Asia’s Next Top Model : Cycle 3 – Episode 11 Recap

Sooo…. yea…. don’t really know what to say. Here’s episode 11 recap!! Here we goo!!!

So last week’s cliffhanger.. Is it Barbara or Amanda?

EP10_Barbara Image Teaser_250515

Barbara is safe, and sadly Amanda had to go home. Everyone, well Aimee and Monika were devastated that their bestie went home. Even Georgina shed a few tears. Amanda said that she knew she’ll go home because she had the worst comments from the judges. She will continue to model, which was a nice thing to hear. It’s good that she kept modeling and didn’t stop. Go Amanda!!

So remember that the final 4 will be getting a holiday on the crazy amazing Royal Carribean cruise ship? Yes, they went on that ship and got the best treatment. They went ice skating, rock climbing, dinner at an amazing movie-like restaurant. Ken Jones, the cruise director congratulate them on their achievement so far. The next morning, Aimee and Monika went jogging and Gani and Barbara went sunbathing.

After their treat was over, they went home. Wait, they didn’t go home. They went to Four Seasons Hotel. Is it another holiday, umm… NO. Georgina and Joey were waiting for them.They’ll be looking back on their journey and having a 1-on-1 chat. They also talked about fun things. Who’s the loudest? KB, Monika and Tahlia.

1-on-1 chat with Aimee, she said that her most challenging photoshoot was the K-POP shoot, which she did not do so well.


So after her makeover, she felt so much more high fashion. Before, when she went to castings, she always booked the commercial jobs, not the high fashion jobs. Now, her bangs finally gave her a high fashion edge.

EP11 - Aimee Throwback

So she had a problem with body weight through the cycle. During the Zalora shoot, she can’t fit the clothes. But, she’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s good that she’s keep being herself

Gani 1-on-1 chat. She said that she made real friends with everyone, except Monika. She said that Monika was a different person in front the camera. But she did said that she can talk to her, without any camera around. Monika was a bit too into the competition. She said that she started losing confidence when Rani, fellow Indonesian went home. She reminded Gani how grateful she should be. She’s an inspiration for Gani.

EP11 - Girls Week 3

Her highest point so far when she won the Zalora campaign.


She also confessed that she was a victim of bullies, and now, she wants to be an ambassador for bullied kids. It’s so nice that she care for others.

Okay on a lighter note. The funnest challenge? barbara said it was the hulahoop challenge. And remember melissa? The fierce-face-boob-grabbing thing lol. It was so funny just remembering it.

Monika 1-0n-1. She had her eyes on the prize, and that rubbed other people the wrong way. But she’s not fake. She had been competitive for her whole life. On college, she wanted to become a volley player, and she practiced so hard. It’s not for her, and she decided to get into modeling. She even auditioned for last cycle, but didn’t get in. She had been winning 4 best photos so far, which was great. But if she didn’t win, she’ll pick Gani to take the crown, because she believed in her.

EP6_Challenge 1_Gani&Monika_1

So this cycle was filled with hot guys. Mike Rosenthal, William from episode 4 (the male model) and Bruno Pucci. Barbara was just overwhelmed by Bruno’s hotness, she even called her “My Little Brazilian Pumpkin”

Barbara 1-on-1. She came into the competition like a wrecking ball. Killing it in the first week, earning her the 2nd callout

But ever since then, she didn’t do so well. And her age definetly affected her. Being 27 in this industry, she felt like she wouldn’t last for a long time. She wanted to leave on week 6, but having good friends like gani and tahlia kept her from completely giving up.

Yea, so that’s it really. There’s not much to recap because there’s no competition this week. But next week, they’re back with full competition. So that’s it for my recap, i hope you like it. Thank you for reading 🙂

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