-to-earth, easygoing girl. Now I feel like she’s starting to get her bitchy on.

    Now they’ve started to eliminate contestants based on their performance. Tahlia should’ve gone home during the body-paint week. I have a feeling that either Aimee or Amanda will go home tonight, considering Glenn Tan is back in the panel and he really dislikes Aimee.

    2. FAVOURITISM. Do you notice how the judges said Monika is not giving her 100% and they all gasped when they saw Barbara’s pic and said it was great and all, photo and performance-wise? YET they made Monika the runner up and called Barbara third! It’s too obvious at this point. As much as I don’t like Tahlia, I agree with her. Monika is as bland as an oatmeal. There’s nothing special about her. But I think the judges or producers think that Fillipinos are overdue for a win so they keep shoving Miss “Nothing-special” Monika onto our face, and they keep giving Amanda ‘last chances’. Sorry, guys, but that ship has sailed with Joddily from the prev season.

    Gani is shown to have developed an attitude problem these past few weeks but if I had to see one by one of my friends go home in such a blatant act of favouritism by the judges and producers, I would’ve lost my sh*t too.

    Anyway, all in all, my COO is exactly the same as yours. Amanda got he easiest garment to work with. She just hang there while moving her hand and feet. The other girls had to actually work hard to make their pictures work, and still her picture doesn’t look spectacular to me. Monika’s? TERRIBLE. That belongs on a has-been pop star’s comeback album’s cover, not Top Model competition. A little sad to see Tahlia went home. I wouldn’t feel this sad had they eliminated her sooner.

    • I do see what you’re saying, I was shocked too when Monika got called 2nd. Georgina said that Barb’s picture was all poetic and like a painting. I was pretty sure she’ll get best photo, but yeah…
      I don’t know is there any favoritism going on, but you never know..

  3. @Luqe… why would they sent home Tahlia in the body paint photoshoot when its not a bad photo, just a little bit weak but she still looks pretty but Melissa photo looks like she’s lost and she cant connect with the product..
    about favoritism?! they call Monika first because it has more fantasy and more fashion than Barbara because her photo is not into fashion, yes it looks so great and the judges said that its like a Painting or Poetic but that is not fashion but an ART…btw i think Monika face is just weak but not dead and the tension on the neck helps..
    about Gani attitude no offense but i quite dislike her after what she said about the panel on the close up photoshoot when she face off Monika..
    they all have same difficulty about the dress, cant you see that Amanda is holding her dress so that it will move the way she move her arms, just because it looks easy doesnt mean its easy..

    about the COO, i agree with the judges..

  4. Monika is seriously overrated by the judges. She’s better than “average” but it’s still have a long way to be the “Top”. Her pictures are very forgettable. Barbara has lost 3 FCO thanks to Amanda ( Bikini shoot and this shoot ), and Monika ( body painting shoot ). Barbara is most professional here, even more than Georgina, but she never won an FCO, that was the most ridiculous thing. And this week, miss Amanda has landed on bottom 2 (again, yeah right) with Barbara. What if they send Barbara home? Because she never won an FCO while Amanda had 2 already. If that happened, i will kill the judges lol.

    • I feel like Barbara deserved so many FCO, but since she didn’t get one, the judges sees her as the weak one. Her scenario seems a lot like Sheena’s . She got one best photo though.
      It would make no sense if Amanda stays and Barb went home. Glenn hated Amanda’s video, and if she stays, I’ll be very surprise.

    • Not a fan of her body paint photo, but I agree. Barbara should’ve won three best photos already: the bikini shoot, the Tresemme shoot (sorry Tahlia’s fans, but her picture seriously did nothing to me) and this one.

      Amanda should’ve gone home during the Diamond Closeup shoot. I don’t know what Alex Perry or the other judges see in her. She’s super tiring. Every week during a challenge she’ll go, “Oh, I don’t do this. Oh, I don’t do that. Oh, it feels so awkward.” Jeez. So painful to watch other models who are much more committed go home (*cough* Melissa *cough*) because the judges just failed to see through her fresh, youthful look, which seems to me like all that she has to offer.

      Man, this cycle’s judges are so full of sh*t.

      • Alex Perry loves Amanda, and wants her win this thing. Because Amanda lives at Australia, if she’s a top model, that will make Alex Perry’s work go easier. (He’s a designer at Australia isn’t it?) She could be his model. (Sorry if u can’t get it, my english is kinda…ugh). And he really hates Barbara for some reason. At the recent panel, he really shows that he wants Barbara to go home. He even blocked her on instagram (don’t know the reason, but pffff ==”). Hope that Barbara will stay. At least make it to the Top 3.

  5. Barbara’s photo is perfection. But this isn’t something you will see on a magazine. You see, if Barbara’s photo is placed on a length-wise sheet, it will take two pages to view the whole thing. Unlike Amanda’s & Monika’s, they could be potential cover. And that what the client wants.

    • Even the photographer, Jez, said that they have to move/pose across the frame, so they have to fill the frame. But Monika’s, Amanda’s, and Gani’s photo didn’t fill the frame. That’s not what the client wants.

  6. I really feel bad for Barbara because she has really been prodicing EXCELLENT potos for 3 weeks straight and they all deserved an FCO, because theyre amazing
    1. Amanda- just like how i preffered Aimee’s shot over Gani on the Zalora photoshoot, i really felt that this time, Amanda did deserve it which is evident in the shoot
    2. Barbara- why was this called 3rd this is the best photo of her and possibly the best this cycle
    3. Monika- i dont know, i think this is her best shot too, i love the vibe in this photo although this cant get any higher because of the 2 amazing ladies above
    4. Aimee- this photo is beautiful too, but this a bit safe. I also would LOVE to see her in the final three…
    5. Gani- her face is just fantastic but if you really remove it in this shot, it is actually the worst in the bunch
    6. Tahlia- i like that she went for this pose but she looks short and she should go for a profile shot on the face

    Yay!! I got my prediction right last week. 🙂 Anyways, Tahlia is a good model and i think she will have a good career after this. If Amanda goes home next week, then everyone else desrved to be in the finals so im hoping for a non elimination so they would be the Top 4

  7. OH MY GOSH. I’m a Filipino but all this favoritism is SO tacky. I am having second thoughts about this show. Am I the only one still blaring about Chesca? Yes?

    1.) Barbara- I’m crying at how perfect this is. I do not know how she didn’t get FCO since the Subaru shoot.
    2.) Amanda- Like the body
    3.) Aimme- Not loving the jaw/chin
    4.) Monika- I like the body
    5.) Gani- Too stiff
    6.) Tahlia- She looks like a wet brush stroke in Mulan

  8. Am i late in the discussion? LOL

    Ok, had this show changed their editors? Its becoming bland!


    1) barbara- i love the picture. Its godessy. Lol thats not a word. But yeah, ill describe it that way. Its magical and angelic complementing the dress. The problem is though, its to artsy that it must be framed rather than printed on a glossy paper. I think this is fco for miss G but tyhe other judges dont feel the same way. Its still my fco though cause i like it even though its not glossy paper material. Yeah, i know im contradicting my self.

    2) monika- i seriously dont believe this girl is overrated. She just have the common face and most of us stereotype that to be a top model, you must have the edgy ‘gani’ face. When i look at this photo, what i see first was JLo. Goodness! Was she possessed by jeniffer Lo? That was great though. Asians please remember that chinese face is not the only face asia has. This girl is a mixture of a latin-malay race. I really like the picture because it has this succubus vibe that we suck the life out of younwhile giving you pleasure.

    3) amanda- i love the most of the picture, except for the cheeks and the other hand. Guess what hand? I agree with alex, the girl is for keeps, you know why, she has this trending young face that can represent asia. Another plus point is her height and age. She will be booked easier. This season havent made a gosee challenge yet. We have to see the girls on actual battlefield!

    4) aimee- i really hate a model when she’s between skinny and plus size. You cant be both! You just have to pick one and not stay in between! Give her some sleeves. Her arms made me put her on this place because its the first thing i had noticed and thats a nono cause she’s not selling curvy arms.

    Tahlia and gani are elimination worthy

    Tahlia- what happened to my favorite girl??? I was really sad when she was eliminated. I want to mind control the judges and lphave gani eliminated instead. But seriously, this was a wreck. She’s to short. I love the arm movement though. But thats all

    Gani- she looks like a nymph drowning. Or the nun in the horror fil ‘the nun’. The face hunts me and i dont want to look at it again cause i know it will seek revenge and kill me once it became a demon. Fierce face doesnt always do the magic for me, i need versatility and softness especially if shes wearing a light green goddessy dres like that. Moving the arms like that doesnt help her also. She looks like drowning in swamp where she lives. In the end i decided that she looks like a banshee about to scream at us. Thanks to your past performance and you were saved and my fav tahlia became the sacrificial lamb! Now the question is, can you be a top model if you will only show fierce?

  9. On thing that dissapointed me this week about gani is when she brags that she can easily do aerial shoots. But what happened? All talks! Meh. I was really hoping to get a good photo from her cause honestly, i like her shoots, i just dont like her cause she’s the reason why tahlia was eliminated. You can curse me all you want, but im still mourning.

  10. I’m 100% agree with your COO

    Amanda… oh man, it was good. but other contretants did it better than her!!
    am I the only one who think that Aimee is underexposed? for me her photo was perfect!
    and Monika’s photo, OMG. she did nothing with her body. her face looked MEH.

    Tahlia got a bad make up. I don’t know, but she looked so drunk. and she did amazing shoot, I didn’t sure that her “best photo” was the best one.


  11. Is it just me who totally agrees to the coo of the judges? I think Barbara deserves to be called 3rd coz i think her face is wierd? hahaha no offense and i think the makeup artists should be blamed for tahlias elimination because her makeup is horribleeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  12. Is this what you would like to see Rian? It’s gani’s face on amanda’s picture hahaha

  13. Gani’s photo isn’t that bad… Because in that photo her face looks really fierce, and about her arms position, it’s because she was moving/flipping her dress (the fabric) ….

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