Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 10 Recap

Hey guys!! Here’s episode 10 recap! Here we go!!

Barb and Gani were so devastated that Tahlia went home. They found a note on the table, and they read it. They got so emotional, and now, they wanna win this thing for her. Georgina Mail!! It said something like “All hands on deck, go to Port of Singapore”. So they went to Port of Singapore, and they saw a huge cruise ship, “Mariner of the Sea”. They were walking around, and a man approached them an gave them a mail. It’s like another Georgina Mail. They need to find Joey and Alex, and they got a clue to go to the theathre. After running around the ship confused, they finally found Joey and Alex at the Savoy Theathre. For the final 4 who survived this week, they’ll be having a holiday in the cruise ship, courtesy of Royal Carribean Holiday.

For their challenge, they’ll be doing a runway show. Each girl had 3 looks to model, and they only had 1 minute to change to each outfit. That’s a tough task. First is Aimee, and she did very well. She had good timing, and she had 3 different walks. But she can’t zip her second outfit. Next is Gani, she did well, but she sort of had the same walk. Amanda was so slow at changing looks, and she didn’t make it in time on the 2nd outfit. Monika did very well, but she had the same problem with fellow filipina Amanda, she can’t change the outift in time. Barbara did extemely well, she had a very good timing, because she had much experience on runway shows.

For the prize, a mentoring session with Indonesian pastry chef, model, and celebrity Farah Quinn. And the winner is….. Aimee. I was a bit shocked, i thought they’ll choose Barbara, because she did so well. Then Aimee got her mentoring session with Farah, and a cup of tea.

Georgina Mail!! They’ll be doing something in motion. Everyone weren’t so excited about it.

Video shoot day. Each of them had a theme to potray. Aimee potrayed a business woman. She had 2 lines to remember. She’s the only one who had to remember lines.She did very well. She looks confident. Gani had to potray a n architech. Alex thought that she wasn’t focus and a bit difficult to direct. Barbara potrayed a baker, which is interesting because she didn’t cook. The way she knead the dough was like a beauty queen. Amanda potrayed a tennis coach, and she had a problem throwing the ball to the right spot. Monika was doing yoga, and she did well.


First is Gani

Judges : Not bad, but stronger in prints. Cute, energetic, needs more confidence.

Me : I think she did alright. There’s nothing amazing in it. She looks way better in photos and editorial. Maybe she had trouble getting into her character. Her styling looks rather cheesy.

Next is Barbara

Judges : Experienced, but not confident. Need to be a little bit different.

Me : When she was baking, i didn’t really believe her. But the way she walk to the car, her smile, her styling, everything works. I love the way she walk. Million dollar smile.

Next is Aimee

Judges : Good, looks young, confident face. Smart and easy to direct.

Me : Amazing. The fact that she’s the only one who got lines, really showed that she can act and this commercial stood out from the rest. She’s very believeable. I love her walk, her hair, her outfit, everything.

Next is Amanda

Juudges : Fresh, sweet, cute, active energy, but she didn’t look like a tennis coach. Glenn Tan’s quote “This video is USELESS!!!

Me : Well that was harsh. But i had to agree, she looks like a little girl playing tennis. And her walk was okay, and her head keep wobbling everywhere. Meh.

Last is Monika

Judges : Love, confident, versatile, authentic.

Me : I don’t love it as much as the judges do. I mean, it’s good. I just do see anything special or anything that stood out from the rest. I think she got the easiest role and a really good music. But she did good.

After long deliberation , here’s the COO:

1. Monika

2. Aimee

3. Gani

and the eliminated model is…. Well you gotta wait for next week to find out.

Here’s my COO;

1. Aimee

2. Barbara

3. Monika

4. Gani

5. Amanda

So that’s it for my recap, thank you for readingΒ  πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 10 Recap

  1. Who’s your bet? I’m curious because you seem don’t have any bias. So objective and that’s a good thing. Hahahaha. Mine’s Monika (bc she’s just so versatile. I love what Go had said about her “She’s just a little bit too ordinary but I don’t know why she’s got that x factor”) and I’d prefer Aimee over Gani to be the runner-up but for some personal reasons. Hahahaha πŸ™‚

  2. And why is it Barbara came in as your 2nd when you’re not believing the character she’s portraying? I’m quite shocked. Hahahaha

    My COO:
    1. Monika (I really thought she’s really into yoga. The downside of her video is the end. It was bland.)
    2. Aimee (For me, they were neck-to-neck with Monika. I wouldn’t mind if she got the FCO for this week. I just think she’s playing it safe. I am expecting this. She should have gone more dynamic but I do not know how but there’s no loopholes in her video)
    3. Barbara (So cutesy. Not believing she’s a baker. She’s focusing more of ho she looks in the video than how she can believe the audience that she’s a baker. But the end was just flawless.)
    4. Gani (Not loving any scene from her video. The scene when she smiled after opening her blueprint was a big meh for me. But the video is passable)
    5. Amanda (She was not a tennis coach in her video. She’s a rookie here. I can tell from the video that she does not play tennis let alone a tennis coach. And there was no fashion when she walks after that. She did not get the timing between putting her things into the back of the car and the opening of the back of the car. She was not confident and kind of unsure 😦 )

    That’s all. #OnlyLoveNoHate lol

  3. The make up they put in Bar’s face is stupid. She looks totally fake in this commercial. That’s the reason that her commercial is not good as it would have been. She will nail it with a light make up.
    My COO:
    FCO: Aimee (Great performance, but i think she really need to take exercises. It’s almost end, but she’s just…fat, like Georgina. LOL).
    2. Bar
    3. Gani (it’s not good, but useful).
    Btm: Monika (I don’t believe she feels totally comfortable with yoga when i see this. Boring face, boring walk. She has 4 FCO, but i just love the Close up).
    Out: Amanda (She went too too far).
    Btw, i think that the way they end this ep is ridiculous. That’s not the finale yet, and everyone all know the result.

  4. I’m so in love with Aimee’s commercial that i replayed it all over again. Her outfit, her line, the way she walks, everything’s perfect. I thought she got the FCO already… Barbara should’ve stay over Amanda. Just saying.

  5. Ok so here’s my opinion about Monika’s commercial.
    She was given one of the easiest roles to portray.
    A yoga master resembles a commercial yet high fashion model. If this respective role was to be offerd to Aimee, Barbara, Gani and Amanda the result would’ve been almost the same.
    Monika’s been given so many advantages throughout the competition, her personality isn’t very interesting in particular but was overexposed by the producers and the judges.
    She has produced a lot of good photos by far, sadly SOME of them aren’t fascinating enough to be deemed as the FCO. Most of the time I feel as if the judges were over-exaggerating during various deliberations.
    Many of the girls were overshadowed by Monika, some of them deseverve more recognition.
    I am not talking about favouritism or racism, but this is merely a fact that is based on my observation.
    Monika’s a dynamic model, she’s an impressive competitor, but there were moments in which the other girls deserve much more than her.

    • Monika is a good model and she’s produced a lot of beautiful pictures. But that’s where it stops. If you look at her pictures, that would be all that you’ll see – beautiful. Some of them are forgettable, even. Aimee has shown way more versatility than her, giving edgy and strong picture (Tresemme shoot), high-fashion (aerial shoot & hair makeover shoot) and commercial (Zalora, Diamond Closeup Attraction). Monika can’t give anything other than pretty, which is why she almost failed duirng the TreSemme photoshoot.

    • I’m a Filipino myself but I think this show is trying too hard to gain its Filipino viewers back due to Jodilly not winning last cycle. I think that’s also the reason why they are keeping Amanda even she’s not really doing well. Kind of sickening since in my opinion, they do not really give off a top model vibe. I agree that some of their FCO photos are lack luster to be called out first. *sigh*

      Gosh, Jodilly is the only likeable Filipino model (and a lil bit of Katarina), at least for me.

    • not all the time sweety.. remember the Treseme shoot.. it should be a hair commercial and yet her hair i=was pulled back .. do you think that is an advantage for her ?

      and it’s not personality competition it’s a modelling competition ..

  6. To be honest, none of the commercials impressed me. Though there arent any bad ones either… All of them should be eliminated. Lol, just kidding πŸ˜›

    I have no idea what the COO should be but i think Monika and Amanda should switch roles as well as Gani and Aimee. Barbara could stay as a baker though…

    Amyways, i think the judges not only based the COO but also on their past performances and the reason why Barbara and Amanda is in the bottom is because they thought that Barbara is all ready to go and Amanda for being the worst girl left in the bunch.

  7. Here’s my COO:
    1. Aimee- although she’s too young to be CEO but she handle it and also I love when she go out and see the car and smiling because she’s not only selling the car but also herself.

    2. Monika- she’s got the easiest role but what I love when she walk to the car that she has full of confidence.

    3. Gani- she looks like a college student.

    4. Barbara- I didn’t believe her when she baking and she looks a single mother on the video and I’ve seen this before.

    5. Amanda- she was not totally a tennis coach she just only a first timer to play tennis. I hate her head wobbling.

  8. Its not the role, its the portrayal. Saying another girl got it easier is immature. If your a top model contender, you can do any role given to you. But honestly for me, gani got the easiest role, she just have to stand up there and open the blueprint.


    Fco can be aimee or monika

    Aimee- love her styling, no chubby arms because of the sleeves and i loved how the line was delivered. Its with power.

    Monika- i love the calmness of the vid and her self control. Had you tried doing the pose and looking yourself at the mirror at the same time. I had tried it myself to know if the girl got the easiest part. And no, for me it was very hard to do that pose looking so calm. I cant even do it without excerting too much effort. Her walk is very confident and the smile is just enough, not to bright and not to dull to be fake.

    3. Gani- styling is good. I hate the table and the blueprint. Give her smaller sizes. She’s too short for the table and thr blueprint is too big for her frame. Her height is a real problem for me. She’s only 5’7″ πŸ™‚ i still believe in her though to make it south east, not very sure if she’ll make it on west.

    4. Barbara- is she backing or playing? And who taught her to place her hands on her hips and move her head like that. It was so last last last year. Well, shes doing what a 27 year old model will do on her 23. I bet she’ll have FCO if her role was a mother attending her child’s PTA. I agree with alex.

    5. Amanda- shes my fav after tahlia but she looks crazy on the vid. Like an android with abloose neck screw.

    Will see what fashion designers think about the top 4. That will be the real challenge:)

    Note to rian: i dont get it why barbara was second for you when your comment on her baking was bad. It like self contradicting.

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